Wish us luck….

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go….

Tomorrow is the big day.  We’re waking up early and heading to the airport.  Did I mention that Oatmeal decided to come with us to Japan?  Originally he had absolutely zero interest in going… he’s not much of a world traveler.  (Understatement of the year, he hates leaving the state.)  But once Poppyseed and I had tickets, he started to waffle a little bit.  It started off with him joking around that I should leave Poppyseed with him, which made me laugh.  Then he started genuinely asking me to leave Poppyseed with him, only by asking I mean it sounded a little like begging.  He swore he’d take the whole 10 days off of work and keep up with her.

My response went something like, “Um… yeah no.  No way.  Not leaving my kid for 10 days.  Forgetaboutit.”

Then she turned into Pneumonia Baby, and that just about sent him over the edge.  He’d booked a ticket within 48 hours of her getting sick.

Little girls and their daddies.  I tell ya, there’s nothing like it.

Our first flight is a direct flight from Houston to Tokyo, which is over 13 hours.  Then we have a 3 hour layover before flying to Naha.  On the way back we fly from Naha to Tokyo and then from Tokyo to Seattle before coming back to Houston.  Should be interesting.

But we are ready.  Our bags are packed, a small cooler full of snacks is sitting in our refrigerator, our house sitter has been prepped, the dogs have plenty of food and brand new tags (should they decide to escape and go looking for us)… now we just have to wake up and get out the door by 7am!

Packing was actually pretty smooth.  I actually had extra room in my suitcase, even after packing my stuff and Poppyseed’s together.

Poppyseed's travel spread...

Poppyseed’s travel spread…

Visiting an island in the summer=casual, light clothing!

Visiting an island in the summer = casual, light clothing!

So I have been giving Poppyseed a bottle of raw cow’s milk every day.  She LOVES it, and I love the dairy where we purchase the milk because all of the cows are extremely healthy, grassfed, hormone/antibiotic free, etc etc.  The farmers even have each cow tested for certain cancers and other genetic problems before they purchase them, just to make sure the milk is that safe.  So naturally we’d like to keep her on that milk if possible.  I figured I could pour the milk into breast milk bags, freeze them all, and carry them onto the plane.  I have frozen breast milk too, so I also have a few bags of that and honestly you can’t tell the difference when you look at it.

So I called the airline today in order to ask about bringing perishable snacks and breastmilk on the flight.  It went a little bit like this.

Lola: “Hi, I’m on an international flight in the morning and I need to bring some frozen breastmilk for my baby.  Is there a certain way I need to package it so that I can get through security?”

Operator:  “No ma’am, zer is no lee-quid allowed past security.”

Lola: “Well right, but this is for my baby… it’s just breast milk.  Can’t I bring breast milk?”

Operator: “No lee-quid.”

Lola: “Really?  Even though I’m flying with my baby?  I really thought breastmilk was allowed….”

Operator: “Oh, you mean the breasted milk?  Milk from zee breast?”

Lola: “Yes sir.  Breast milk.  I would like to bring frozen breast milk on the plane.  It’s frozen in little Lansinoh bags right now.  Is that okay?  Is there a limit on how much I can bring?”

Operator: “Let me check to see if there are any restrictions on zee breasted milk.”

Long pause.

Operator: “Thank you for holding.  I zee that there is no restriction on zee milk from zee breast, as long as, well, as long as it is a reasonable amount of breasted milk.”

Lola: “Okay, awesome.  So I can just put a reasonable amount of “breasted milk” in a small cooler and walk onto the plane with no problem, right?  What if I also want to bring some ham and grapes with my breasted milk?  Is that okay?”

Operator: “That is fine.”

Ha.  I may never say “breast milk” again.  It will be “breasted milk” forevermore.

Our travel cooler is packed with frozen raw milk, frozen breast milk, nitrate free lunch meat, Larabars, baby food packets, and 2 containers with shredded chicken and grapes.

Our travel cooler is packed with frozen raw milk, frozen breasted milk, nitrate free lunch meat, Larabars, Ella’s kitchen baby food packets, bananas, and 2 lunch boxes with shredded chicken and grapes.  I wonder how long that will last us.

Well, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little bit nervous about flying with Poppyseed.  This will be her first flight ever!  It’s crazy to think that we’ve never flown with her because we have actually traveled with her quite a bit.  We drove to Florida when she was only 3 months old, and that was a 10 hour trip.  She did great in the car, and that gave us the confidence to go anywhere we wanted.  I’ve driven her to see my parents in Louisiana countless times, she’s been to see family all over Texas, and it’s nothing for us to drive 90 miles into Houston or to see Oatmeal’s parents in Sealy.  But we are flight virgins, and what better way to start than with a 13.5 hour flight.

Because tickets are over a thousand dollars and we haven’t saved our first million yet (ha) I only got a seat for myself and Oatmeal.  We will take turns holding her in our laps for the entire trip.  I’m hoping it goes well and that we have fun entertaining her with some new toys.  I spent a lot of time researching travel games for babies, and honestly there are SO many good options.  It could have been really easy to pack too much, and I really didn’t want to be bogged down with a baby, a cooler and a massive carry on bag full of toys and books, so I decided to use her little backpack as a limit.  If it didn’t fit, it didn’t go!

I finally decided that a few books, a few toys, and some iPad games were the way to go.

My mom sent me a few Quiet Books.  I think she will like the textures and games.  I also took my cousin’s advice and bought a little travel case with clear pouches, and then I filled each pouch with cheap little toys that she has never seen before.  I found pipe cleaners, tape, bandaids, stickers, a small book, a rattle, ping pong balls and a few other random things.


I also downloaded several games onto our iPad, such as a few of the Toddlers Seek and Find games, PaintSparkle, and ZooTrain.  And I’ve never heard of Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, but I got onto iTunes and downloaded two of those episodes as well.  She’s never played a game or watched a show on our iPad (with the exception of a few Baby Einstein movies when she was a teensy baby) so I’m interested to see how long it will take her to figure them out.

Well, wish us luck.  I’ll try to update from Japan!

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  1. For some reason, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is Joanie’s favorite. It’s basically “Mr. Rogers”, but a cartoon and it takes place in that imaginary world with Trolley and Prince Wednesday and them. And if you listen closely to Joanie while she’s putting her shoes on, she sings, “and I’ll be back… when the day is new… and I’ll have more ideas for you…” 🙂 Have fun on your trip! Hope it all works out for you… and take Michael to see a real ninja.

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