Poppyseed is 13 Months Old

I’m sitting in the recliner, loving that it’s only 8:30pm and somehow I’ve already worked out, folded laundry, cooked, fed my family, put the baby down, packed lunch for the hubby for tomorrow…. and I’m done.  Ah… bliss.

Just sitting here with my feet up and my computer in my lap.  It’s a good feeling.

My poor Oatmeal.  I don’t know what’s going on at his office, but he has been busy and is soooooo tired when he gets home each night.  This is my view right now.  Do y’all take pictures of your sleeping husbands when they are crashed out on the couch?  Or just me?


Notice it’s still daylight outside, yet he’s already fast asleep.

I realized tonight that I never did a post on P’s 13 month milestones.  Before I get into that, I wanted to thank anyone who “liked” my last post on Facebook or left a comment.  I blogged about being a stay at home mom vs. being a working mom, and I wasn’t really sure how it would be received.  I can’t tell who exactly read it or “liked” it, but I saw that over 20 people did.  I was a little worried that someone would be offended, but I was just trying to point out that every mother and child, and every family situation, is uniquely different.   We all know or know of those slacker moms who really do avoid taking responsibility for their children by leaving them with someone else as much as possible, but I like to believe that for the most part, people are good.  I like to think that the huge majority of us are dedicated parents who all choose our roles wisely and and do the best we can.  I hope that I was able to get that across – at least 24 of you thought so at least.  So thanks for reading it, and thanks for “liking” it on Facebook.  (I do have a Facebook site by the way, just type Lola and Oatmeal into the Facebook search bar and there it is.)

Well, Poppyseed turned 13 months old last month, and I swear I think that this is the most fun age we’ve had so far!  She started walking while holding our fingers about a month ago.  Then last week she realized that she could push her baby stroller around the house.  She picks up the most random objects (socks, dog toys, empty bottles) and puts them in the baby stroller and off she goes.  This week I caught her trying to walk the stroller down the staircase.  Even though we have a baby gate at the top of the stairs, it’s really for the dogs (I’m tired of them being upstairs in our bedrooms) so I never secure it.  That means she has gotten REALLY good at climbing and descending stairs.  It made me nervous at first, but now it’s a daily occurrence for her to crawl up and down the stairs several times as I shower, cook, dry my hair, etc.  But once I saw that she was pushing that stroller down the stairs, I realized that all toys with wheels needed to be downstairs, stat!  That way she can’t plunge down the steps while I’m not looking.

Sorry for all of the videos, but the milestones are such that it really is better to see it for yourself.  🙂

She has also started to talk a lot!  She says “horse” (hshhh) all the time.  She also calls our dogs “Goose” (Gssh) and “Tough” (Tuh).  And she’s always saying “Dada.”  If I know that Oatmeal is minutes away from pulling into the driveway, I’ll ask Poppyseed where Dada is.  She will stop playing, crawl to the back door and sit back and stare at it while repeating “Dada!  Dada!” over and over again.

She also just started dancing.  She will throw her arms from side to side, or she will just sort of bounce her little body, shrug her shoulders, or knod her head in rhythm.

She loves to “sing” songs… lately her favorite tune is “It’s Rainy, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…”  (Evidently Oatmeal taught her that song when they were feeding Rainy one morning, so that’s between them.)

She LOVES the water.  Loves it.  Oh my gosh.  I bought her a water table from Toys R Us… BEST INVESTMENT EVER.  That thing keeps her busy for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour each evening while I cook.  I recently took her to a splash pad, and I think that it was probably the best time she’s ever had.





She is still a great eater, but I find it challenging to feed her with a utensil.  She really wants to feed herself, either with her hands or her own fork/spoon.  She uses a fork really well if she is eating food that is easy to stab (such as scrambled eggs, sweet potato, or avocado).  But if we are eating something such as ground beef that must be “scooped,” she struggles.  Then I try to help her, she gets mad that I am touching her fork, she jerks it away and screams, and we both get frustrated.  I know it’s just a stage, and I’m happy she is trying, so I just try to be creative and praise praise praise when she is cooperative!

Last weekend she stood up unassisted for this first time.  We were painting and suddenly she just started standing up and clapping.

And finally, this week, she walked!  She’s only taken one step here and another step there, and it’s really hard to get her to do it on anyone’s terms but her own.  But I’ve seen her sneak it in a little step here and there… so I expect her to come along and start taking more strides any day now.  My crossfit coach caught her walking this morning after our WOD.

Other than that, she’s a pretty typical little 13 month old!  I still nurse her twice a day – which is surprising even to me because I NEVER thought I’d be a mom who nursed for even 1 day after a baby’s 1st birthday.  But I am really enjoying this “sweet spot” of breastfeeding.  I feel like it really does give her an edge health-wise.  Despite multiple daycares and church nurseries, dozens of play dates, spending an hour a day at the gym, and many many trips to the stables where she crawls around on a concrete path where horses poop, she really hasn’t ever been sick.  (She has had 1 low grade fever at 5 months and 1 pretty bad cough around 7 months…. so I’m not claiming perfection here.  But we’ve been free of high fevers, ear infections and other such misery, and I’m feeling very lucky.)  It’s very freeing actually, because I can now be away from her overnight if I choose and still nurse when I get home – without having to pump!  I don’t ever feel “full” or get engorged, and yet when she does want to nurse I can tell that she gets plenty of milk.  I read “The Healthy Baby Code” by Chris Kresser recently, and he cites various studies that show a health benefit for both the mother and baby until about 20 months.  Supposedly it decreases my risk of some cancers and increases her immunity and IQ.  So, who knows, maybe we’ll go until 20 months or maybe we won’t.  I don’t have a weaning plan, per se.  Oh, and I’m taking her to Japan in two months, and I won’t lie…. it will be really nice to be able to nurse on the plane during the 13 hour flight from Houston to Tokyo!  Not to mention the ability to feed her a little “snack” here and there if the Japanese cuisine is a little too out there.


Snoozing at Crossfit. She had that jump rope in her mouth several times.  Something tells me that the gym staff does not make a habit of sanitizing jump ropes.

The last thing I can think of to mention is her sleeping habits – there isn’t much of a change.  Her usual bedtime is between 7-7:30 and she sleeps until at least 5am… and this week she’s been sleeping until 6:30am!  I’ve only had to wake up in the middle of the night 1 time since her first birthday, and she cut two teeth the following day.  I’ve realized that sometimes she wakes up around 10pm, but if I just give her 5 minutes she will only cry for a moment and then get right back to sleep.  In fact, she woke up while I typed this post and I just listened for a few minutes until I heard nothing.  Such a sweet little sleeper.

That’s it for my cutie and her 13 month milestones.  Thanks for reading this much, if anyone is still here.


Just being her usual helpful self.

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