Poppyseed is 18 Months Old

Our little one is officially 1.5 years old as of last week.  I had no idea how quickly they could learn at this age.  She learns new mannerisms, words, and skills every minute it seems.

Some updates… just off the top of my head.

  • Stats – For once I actually took her to a pediatrician at the assigned date and time.  So, for once I have her measurements.  She weighs 26.13lbs (93rd percentile), is 33.25 inches tall (92nd percentile) and her head circumference is 19.25 inches (98th percentile… ha).  We have a big healthy kiddo!  With big brains.  😉
  • Talking – She is definitely a talker.  She can repeat just about any one or two syllable word if asked.  Just last week she said her first two word phrase all on her on without being prompted and it was, “Hi cat!”  The words I seem to hear all the time are mama, dada, Goose (doose), Tough (tut), ball, eat, snack, baby (baybay), yes, no, wash (as in wash hands which she lives to do), milk, nurse, Gus (dus), Max, car, wee, apple, geez the list goes on.  We’re officially to the point where it’s hard to count how many words she says now.  Oh speaking of count, she can count to 3, skips 4 and goes straight to 5.  1..2…3…5… She also loves to sing.  Oatmeal started a tradition of singing to her at bedtime.  He usually starts off with “Baa baa black sheep,” “Hush little baby,” “Mary had a little lamb,” “Twinkle twinkle,” and “Itsy bitsy spider.”  She will sing some of the words if she knows them while resting her tired little head on his shoulder.  I love listening to those two.
  • Playing – No doubt about it, her coordination is coming along.  She is getting better at running.  She climbs and descends stairs like a champ.  We go to a Mommy and Me gymnastics class where she has learned to walk on a beam, is working on jumping up with both feet, and has mastered a forward roll.  She l-o-v-e-s her gymnastics class.  Sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t take her more often.  Maybe when she is two and Mommy doesn’t have to be so involved.  🙂  Otherwise, she loves playing with other kids her age and there really aren’t many toys she doesn’t like.  She seems to be especially interested in cars and baby dolls right now.  She loves her Melissa and Doug puzzles, riding her toy horses, and swinging.  She will swing on anything she can get her hands on.




  • Sleeping – On a normal weeknight I aim to get her in bed by 7.  Sometimes I am really on top of my game and she is down by 6:30, but sometimes she is up as late as 7:30.  On the weekends it’s a free for all because we are normally not home.  She can stay up well past her bedtime when we are out and about and she is having fun.  Regardless of when she goes to bed, she wakes up between 5am-6am.  I don’t complain about this early time because it’s an improvement compared to months 12-17 where she repeatedly woke up at the 4 o’clock hour.  Typically when she wakes up I’ll put her on the potty, then give her some milk and let her play with Oatmeal as he gets ready for work, and then she goes back down within an hour.  She takes one afternoon nap a day and for some reason she has trained herself to sleep no more than 93 minutes and no less than 87.  I wish I were kidding.  Please do not brag to me that your kid sleeps 12 hours at night and takes 3 hour naps.  It will make me hate you.




  • Potty Training – I’m so glad that some friends and family encouraged me to potty train her early.  I’m also so glad that they warned me that there would be stretches of success and then little periods of wet pants.  In the first month she only had about one accident a week, and then the second month of potty training she seemed to have even longer times between accidents.  Then last week – seemingly out of the blue – she had 4 accidents in about 36 hours.  Two of them were in her carseat, which I must say is not a blast to take apart and wash.  Just as I was about to throw up my hands and cry that she was reverting, she went right back to not having any accidents.  I haven’t bought diapers in 3 months, not even pullups, and I haven’t changed a dirty diaper in that long either.  It is glorious.  She does still sleep in diapers so I do occasionally change a wet diaper.  I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I put her in a big girl bed, but there are no plans to do that as of yet.
  • Animals – As I said before, “Hi cat” was her first two word sentence.  This kid loves her some animals.  Specifically dogs, cats, and horses, but if she could get her hands on an owl (“ow-el”) she’d really be thrilled.




