38.5 Week Ramblings

A few notes to begin the blog.

1. My appointment was fine.

  • Weight gain – 1lb since last week, somewhere at 29-30lbs gained.  I keep reading that women should gain 25lbs during pregnancy.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I want a gold medal for only gaining 30 so far.  Poor Jessica Simpson, she has gained like 50lbs and I read she is much shorter than me.  I can’t wait until they find more than one baby in there.  If I’m still pregnant in 2 weeks I’m going to bust out the old Newlyweds DVDs that my BFF Anna gave me while we were in college.
  • Cervix check – I passed on this exam again.  No putting on that gown for me.  I have friends who are 0cm until their due date and then they rapidly increase to 10cm.  Then I have friends who are 3cm at 36 weeks and are still 3cm at 40 weeks.  If he’d checked me, and I’d been at 0cm today, I’d have cried.  If he’d checked me and I’m been at 3cm today but still at 3cm in 2 weeks, I’d still have cried.  It’s a lose-lose.  Ignorance, however, is freaking bliss.
  • Starbucks – maybe I’m a brown-noser, but I took my doctor and his nurse coffee and coffee cake.  Hey, you never know what I may need from them in the future.  Better keep them all buttered up.  😉
  • They (my doctor and his nurse) IMMEDIATELY asked me what in the hell was going on with my eyebrows.  Sigh.

2. I’m going to attempt to make this my last tumblr blog post.  I have a lot to learn about WordPress.  I’m about to start watching tutorials.

3. I’m feeling really good because next to me (I’m sitting at Blue Baker in College Station) there is a chick obviously younger than me with a teensy baby in a carrier.  She also has a Macbook and is typing away and sipping coffee while her wee one naps.  Maybe there is hope.  Maybe I’ll still sit at booths in coffee shops even with a baby.  Maybe.

4. It occurred to me while in the grocery store on Monday morning that if I WERE to quit my job and be a SAHM (Stay-at-home-mom) after the baby is born, I’d have to really re-do my wardrobe.  It seems that all the cool SAHMs are wearing one of two things (1) Lululemon, or (2) True Religion blue jeans with the embellished pockets.  I think I may have a pair of the jeans with somewhat embellished pockets in the pits of my closet somewhere, hidden behind my belly-panel maternity jeans.   But really now, where do all these super stylish SAHMs come from?  They are walking around with their tight tushes and perfectly-messy-but-still-stylish hairbuns and their babies in perfectly coordinating outfits.  I don’t even have a kid yet, and I have nothing at all to do while I continue to incubate this fetus, and still I’m wearing the same Victoria Secret faded black yoga pants that I wore yesterday and 2 days before that, and I’m pretty sure I only remembered to put brown eye shadow on my left eye this morning because the red light was shorter than I anticipated.  I’d never be able to hang with these women.

Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, I must tell you that if you are knocked up and don’t have to work, these two items can get you through your entire pregnancy.  I guess I’m just sick of maternity clothes, so for the past month or two I’ve been seeking out non-maternity clothes that are (1) going to fit now and later, (2) baby friendly and easy to wash (no dry cleaning required), (3) appropriate for really hot days, and (4) nursing-friendly.

First, the yoga pants.  These have the fold over band at the top that is actually really comfy to pull all the way over your belly.  They are stretchy and come in different length inseams.  I for one am 5’8” with a longer than average torso and shorter than average legs, and I’m wearing the Medium with a 34” inseam.  They fit when I’m pregnant, they fit when I’m not.  And I love them in the cropped length, too.

Second, this shirt.  Texas is flipping hot and it’s not getting any better.  I bought this tshirt just for the heck of it and it is now my new favorite.  It’s super sheer, super soft, very flattering even with a belly, and even my much-more-stylish pilates teacher asked me where she could get one.

So yeah… if you wanted style advice from someone who is absolutely NOT qualified to give it, there you have it.

One last note – I love when people comment on my facebook, and also love when people comment directly on my blog.  HOWEVER, for the sake of those out there on facebook who may not want to read about breastfeeding, deliveries, etc… please comment on my actual blog and not on the facebook link.  I’ve deleted a few facebook comments lately just because I feel like some of the stuff is kind of personal, and I imagine guys I went to high school or college with reading and thinking, “Eh not exactly what I wanted to see on my newsfeed today.”  I can’t say I’d blame them, it was only 9 months ago that I’d have thought the same thing!  Otherwise, keep the comments coming – I live in the middle of nowhere and it may be the only social contact I have for the day.  🙂

Off to educate myself about the world of blogging.

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