Twenty-nine… the real one.

This weekend was a good one.  I turned 29.  No, really, I really did turn 29.  I was born in 1984, promise.

My birthday fell on a Saturday for once.  I was thrilled.  When I turned 21 it happened to be a Wednesday, but back then Wednesdays were my favorite day of the week because I was in college and Wednesdays meant Piano Bar.

I still remember how much fun I had on my 21st birthday.

Me, Nat, Cay on 21st

Me and Nat Piano 21st Birthday

How could you not have fun wearing shoes like that?

And I still remember that I was in bed before midnight.

The next milestone birthday (or milestone according to me at least) was my 25th.  I went bowling with friends in Houston, and Oatmeal came along and even brought me a birthday cake.  That guy, he really was a thoughtful one.

And a hunk.

Me and Michael 25th

This year my birthday was also a whole lot of fun.  On Friday I spent the day in Sealy with Poppyseed and her cousin, Little Joanie.  Those two are only about 2 years apart, and I can already tell that they are going to be great buds one day soon.

DSC_6379We finger painted, played on the tire swing, and just hung out in the country until it was time for me to head into Houston to meet my friends.  Johanna is moving soon, so Jessica and I planned to go to dinner with her once more before she left.  We hit a Vietnamese restaurant and then walked through Trader Joes to stock up on some chocolate before ending up at Agora for a cappuccino.  We spent 2 hours talking about – what else – our babies before calling it a night shortly after midnight.

Ah, the exciting life of the new mother!

I spent the night on Jo’s couch and got up fairly early on Saturday.  I started my birthday morning with a special trip to Starbucks and went back to Sealy to have breakfast with Sara.  Oatmeal and Poppyseed had spent the night at our house in College Station, but they met me back at his parents house so that we could hang out until late afternoon.  We had plans to go back into Houston to eat dinner with Oatmeal’s friend, Dos.  Dos and his girlfriend Mallory went with us to Fogo de Chao – one of our favorite restaurants!


I’ve never thought of my husband or myself as, er, little people.  But when standing next to a couple who are well over 6 feet tall, we felt a little squatty!  Ha!


We had a really great time.  Dos is so darn funny and he really brings out a fun side of Oatmeal.  I wish that we were able to get together with our college friends more often.  It seems like we all spread out all over Texas and beyond, and logistically it is just always hit and miss when we attempt to plan things.  Throw a few babies into the mix, and well, it’s just not as easy as it used to be!

I have to admit that hanging out and getting to know Mallory made so many memories of being Oatmeal’s girlfriend come rushing back.  I so clearly remember being a new girlfriend of his and getting to meet all of his friends for the first time.  It was so fun and spontaneous back in those days!  I started to remember all of the times he would drive in to Houston to see me when he was working up in East Texas and Oklahoma.  When he was in East Texas he would sometimes get off of work at 6pm, drive all the way down to Houston (a 3 hour trip) just to hang out with me at 9pm.  Then he’d wake up at 3am (yes, 3am!) just to get back in his truck and drive the 3 hours north to be back at his job site at 6am!  All of this effort just because we hated going an entire week without seeing one another!  I don’t know how he worked so many 12 hour days with so little sleep.

I mean, c’mon, tonight he went to bed at 8:17pm.


He’s 33 going on 73 I tell ya.

Anyway, dinner was a blast and we even went and spent about an hour at a bar near Dos’s house afterward.  Somehow we got talked into taking a shot and having a drink that actually included liquor (I’ve been such a wino as of late that I forgot all about that l-i-q-u-o-r word) and soon after that Oatmeal was begging to go to bed.

Like I said… 33 going on…. 😉

He was asleep before I was finished brushing my teeth.  Poor guy.

We both woke up at 6:45am and I heard him say, “Well honey, are you ready to go see our little baby?”  We were up and out of that house by 7am and back in Sealy hugging our baby by 8.  The rest of the day involved the normal Sealyisms… relaxing on the porch swing and watching the guys do, well, horse stuff.















I think he would do this every day for the rest of his life and not get bored.   Not I think, I know.




And he is turning her into a mini-him when it comes to those horses.  All that kid says these days is “Hrsshh…. Hrsshh…. Da-da….”




I didn’t know that this type of love could even exist until I saw those two together on that mare’s back.  Two peas in a pod, I tell ya.






Anyway.  It was a pretty great birthday weekend.  I am quite blessed.  🙂

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