A possible comeback.

I hope that tonight is the first of some regular blog posts.  I’ve been trying very hard to get to bed early, and since I usually only blog at night that has meant that it’s gone out the window.  There are plenty of times where I will begin a blog during Poppyseed’s naptime, but I always feel so rushed and it just never amounts to anything worth publishing.  Anyway…

Last weekend was a huge weekend here in College Station.  Just in case you’re living under a rock, the Aggies played Alabama on Saturday at Kyle Field. (And gave quite a good fight I may add!)  I have never ever loved College Station more than I have these past few months.  I woke up on Friday and went to the grocery store and everyone was already in their maroon!  At 10am on a Friday morning – not even game day!  The whole town just had a unique buzz.  Everyone was in a good mood and looking forward to a weekend full of friends and football.

As for us, we were actually planning to evacuate the most traveled to city in Texas.  We put our house up for rent, and let me tell you, it was a LOT of work.  I had no idea when I listed our house – on a very reputable website – that I would be working so hard for that rent money!  I’m glad I charged what I did because I spent a good bit getting prepared.  I had our locks rekeyed, bought new linens and towels, and had the house professionally cleaned for the first time since we moved in exactly 1 year ago.  I probably spent $100 at Lowe’s on some simple home repairs, and let’s not forget that two days before our renters arrived our house was invaded by ants.  That alone was worth 3 trips to Lowes!  I’ve never been to a home improvement store so much in my life!

All in all, this first rental was a great way to motivate myself to clean our house from top to bottom, organize every room and closet, update our shabby sheets (I really should have registered for more linens when I got married) and make some cash.  Our renters were wonderful.  They were also Aggies – class of ’78 – and I texted back and forth with the lady all weekend.  She was so sweet and polite!  When I got home on Sunday afternoon, the only sign that anyone had been in our home was that there were four bath towels on the washing machine, some random things in the trash, and I just realized today that my super cheap wine opener is missing!  (We have 10 bottle openers, seriously, and the oldest/cheapest one is MIA.  I figure they may have taken it to the tailgate and forgotten about it.  Our $40 fancy openers all remain, so tonight I had to finally figure out how to use “The Rabbit.”)  I was so relieved to come home to an intact house – no stained carpet, no broken furniture, no missing household items (other than the $6 wine tool), no weird smells.  I’d totally do it again… and good thing, because we’re booked for next month already!

Since we had to leave our own digs, we made plans to head to Boerne and visit Johanna and James.  Poppyseed had so much fun playing with Addison and Watson.  It was a really relaxing weekend and even Oatmeal, who generally is a major homebody, said when we were leaving that he hoped we’d get to go back.

Otherwise we are just coasting along.  Poppyseed is in SUCH a fun stage right now.  She gets more coordinated by the day.  Her favorite things to do are hang on rings, climb ladders, swing, go down slides, and carry around her little baby.  I’m trying to practice letting her do these things on her own – it’s hard because I find myself wanting to hover over her a lot.  But in the end, I know she is capable and I’ll do myself a favor by letting her take a few minor spills and thus learn how to play and climb safely.  She also got her 7th tooth last week – hooray!  I think we are definitely behind the average (whatever that is) in the tooth department.  Hopefully she gets a few new teeth soon and I can start to feed her a wider array of veggies.


I enrolled her in a little Mommy and Me gymnastics class that meets once a week.  I love it!  It’s so perfect for her age and stage right now.  She is learning to wait on other kids and is becoming more capable of following instructions in group settings – something that hasn’t really been asked of her until now.  It’s a lot of fun.

As for potty training, y’all I am proud, so proud.  My little one has done so well.  And – I know some of you will not agree with me on this – but easily potty training a 16 month old has really convinced me that early potty training is the way to go.  She trained so quickly and easily that I now cannot imagine trying to train an older child who developmentally is much more of an independent thinker.  Some of the older kids I know are so much more willful and are really learning all kinds of new things, so it seems like potty training at that older age would come with so much added pressure for both the mom and kid.  At 16 months Poppyseed didn’t require anything but patience and praise – no sticker reward chart, no special candy for a #1 or #2, all she needed was to see Mommy do it for about a month.  Now please hear the truth – we are not without the occasional accident.  For the first two weeks of training I still went to work my usual twice a week and she had a few accidents at daycare.  And I went to see a friend in DFW a few weekends ago, and she sure had her share of accidents with her daddy and his mom.  One day I completely forgot to let her go while we were out running errands and she peed in her carseat.  But overall, I’m just so impressed.  I never put her in anything but undies unless it’s bedtime.  Even when we get in the car she just wears her undies.  This weekend I actually did put a pull-up over her panties to drive all the way to Boerne (3 hours) and she never wet them at all.  I stopped one time on the way there and back so she could go and she was completely dry.  Come to think of it, I think she has gone 1 week without having any type of accident, unless she had one at daycare today and her sitter forgot to mention it.  I think I’ll be able to do overnight training soon, too, but I feel like I would be wise to wait until she is in a big girl bed and not completely at my mercy to come and get her.

So if I had to dish out any advice to any moms who are contemplating taking an early plunge – GO FOR IT.  And be patient and kind, and just accept that you’ll be at home a lot for a few days.  And don’t even think about telling any of your friends or family members who will not be supportive.  I only told a few people I was going to potty train before I began, and that was mainly because I didn’t want to hear all of the opinions.

Oh, and if you are potty training a girl and happen to have success, prepare yourself for all of the people who will tell you it’s because you have a girl and not a boy.  Now I don’t doubt that boys are a totally different animal, but c’mon, if you come across someone who has trained a child that young I think she deserves to gloat, don’t you?  😉

Just remember this.  She may not be changing diapers, but she may still be waking up at 4:30am while your kid sleeps a tight 12 hours and takes 3 hour naps every single day.

Not that I’d know anything about waking up at 4:30am.  Nope.


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