A Day of Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Day.  We are at home.  Oatmeal is at the park with the dogs, and I am here in our bedroom relaxing with a few vanilla candles lit.  Poppyseed is snoozing in her room.

It’s a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving so far.

It’s just the three of us.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a holiday with just us, but Poppyseed came down with a fever on Monday and she’s been battling something ever since.  I don’t know if it’s a virus or some type of bacterial infection, but between the fever and junky cough, she has just been out of sorts.

This child gets such red cheeks when she has a fever.

This child gets such red cheeks when she has a fever.  Have you ever seen anything more sad?

Eating some homemade broth for lunch yesterday.

Eating some homemade broth for lunch yesterday.

Feeling much better after a long nap.

Feeling much better after a long nap.

Her temperature has wavered between 99-103.  I’ve used several of our little homeopathic remedies and even taken her to the chiropractor for a little adjustment.  Since she is playful at times and is taking in plenty of fluids and some food, I am not too worried about her.   I think she is past the worst of it.  A few more days of taking it easy and she will be back to normal.

Anyway, each year we flip flop our holidays with my parents and Oatmeal’s, and this year was the year that we go to my family’s in Louisiana.  Because of how badly Poppyseed has been feeling, all three of my parents told me that this was probably not a great time to hit the road and drive 14 hours in 3 days.  No one wanted her to be miserable, and plus no one wants to pass around an unknown illness to the elderly grandmothers or immune compromised.  So, it seemed like it was in everyone’s best interest for us to just stay here.

Do you want to know something?

I am so happy to just be at home today.

I love visiting my family, but it’s always a long drive for a short slide.  No one ever puts pressure on me to visit, but I put the pressure on myself and I always feel like, despite our best efforts, we get there too late, leave too early, and don’t get enough time.  My dad and stepmom live 90 minutes from my mom, so there is just a lot of hurrying to see everyone.  I suppose it’s just the nature of living a state away from your family.

When we spend holidays with Oatmeal’s family, there is much less traveling.  I appreciate that very much.  It’s a lot of fun to celebrate with such a big family where there are so many kids and grandkids running around.

But regardless, it is so nice to have an excuse to have our own little holiday.  Just us three.  I grew up celebrating holidays with just my family.  I can’t remember a Thanksgiving or Christmas when my parents were married where we did not celebrate all major holidays under our own roof.  Lots of times my grandparents would come and visit, which we loved, but it was always at home.  There was no traveling on the holidays in our family.  We loved traditions such as setting a formal table for Thanksgiving, pulling out Mom’s china, going to church on Christmas Eve (I loved the candlelight service), and putting cookies and reindeer food out for Santa.  Honestly there were so many fun traditions that we did as kids.  We have so many pictures of holidays in our family and I love looking back at all of the pictures my mom got of my siblings and I dressed up in matching sweatshirts.  Ha.

So even though I hate that my little one has been under the weather, I am completely savoring this time with my honey and baby.  We all snuggled in bed this morning and then Oatmeal made a very simple but yummy breakfast.    He wanted to take the dogs to the woods for some fresh air and I wanted some quiet time to write.  Later we will make an equally simple lunch and probably go to our neighborhood park with Poppyseed wrapped up like a burrito.  We’ll eat an easy dinner, put the baby down, and fall asleep by 8pm.

I hate to sound like a cheese ball, but I have a lot to be thankful for.  The biggest gift in my life is Oatmeal.  We have already gone though so many phases in the 5 years that we have been together.   In that amount of time we’ve gone from complete strangers to dating, then to engaged and marrying and shortly after that having our first baby.  It’s been eye opening to see our relationship take so many curves so quickly.  Giddy, lovestruck, newlyweds, new parents, frustrated, compromise, admiration, sacrifice…. we have become more than just married people.  We are partners.  We take teamwork to a new level.  He is the strongest part of me.

A few nights ago we were in bed and just talking about our day.  We heard of a couple who seem to be going through a bad patch, and based on what little we know, I don’t think many people in this day and age would blame them if they separated.  We were talking about the circumstances when Oatmeal said this:

“They can’t give up.  You try 100 times to fix it.  You try 1000 times.  That’s your person.  You can never give up on them.  You can never stop trying to help them.  You stay together always.” 

He was just making a simple statement of truth.  But my heart just about burst.

Readers, my husband isn’t a really romantic man.  He doesn’t open every door, it’s been at least two years since he gave me flowers, and he pretty much has to be pushed out the door to get him to go on a date.  (Remember that trip to Colorado we took?  I begged for it and planned for it.  Remember last week when I posted all of those pictures of us going out to dinner?  Oh yeah, that never happened.)

I’m married to a guy who is perfectly content to just be at home with me and our little girl.  And he will be happy to be at home with us forever.  I’ll never stop being thankful for that!



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  1. My husband sounds a lot like Oatmeal. Like you, I am so VERY thankful!!!
    Hope Poppyseed is feeling much better!

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