No more diapers.

Well folks, I’d venture to say I have a potty trained kid.

I’m shocked at how well that went.  Really, no one is more amazed than I am when she yells at me and starts climbing up on the toilet.  I don’t know if she is just at the perfect age for potty training after all, or if the cloth diapers really do make it easier to potty train kids, or if she is just that thrilled to not have to wait for Mommy or Daddy to change her.  I don’t know, maybe she just thinks the big girl undies from Walmart are super stylish, but that kid took to the toilet like her mom takes to chocolate.

The first day was a lot of peeing.

The second day she figured it out.

The third and fourth day, she worked out the kinks.  We went to gymnastics with no problem!  Drove to Houston – no problem!  No extra stops – no diapers!

Things were going so well that today I actually completely forgot that I needed to be considerate and give her an opportunity to take a potty break every hour or so.  I picked her up from day care at 3pm, and at 4:30pm we were taking our exit after going on a few errands.  She started to yell from the backseat.  Sure enough, by the time we got to our driveway, it was too late.  She was D-E-V-A-S-T-A-T-E-D.  It was such a sad sight and yet I was so proud.  She knows exactly what it means to be potty trained!  I really hope that this lasts and that she doesn’t revert.  I’ve heard of kids back-tracking, and I would be thrown for a loop if that happened at this point.

Other than potty training, I am so excited to be finished with my Whole30 tomorrow.  It has been fine, but I really am just ready to go to dinner and not have to pick apart the ingredients on each menu item.  We’ve basically eaten every meal at home or else packed our own food for the past 29 days, whether it be road trips, weddings, etc.  I’m tired of packing up the Yeti.  I’m ready for simple.  I’m tired of washing dishes.

Luckily, I will be washing no dishes this weekend.  I’m going to go and visit my friend Caylin in Fort Worth tomorrow night, and then on Saturday night I get to go to dinner and then watch the Book of Mormon with Anna.  I am so excited!  Oatmeal and I visited NYC a few years ago right when BoM hit Broadway.  At that time the ticket prices were just absurd.  I got very lucky this week, however, because I happened to be heading to DFW and Anna just happened to have an extra ticket.  That thing has my name written all over it!

Meanwhile, Oatmeal has been really looking forward to a Daddy weekend with Poppyseed.  I originally told him about this trip about a month ago, and his face lit up.  He immediately said, “Awesome, we’ll go to Big Bend.”  That is a state park about 8 hours away, and as much as I adore the thought of him taking our kid camping, I had to veto that idea.  16 months old is a bit too young for a camping trip that far away from Mommy.  So he settled for Sealy, where he’ll get to ride horses and hang out with his parents all weekend.  I have no doubt that all three of us will have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

I have nothing witty to say but I’m sure there will be some fun shenanigans that occur this weekend.  Happy traveling and let’s hope the Aggies BTHO Rice this weekend.

This was just before bathtime yesterday.  She'd had a hell of an afternoon... translate - she gave me a run for my money and I was so happy to get her to bed on time!

This was just before bath time yesterday. She’d had a hell of an afternoon… translate – she gave me a run for my money and I was so happy to get her to bed on time!


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