  • Appetite – She is still a great eater.  A typical breakfast is eggs and fruit.   Lunch is usually some type of meat and avocado.  I give her a snack midafternoon that usually consists of raisins and pistachios or a Larabar.  For dinner she eats what we eat.  She is getting better about chewing up roasted veggies such as broccoli and has started to ask us for pieces of lettuce from our salads.  Slowly but surely she is learning to use those 8 teeth to chew those more challenging foods!  I wish she liked seafood, but she really just doesn’t like it at all.  I just keep trying – if we eat salmon for dinner then that’s what goes on her plate, too!  She refuses to drink her milk out of anything but a bottle.  I limit her dairy to just raw cow’s milk.  She has had a few servings of yogurt in her life but I reserve that for trips to grandparents so that there is at least something convenient in her lunch box.  I’ve also loosened up about chips – if a chip has 3 or less ingredients she can eat them.  She goes nuts over Ruffles potato chips.



  • I still nurse her – I know, I’m such a weirdo.  Sometimes once a day, rarely more than twice a day.  Honestly at this point I think of it as giving her a multivitamin!  I assure you, she won’t go to kindergarten on the boob.
  • Behavior – I like to think I have a pretty happy and independent little tyke.  I admire her so much for just walking up to other kids and engaging in whatever activity they are doing.  The lady who takes care of her a few times a week for me while I’m at work says that she has no trouble standing up to the other kids at day care.  She has no idea she the youngest by about a year, if they take her toy she simply jerks it right back and says, “MINE!”  I actually used to dread hearing those words from her, but I’m actually very proud that she defends herself in this way!  Ha!  When it comes to kids near her age, she is so confident.  When it comes to adults she doesn’t know, she is happiest on my hip.  She will sit on my hip and stare straight through strangers with those little blue eyes and not respond with so much as a blink if they greet her.  What’s funny is that when we part ways, she will turn and say ‘Bye!”
  • Trouble – She has definitely learned to throw a good fit.  Currently I am trying to figure out the best way to deal with them.  I never reward the fits, but I don’t think I’m doing a good job of being consistent either.   She will throw herself on the ground and cry.  Scenario 1 is I snatch her off the ground and make her stand on her own and tell her to stop crying immediately.  Scenario 2 is I ignore her until she stops.  Scenario 3 is I pick her up and hold her in front of my face and tell her that her behavior is very ugly and must stop.  It literally just occurred to me yesterday that she is old enough for a time out, so I put her in her rocker during a fit and told her she had to sit there for one minute.  I have had to give her a few spankings and that, too, is something I realize I’m pretty inconsistent with.  I don’t want to overuse spankings, so tonight I was thinking back to when my parents spanked us.  We pretty much had to do one of two things – (1) disobey our parents in a way that put us in danger, or (2) disrespect our parents in a big way in public.  I distinctly remember throwing myself on the floor at Walmart and demanding a toy. My dad reacted so quickly with a whipping and verbal reprimand that I thought twice before doing that ever again.  Now mind you, I was probably twice the age of Poppyseed.   But last week when I told her over and over again to stop running off while I paid for our groceries and she still ran out the front door onto the sidewalk (nearly into the parking lot before I got her) it did result in a spanking.  I swear it hurt me worse!
  • Holidays – Today will be her second Halloween!  Check her bumble bee costume.  Be still my heart.  This also marks the first month that she can wear her hair in a ponytail!




  • Odds and ends – It is so hard to describe your child in one page.  Honestly, she is just the best kid ever.  I absolutely love spending my days with her.  I miss her when I’m at work and feel guilty for leaving her.  Sometimes when she is in bed I go peek at her and wish I could pick her up without waking her.   I’d love to rock her and pretend she is 6 weeks old again.  The other day I actually pulled her out of her carseat and she stayed asleep.  It was so sweet I had Oatmeal take a picture of us.  The best feeling in the world is your baby asleep in your arms.  I love watching her play games and draw.  She grows so fast.  It’s so fun and so sad at the same time.


  • Making her a sibling – Obviously we are still working on that.  As soon as this miscarriage is behind us, I’ll update about it again.  Hopefully soon.

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  1. I loved this post. It’s so fun feeling like we know each other’s kids, even though we don’t. She sounds so wonderful and like such a fiesty little thing! I really admire all you guys do with her diet. I am so impressed. I feel like we do way better than the majority of people with Logan’s, but when I read all you guys do I’m like, “GAH! We’ve got so far to go.” She is just precious!

    • Believe me the feeling is mutual! I love your posts! You give me so many ideas since Logan is only 4 months ahead. That’s funny about the food because I have friends that would die if they saw V with potato chips because their kids snack on liver nuggets and seaweed. So when I send Chobani to her grandma’s it makes me feel like a slacker. We will see how it goes from here and how her preferences change as she gets bigger and more aware!

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