A Surprise from Albuquerque!

Last week I heard from an old friend, Lacey.  You may have read a previous post about my friend Jordan, and I actually met Lacey through the same organization.  I was the “Big Sis” and Lacey was my “Little Sis” in Diamond Darlings. 

She asked for my address, and a few days later the UPS guy showed up with a box. 

Lola loves mail!!  (And Lacey, please note that I am actually wearing a DD fleece in the picture below.  Ha.  Some things never change!)

I was so excited to see the gift bag, and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

It was this entire little matching outfit, with these cute little multi-colored duckies all over it.  Perfect for either Lady Poppyseed or Gent Poppyseed when he/she debuts.  

She also gave me a set of sweet little bath towels and wash cloths, and also a swaddle set.  I kept looking at Oatmeal and saying, “Honey, do you realize we are going to put this little swaddle around our baby?  We are going to have a baby!  And we are going to get to swaddle it!”

(I didn’t know pregnancy hormones could make me this lame.  I swear I wouldn’t have been even remotely excited about wash cloths or swaddles even 8 months ago.  Now, however, I keep going into the nursery to stare at the little ducky outfit and imagine a baby in it.  It was the best gift ever.) 

So…. more about the giver of this gift.  Lacey is genuinely one of the most friendly, genuine, sweet girls I have ever met in my life.  I actually remember worrying that she may even be so sweet that she may not want to be my friend when I first met her.  Lola is NOT so sweet!  Ha.  No really, I actually worried when I first met Lacey that I may say something too blunt or too sarcastic in front of this adorable girl and she would think I was a little appalling.  Not so!  Lacey proved me wrong, and she actually turned out to be one of the most relaxed, laid back friends.  She’s just so darn easy to be around. 

Sadly, I don’t get to see Lacey very often anymore.  She and her husband, Lee, actually left Texas several years ago so that Lee could take a new job.  (I know!  People actually leave Texas!  But I bet they’ll be back one day…. )  Right now they live in Albuquerque, and just this past September they had their first baby, Landon.

By the way, I’m tossing this next picture in because it’s been inspiring me ever since I saw it several months ago.  It it a picture of Lace and Landon roughly 1 month after he was born.  He wasn’t adopted people, she gave birth to him!  And look how teeny she is in this picture – she’s barely 1 month postpartum I think!  Yes, very motivating.

So anyway, this gift was just a reminder that even though I sometimes feel like I’m way out here all by myself, pregnant and in the boonies, and I worry that I have lost touch with all of my friends, someone really sweet like Lacey will reach out to me.  I remember I have friends out there who (1) are excited for Michael and I, (2) are also doing this whole new mama thing, making me feel like I’m joining good company, and 3) just really know how to make me feel really good.

Poppyseed and I are so lucky.  We really are.  Thank you so much, Lacey.  🙂

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