30 Week Update

I wasn’t going to do another post until 32 weeks, but decided to go ahead and do one today. The past 2 weeks have actually held some of the more noticeable changes and so I figured why not?

So here are some things I’ve noticed:

  • At my 28 week post I was ecstatic because an old man commented on the bump, and then a day or two later someone else asked if I was pregnant.  That was huge because up until then, no one was brave enough to ask.  But now, everywhere I go people comment!  It must be pretty darn obvious that this is a baby bump and not a holiday bump.  Yippee!
  • Veins.  Red veins, blue veins, veins everywhere.  This is one of those “pregnancy symptoms” that I read would happen to me as early as the first trimester.  I was starting to think it wasn’t going to happen to me.  But.  Suddenly as of this week, my chest looks like a road map.  The sides of my nose are sort of red and veiny.  There are small red patches on my inner thighs.  Lovely.  I’m reassured by my friends that these will go away after birth.
  • Spots.  It looks like it’s the summer right now, because my face now has some  freckles.  Only… it’s not the summer.  Thankfully there is makeup.
  • Lower back pain.  This is another thing that I read may begin to happen as early as the first trimester.  I guess I am lucky that it just now started.  It’s not terrible, so I don’t feel like I have much to complain about.  But, it does exist.
  • Braxton Hicks.  These are still frequent, and more frequent the more active I am.   If I forget to drink a lot of water during the day, they get really intense and uncomfortable.  Staying hydrated helps a lot.
  • Swelling – still not swelling.  Pretty excited about that.  I think the lack of processed (sugary, salty) foods plays a role here.  We’ll see if I can still support that theory in 10 weeks.  
  • Sleep – I wake up every single night between 2am-3am to use the restroom.  This tends to wake up Poppyseed.  So then when I get back in bed, I have a crazy fetus kicking up a storm and causing my belly to jump all over the place.  Sometimes I will snuggle up behind Oatmeal and put my belly against his back when this happens.  After a few good solid kicks, Oatmeal (a light sleeper) will say, “I feel you kicking me Baby Poppyseed…” in his sleepy voice.  This is something that doesn’t get old for Lola.  🙂
  • Mood – I’m feeling good!  No crazy mood swings!  Whew!
  • Exercise – I’m still keeping it up.  I went to Crossfit last week and have been doing light kettle bell work, planks, pushups and squats at home.  Oatmeal had me do 100 squats tonight – WHEW.  This core/lower body strength should help me during labor.  I hope it does!

Happy Monday!  Here is my 30 week bump shot – I just noticed that there is an ironing board behind me.  Niiiiiice.  Just an FYI – we barricade the stairs with it so the dogs don’t get up there.  Guess one day when we have a toddler we’ll invest in a gate. 

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