Focus on today.

Today was one of those days where I think to myself, “Wow.  I love my life.”

Poppyseed woke up at 6am (which is really REALLY late for her) and spent some time with Oatmeal in the kitchen.  It is their ritual to wake up and eat breakfast together (which is really her pre-breakfast since I feed her breakfast again later) and she plays while Oatmeal irons his work clothes, packs his lunch, etc.  This usually begins around 4:30-5am and she’s back down at 6am so that she can sleep until she wakes again, usually around 7am.

So today it was a huge treat that she slept until 6am and then went back down from 6:30am-8:30am.  When she woke up I scrambled some quick eggs and then we drove down to Houston.  I know it’s sort of ridiculous that I drive to Houston to get my hair cut and colored, but I’ve tried all three recommended salons in CS, and each time it’s just kind of a bust.  So I’ve just made a point to make an appointment every 3-4 months with my friend Jade back in Houston, and I just make a day of it.  I visit friends if they aren’t busy, run a few errands, and usually hit Trader Joe’s for some healthy cheap food on the way home.

It’s super easy to get my hair cut at Jade’s because she works out of her home.  She has a semi-kid-friendly room in her back yard where there isn’t (too much) that Poppyseed can get into.  And she works SO fast.  It seems like I’m colored, cut, washed, dried and styled in less than an hour.  Can’t beat that.  Especially when she reads to Poppyseed while my color sets.



We were starving when we left Jade’s house!  I drove to Rice Village and tried to find a place to get a quick bite.  It started to rain just as I parked the car, so we just ran into the first cafe I saw.  If it hadn’t been raining I’d have tried somewhere else, because I ended up paying $17 for a plain jane chicken salad and some iced tea.  SEVENTEEN DOLLARS for lunch?  C’mon.  I asked if I could have a small side of grilled chicken for Poppyseed and the cashier said, “Sure but that will be $7.”  Notice I said cashier, yes, this was a restaurant where you order at a counter and seat yourself.  Maybe I’m a brat or completely out of the food service loop, but if you’re going to charge $17 for a salad (containing poultry!) and add an extra $7 for a small cup of chicken to feed to a toddler, I’d at least like to have a waitress bring me my plate!   (Or see the words “organic/free range” next to the chicken items on the menu.)

Nonetheless, we ate our overpriced salad and enjoyed ourselves.  I love taking Poppyseed into restaurants when it’s just the two of us.  It’s a lot more difficult when I’m with a friend because of how challenging it can be to watch her while trying to carry on an adult conversation.  But when it’s just the two of us, I find that it’s so relaxing and fun.


Usually at least one person will walk over to our table and tell me how cute my baby is, or ask her age or name, and sometimes I even get comments from people that they can’t believe she will eat grilled chicken, avocado, etc etc.  That is especially encouraging because there are some times lately where I feel like she is so picky.  I swear ALL she wants to eat is avocado, fruit, and meat.   I can’t even get her to drink her raw milk lately, mainly because I stopped putting it in her bottle and introduced a sippy cup.  And let’s be clear – I’ve been trying this for MONTHS!  She wants milk in a bottle and water in a glass mason jar.  Yes I said glass.  I know she should be well past her bottle by now, but every time I replace it with something else she refuses it.  This can go on for days and I usually just cave. We’ll see how it goes this time.

Anyway, I’d say the highlight of lunch today was when we went outside on the patio with our breadstick and threw tiny pieces to the most aggressive birds I’ve ever seen.  She is really into birds lately, and she got SO excited each time they’d run over and eat the crumbs.  She had a small crowd of people watching her from the restaurant window by the time she was done.  Everyone loves a happy baby!  🙂

I’ve been looking around at carseats a lot lately.  I feel like this is one area of parenting that some people take really, really seriously and do a LOT of research.  As for me, I’ve been fairly lazy and to be honest I’m still not completely clear on all of the carseat laws.  I know that they are supposed to be rear facing until 2 and blah blah blah, but as for all the different types of seats and recommendations on each one, eh, I’ve browsed all of the websites but I just have to admit that it’s not sticking.  I’ve been putting off this purchase for a while, but today I finally made it to Right Start to take the plunge.  I went there because I’ve been told that they had a lot more brands from which to choose than places like Walmart or Target, and since we were in the area anyway it made sense to just go.  Sure enough, they had a really great selection of carseats and I was able to try Poppyseed in each one.


The crazy thing was that we were probably there for about 30 minutes, and not one time did a salesperson come over to greet or help us.  It was a really small store, and I’d say it was pretty obvious I was a serious shopper based on the fact that I was literally seat belting my child into every seat and then flipping through the manuals to study weight limits and installation guidelines.  The store manager walked past me at least three times while I flipped carseats upside down to see how they’d strap into my car without so much as a hello.  Call me crazy, but if I were a store manager and a visitor looked interested in purchasing some of my most expensive inventory, I’d probably at least say hello.  After narrowing down my choices I put P on my hip and walked around the store for about five minutes.  I figured I’d go ahead and buy the carseat right then and there, but then as an afterthought I decided to google the one I wanted.  What do you know, I could get it $100 cheaper with free shipping online!  Gotta love Amazon, and if you happen to be curious, this is the carseat I chose:

Recaro Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Booster, Marine

I am actually really excited about this purchase now that it’s done.  Poppyseed is going to love her new chair!

Anyway, all in all it was a fun and fairly productive afternoon.  She slept the entire way home from Houston, and then I made paleo chicken strips (recipe here) with Brussels sprouts and salad for dinner, which was delicious.

I know that the day that I just described isn’t especially interesting or exciting, but all day long I kept having thoughts about how fortunate and happy I am.  Yesterday I woke up just certain that I’d take a positive pregnancy test, and was really disappointed to find I wasn’t pregnant after all.  I feel like my baby just grew up over the summer, and I find that I am more ready every day to add to our family.  I can’t lie, I was bummed and frustrated when I realized we’d have to try again.  Today was a great reminder that I have a beautiful life – I love these days with my baby.  I really love being a mom.  I feel like I keep seeing a lot of mommy blogs lately that talk all about the bad parts of parenting – the sleepless nights, sick kids, temper tantrums, etc.  Every time I read those blogs or articles, sure, I get a chuckle or feel better if I was able to relate.  But honestly, I feel like 95% of parenting is awesome.  I am not sugar coating or trying to make things seem peachy when they aren’t.  Being a mother is wonderful and the most rewarding thing I have ever done.   So I’ll keep enjoying these random days with my Poppyseed and just keep my fingers crossed that we get to add another wee one to our family when the time is right.





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