Not much for sugar coating.

Oh wow, I’m so glad for today.  It’s been so relaxed.  I took P to Crossfit with me and then went for a coffee.  She had swimming lessons and then we came home for a nap.  I’ve already thrown a whole chicken in the crockpot, so my “work” for the day is pretty much done.  She is asleep now, and after she wakes up we are going back to the pool to meet some friends and have some fun. Tough life, right?



Yesterday was NOT relaxed.  We woke up early and drove to downtown Houston to get Poppyseed’s passport corrected.  I applied for her passport with plenty of time to travel, but it showed up with the wrong birth date!  It wouldn’t have mattered if it had just been off by a day or a month, but it was off by an entire year.  Anyone with common sense would be able to look at her and know that she is 1 year and 2 months old, not just two months old.  So we had to drive downtown, pay a huge parking fee, and stand in line for almost THREE HOURS to talk to a passport agent.  That was all we did from 9-5…. drive, stand in line, and drive some more.  What a waste of a pretty day and a tank of gas.  I will be on pins and needles until her new passport shows up in the mail in time for our trip in exactly 2 weeks.

I was amazed at the number of people who are getting passports right now.  I was even more amazed at how many of them are traveling with children.  Most of the people in line were not American, and many of them had teensy tiny little babies.  One woman stood in line with a shawl over her chest and breastfed a tiny infant who could not have been more than 2 weeks old.  And most of them were getting passports for the children, not themselves.  I guess that when you aren’t from the States and you have a baby, you have to travel all the way back to your home to see the grandparents, even if that means crossing an ocean with an infant.  It made me feel pretty lame for thinking I was so brave for driving back and forth to Louisiana all the time with my baby!  And it made me realize that people fly internationally with kids all the time, so I should probably stop fretting about it.  I guess it is actually pretty cool that Poppyseed’s very first flight ever will be to Tokyo!


Today I got a text from a friend with a little graphic attached to it.  The text said, “Call you in a bit but I saw this and thought it was hilarious and reminded me of you.”

This is what it was.


I thought that it was pretty ironic to get that message from her on the day after Oatmeal went on a brief blog rant last night.

“If you’re a man, act like one.”  Soooooo Oatmeal.

I’ll be honest and tell you readers that when I read his post, I laughed.  But then I looked at him and said, “Are you sure you want me to publish this?  Just like it is?”

He looked at me, like, “Of course I do.”

I paused a moment and looked over the last paragraph.  “I mean, hypothetically you could see someone tomorrow who has just read your blog.   And say it’s a dude who happens to shave his legs.  Is it going to make you feel uncomfortable or awkward knowing that you said what you did?  It may be someone who you respect or like, and they just happen to like silky smooth man legs.  Ha.”

He looked unfazed.  “No.  Anyone who knows me knows that I would think like that even if I didn’t say it.  I don’t care.”

He seemed confident and unworried about any potential backlash, so I published it.  But not before I reminded him that he got a pedicure once.

The corners of his lips turned up a little bit.  “You made me do that.”

So true.  A girl can get a guy to just about anything in the early days of the relationship.  (And for the record, I demanded he get a pedicure because at the time I didn’t realize that it was psoriasis on his feet, I thought he just needed a good cleanup!  I think I told him that if he didn’t just sit down and let the lady exfoliate for 20 minutes I was going to insist on doing it myself.  There was certainly no polish involved, clear or otherwise.)

Anyway, I hope he keeps on blogging.  This man I’m married to is one opinionated guy.  Sometimes I want to die when certain things come out of his mouth, but then I look in the mirror and remember that I’m the one getting texts like the one I posted above.

Maybe we are two peas in a pod.

Finally, here is a simple dinner idea we have been using again and again.  It’s one of our favorite meals lately.  It’s paleo, it’s clean, it’s healthy, it’s balanced.   And I am SUPER PUMPED because I finally got sweet potato fries down.  I’m going to make them one more time to make sure I really know what I’m doing and then I’ll post what I did.  (I’ve spent years experimenting with oils and spices and oven temperatures trying to get a good fry that isn’t soggy.)  But this “Deconstructed Burger” idea is delicious.  We grill a few grassfed beef patties and serve it with any combination of things…. sliced tomato, avocado, blue cheese, nitrate free bacon, cucumbers from our garden, sliced onion, shredded lettuce, and sweet potato fries.  We drink it with lemon water (a good natural detox) and indulge in a class of wine once the baby is in bed.  And speaking of the baby, we give her small portions of everything on our plate… even if we know she won’t eat it.  She actually tried blue cheese yesterday, and put a piece of lettuce in her mouth long enough to realize she can’t chew it just yet.  Expose expose expose, try try try.  One day she may actually get a broad palette!


Paleo Deconstructed Burger – would also be awesome with a fried egg!

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  1. Hi Lola, I found your blog about 9 months ago when I google searched “paleo pregnancy.” It didn’t work out with my horrible morning sickness and food aversions to meat, but I kept reading. I ended up having a baby girl this April, so it’s been fun to see what Poppyseed is up to, and imagine my little one will be doing the same things in a year. Please follow my blog too, it’s I have some paleo recipes up, but will be adding more soon as I try to get back into shape. And hubby too. Lots of sympathy weight 🙂


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