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I thought I’d do a short catch up blog tonight.

I think that the past month or so has been one of the most positive months I’ve had in quite some time.  Nothing has really happened, nothing has really changed, but I think that something just finally clicked.  We moved into our house one year ago.  I moved into this house with a 4 month old and I was a full time working mom.  Since then I’ve been laid off, meaning I lost my salary, our family’s health insurance and all other benefits, my company car, and all of the hectic scheduling and such that comes with working mom territory.  Within 3 weeks I’d picked up a small part time job that enables me to work my own hours, make a little money, and keep an active resume.  I know that for a lot of people, it can be enormously stressful to lose a job or quit to stay at home with kids.  For us, well sure, it was somewhat stressful, but I am so thankful that it happened when it did.  Oatmeal and I had just completed a Dave Ramsey Financial class a few months before the layoff.  We took the class really seriously and paid off all of our debt and then made some responsible purchases…. life insurance polices and the like.  And we saved.  And saved and saved.  It made the “Hey honey I just lost my job” conversation just that… a conversation.  It wasn’t a disaster.

Even so, the months that followed made me feel a little bit like a fish out of water.  I immediately loved spending so much more time with Poppyseed, but I often felt sort of lonely.  Let’s be honest, I even felt sort of like a loser.  I knew SO MANY people in College Station when I was in college… obviously… but when I moved back here it was very different.  My one college friend who is still here in town is also a working mom of two young kids, so as you can imagine it’s not like it’s really easy to hang out with her on a regular basis.  I also found it to be a little tough to meet other moms.  We live on a street where only one other family has kids, and while I became fast friends with my neighbor she also works as a teacher.  But it started happening… slowly but surely I started to meet other girls at our neighborhood park.  And after 3-4 months of being the only girl in my Crossfit gym to show up with a baby strapped in a carseat, I finally saw one other girl there who was doing the same thing with her baby.   Let me tell you, you know you really want to get out of the house and get in a good workout when you take your infant to a Crossfit gym so that you can work out next to a bunch of 19 year old girls in top physical condition wearing mini spandex shorts.  If that isn’t a reminder of how life used to be, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, from January to around May it just felt like life was relatively slow and uneventful, and yes, sometimes even a bit lonely.  But then this summer it started to pick up.  We started traveling a bit more and seeing family a bit more.  In the meantime I switched gyms.  I liked the crossfit gym that I used to go to, but let’s be honest, at this stage in my life I really needed a more kid-friendly place to go.  Poppyseed had started to walk and I wanted her to be able to play while I worked out without the danger of getting a barbell dropped on her head.  A friend of mine owns a crossfit gym that actually has a women’s only class with free childcare.  I think it is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me!  (Is that sad? Ha.)  It was literally like a breath of fresh air from the very first workout.   It is the most refreshing part of my whole day because I get to walk into a room full of other girls that share a lot of common interests.  We all like to sweat, we almost all have young kids, and hey, a lot of them are even paleo!  I went from knowing about 3 other girls who are paleo to knowing three times that many…. just by joining a gym.  It’s just so fun to be surrounded by like minded people.  And because there is a sitter there to watch the wee ones, I am able to actually really focus on working out.  When I was taking Poppyseed to the gym beforehand, I was solely responsible for her.  I could hear every little peep and cry that she’d make, and so naturally that made it pretty tough to really think about whether I was squatting low enough or using good technique.  But now, for one glorious hour, I can work out.  I already notice that my arms and legs are way more toned and stronger than they were even just a month ago.  And thanks to their childcare, I am able to do this guilt free!  Poppyseed is running around with other kids, and I really really love that she gets that social time with kids that she doesn’t see all the time.  If you are a mom who secretly wishes she could go to the gym, but is self conscious about joining or worries that the gym may be full of germs or that the other kids may not play well with your kid, I encourage you to just GO.  GO.  Don’t walk, RUN.  Give yourself that hour.  You need it.  You deserve it.  I don’t care if you have 1 kid or 10, or if your offspring are beautiful angels or Satan’s spawn.  You will feel better and be a much more fun and happy mom for giving yourself that hour.  Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for doing that for you.  Moms are the hub of the household, and if Mom isn’t healthy then no one else has much of a fair shot either.

