I’m going to start off this post by stating the obvious…

This.  Weather.  Is.  Awesome.

The past couple of days have been a lot of fun.  We went to Sealy to stay with Oatmeal’s parents over the weekend.  The cold front was coming in, we didn’t have a bunch of projects at home to take care of, so it seemed like a good time to just go relax in the country.  It was so nice.



I feel the need to mention that while I love both of these pictures, both members of my family look approximately 10 shades more pale than they are in real life.  Just tellin’ ya, so that you don’t think I just keep everyone cooped up inside all day.

One of the best things about going to Sealy is that Lola gets to catch up on her sleep.  Poppyseed still wakes up around 5am or so, and while I do get her back down and get to snooze until 7am, it’s just not the same as really getting to sleep in like the old days pre-baby.   However, the Griffins are early risers and typically there is someone already awake when Poppyseed wakes up at their house.   Oatmeal and his dad like to wake up early, have a cup of coffee, and go rope steers outside.  Oatmeal’s mom (aka Gommy) is a grandbaby magnet.  She seems to sense when Poppyseed wakes up and always shows up at our bedroom door eager to take her off my hands.

Let’s just say I don’t put up much of a fight.  I have been known to hand her over and sleep in until as late as 10am when I’m there.


The weekend involved lots of horseback riding, chasing kittens, petting dogs, and even a trip to Round Top to look at all of the antiques and treasures.  And I even got to drive into Katy (alone!) on Saturday night to go get some fall clothes at the outlet mall.  Each time the weather changes it is a reminder of how bare my wardrobe was before losing my job.  I had to wear a suit or professional clothes Monday-Friday, so I just didn’t have much in the way of “street clothes” after I was laid off.  I never realize it until, say, the weather gets cold.  I’ll walk into my closet and realize I have a whopping 3 casual shirts with long sleeves and 1 pair of closed toe shoes and think, “Hmmmm… I wonder if anyone will notice that dime-sized hole in the crotch of my old favorite pair of jeans, or see that my faded blue shirt has been worn so many times that it has permanent elbows in the sleeves?”  Thankfully the J. Crew factory store was having a half off of everything sale, so I was able to shop (alone!) for a few pairs of jeans and some ballet slippers without spending much cash.

Speaking of, why on earth would anyone spend their money at the regular J. Crew when there is a factory store?  I got this pair of jeans for $40.  On the website they are listed as $125.  In the factory store they are half off of $80.

I mean, really?  Is the cotton organic or something?  And even if it is… who cares?

Same with these shoes, which are on my feet at this moment.  At the regular store – $128.  At the factory store – half off of $70.

C’mon people.  Explain this phenomenon.  I’m blonde.

So needless to say, after two mornings of sleeping until 9 or 10am, hanging out with my family outside, and updating my closet a bit, I was able to start this week feeling fresh.  MORE than fresh.  Really good.  I went to work on Monday and actually made more calls in one day than I have in a long time.  And on Tuesday I got back into the crossfit gym after about an 8 day hiatus.

I even scheduled a little play date/photo op for Poppyseed at the pumpkin patch.  Our friends Lauren and Campbell joined us for some goat viewing, bunny watching, and pumpkin climbing.







I even made sure to get one of me, too.  There are very few pictures of me post-2012 that aren’t selfies, I’m afraid.


I used to think mouth kisses were weird with anyone other than your spouse.  That’s definitely changed.  Although it looks like she actually got my nose in that one.





I swore that I’d do a better job this holiday season of being more, well, festive.  Last year I didn’t get Poppyseed a Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas outfit.  I didn’t really decorate or so much as hang a wreath or buy a pumpkin.  And the only pumpkin patch picture I got of P was this one, which is definitely my #tbt for the week.

Violet 2012

This year I hope to be a little less of a scrooge.  Not that I meant to be last year, but she was still so little, I was facing a possible job layoff, and we were saving as much as possible.  I wasn’t really up for spending $25 on Zulily for a turkey tshirt if you know what I mean.  This year I’m going to try to enjoy the holidays and make some memories a little more so than before.  I’m going to finish the DIY Christmas wreath I started last year and hopefully finish a burlap fall one for this year.  I actually already ordered and received said turkey tshirt from Zulily.  And I really am going to bake some pumpkin muffins.

Overall I’m really looking forward to this fall and the holiday season.  I hope I’m also good about recording some of it here.  🙂


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