What Lola and Oatmeal have been up to.

Well, it’s been about 2 weeks since I posted, and I don’t have much of an excuse.  Truly, we’ve just been up to the same old, same old life…. working Monday-Friday, running errands, cooking, Oatmeal has roped a few times, spending time with family/friends, and working on the nursery.

A few highlights that immediately come to mind…

Last week our niece, June, turned… guess how old?  Five!  We all met at Guadalajara to celebrate.

This week our friend Sara turned 25.  We were SO excited to get the invite to go and celebrate with them at Fogo de Chao on Friday.  What a perfect place to eat for 2 primal/paleo people!  Oatmeal had enough meat to last a week, and I actually hit the salad bar twice.  This pregnancy has really made me appreciate a good salad.  I know, I know, that’s really a convenient craving to have when pregnant.  (Too bad I’ve still been hankering for a pizza… I think I’m going to indulge next month if Oatmeal will let me.)

This is Oatmeal and myself with Sara and Jason. 

I also finally organized my baby registry.  Up until this weekend, anyone who signed on to look at it would have seen about 5 different types of boppies, zero diapers, 3 or 4 different brands of crib sheets, etc.  This happened because any time anyone recommends something to me I add it to my registry.  Additionally, any time I see something that I think I’ll actually like or use, I add it.  So if you recommend a swing, then my sister recommends a different swing, and then I see one that looks neat, what happens?  Well I end up with 3 swings on my registry.  Not efficient.  So I tried to streamline all of that this weekend and it is (hopefully) done.

Some things on my registry that make me happy:

This organic linen blanket from RH Baby and Child.  Oh, I’ll be honest, I already bought it!  It was just so soft and pretty, I couldn’t help myself!

I also love this Moses basket.  I know, just another thing that will only be useful for the first few months.  But I just love it.  I almost bought it, too, because this pattern is on final sale, but I resisted.

And dare I admit on a blog that I am going to try cloth diapers?!  My SIL uses cloth diapers with her little one and swears by them.  I’ve also been following a lot of mommy blogs lately and they all swear by these BumGenius 4.0 snap ons.  I know that I’ll be using some disposables for daycare and just being on-the-go, but I’m pretty excited to try these, too!

Also, we’ve made some headway with the nursery!  Last weekend we went to pick up our dresser and it looks great!  Oatmeal also assembled the IKEA bookshelf that we bought for Poppyseed. 

I’d seen so many blogs and cool things done with these shelves, so I decided to dress ours up a little bit as well.  So last night I went to a fabric store and got 2 yards of fabric, glued them onto a really thick poster board, and nailed them to the back of the shelf.  It was really simple and it just added a little bit of interest and color to the shelves and room. 

I love the baskets and hope they will be useful for toys, diapers, and other practical things.  And who knows what will end up on those shelves over time?  For now I have the following little things…

This is Poppyseed’s baby book.  Yes, it actually says Poppyseed on it.  I know that kid is going to hate me one day when he/she has a real name.  Oh well.

Also, I just loved this little bird.  I dunno.  I really am trying to steer away from “baby things” and just stick to “interesting, woodsy, rustic” things.  I don’t know why I bought that little guy, but I did, and I love him!

So…. it’s coming along!

And what, you may wonder, has Oatmeal been doing while Lola is out and about designing bookshelves, buying nursery odds and ends, and walking the aisles of Babies R Us?  Ladies and gentlemen, this.  This is what he’s been doing.

At least ONE of us will be rested when this baby arrives!

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