And kids need to be exposed to new germs anyway.  So what if your kid switches pacifiers with a near stranger, I’d say the pros outweigh the cons in this case.  And if you keep going then no one will be a stranger after a month or so anyway, it will just be your friend’s kids playing with your kid.   (Can you tell that I’m sooooo not a germaphobe?)

So yes, my life has been really fantastic lately.  I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for.  I get to see Oatmeal quite a bit because his schedule is very normal right now.  I know it will eventually get really busy, but it’s nice to be married to guy with a regular 8-5 for now.  I’ve seen every single member of my family, as well as Oatmeal’s family, in the past 2 months, so I feel like we are all really connected and caught up.  Work is going… eh… well, it’s going.  It’s a job and I love working part time and being able to help Oatmeal knock out some bills each month.

We’re doing a Whole30 right now. It’s Day 22.  You know you are an old pro at the whole paleo thing when you can do a Whole30 and it’s really not a big deal.  My first Whole30 was a disaster.  My second one was a success, but almost every day was a struggle.  But this time it’s just normal.  I haven’t had anything with dairy, chocolate, grains or sugar in 22 days, and honestly I am doing great.  The only true struggles are when we go out of town, which is every freaking weekend, and it’s really quite tough to navigate menus and family events sometimes.  Luckily we have had a lot of practice and our families put up with our strict dietary rules and don’t mind that we always show up with a giant Yeti full of frozen meat and veggies wherever we go.

Oh, and I’m potty training Poppyseed right now.  Today was Day 1.  We began after her afternoon lunch by stripping her naked and playing all sorts of games in the kitchen.  She was TOTALLY onto me, that smart little kid, and she held her pee for four hours.  So that was four hours of being confined in our kitchen.  Finally she started to give me the sign that she needed to tee-tee but would sort of melt down when I’d put her on the potty.  We tried a few times and finally I poured a little bit of warm water on her crotch.  She peed for like 60 seconds with the most serious little look on her face, and she was delighted that I was so happy.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.  It’s crazy to see her little bum in panties.  We are still doing diapers for night time and naps, but I bet she catches onto the using the potty during the day fairly quickly.  I started on a Thursday on purpose, knowing that after 2 days of potty training on my own I would be ready for some reinforcements.  Hopefully we’ve made some good progress by the time Oatmeal goes back to work on Monday.  He is pretty spectacular at training animals to do just about anything, so he is going to be my secret potty training weapon come Saturday morning!   Wish us luck and leave me some tips in the comments if you have any.

Anyway, here are a few random pictures from the past month or so.  I’ll start with the Whole30 lunch I hosted at our house…

I grilled a bunch of chicken and veggie kabobs and made a huge salad bar for all of the girls and kids at my new gym.  Super fun and very yummy.

I grilled a bunch of chicken and veggie kabobs and made a huge salad bar for all of the girls and kids at my new gym. Super fun and very yummy.

Poppyseed tolerated it as long as Carrie was holding her.

Poppyseed tolerated my grilling and serving… as long as Carrie was holding her.

Lots of strong girls.

Lots of strong ladies!


And plenty of kids!

And plenty of kids!

Poppyseed with one of her potential husbands.

Poppyseed with one of her potential husbands modeling the cloth diaper as the perfect swimsuit.


And then here are a few from my sister’s wedding last weekend…

Morgan looked BEAUTIFUL!  Congrats!

Morgan looked BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!

Her beautiful wedding cake!  This night was the most challenging day of our Whole30.  I really would have loved some champagne, a piece (or three) of cake, or any of those Cajun meatpies on the buffet.  Oh well, it's just 30 days and I'll go to plenty more weddings in my lifetime.

Her beautiful wedding cake! This night was the most challenging day of our Whole30. I really would have loved some champagne, a piece (or three) of cake, or any of those Cajun meatpies on the buffet. Oh well, it’s just 30 days and I’ll go to plenty more weddings in my lifetime.


Who's lucky?  Me!

Who’s lucky? Me!






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  1. I wanna live in CS and go to a Whole30 lunch with lots of strong girls! Waaaahhhh

    (but I am very excited about our non-Whole30 lunch in FW!)

  2. Cloud 9 has some super cute wool training panties that may become helpful as you transition out of diapers during nap and overnight.

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