And then there were four.

Hi friends.  In case you missed it, Oatmeal and I shared some big news today!


That’s right!  Lola is almost 10 weeks pregnant!


To say we are excited is an understatement.  I’ve been excited since I found out in late November.  Keeping this thing a secret until 9 weeks was a challenge.  I don’t know how some of you are disciplined enough to wait until 12 weeks!  Not me!  Once I knew this thing was happening, I literally could not tell our family and friends fast enough.

Some of you may be thinking, “Wow, she literally just had a miscarriage, that was fast!”   I miscarried in early November.  The natural process of the miscarriage took 2 weeks to complete and was finally over on a Monday.  That Wednesday I noticed an increase in my morning temperature and crampy feeling on my right side.  I took an at home ovulation test, and sure enough it was positive.   I asked my doctor if it was a bad idea to try again so soon after a miscarriage.  They told me to go ahead and try.  Evidently back in the day it was believed that if a woman miscarried and then got pregnant again immediately, her chances of miscarrying again were higher than normal.  But in recent years they have found that there isn’t really a correlation, so typically a woman isn’t told to wait a few cycles before trying again.

The following Friday I decided to swing into Kroger and buy one of my customers some coffee.  I walked into the Kroger and saw that the Starbucks kiosk was packed.  And, oddly enough, nothing on the Starbucks menu sounded appetizing.  (If you know me at all, you know that I drink at least a cup of coffee a day!)  I decided to walk around the store for a few minutes and ended up in the family planning section.  I calculated that I was probably at least 5 days before my period and wondered if it was too soon to test.  I figured that if I was going to test, I should pick the most advanced test that they sold, so instead of getting the cheap brand I opted for the $20 digital test.

I paid for it and then went to the restroom.  Yes, I took this test in the Kroger bathroom!  This shows you how impatient I can be.  The instructions said that it would take 3-5 minutes to show a result.  I didn’t exactly want to hang out in the Kroger bathroom any longer than I had to, so after I took the test I washed my hands and put it in my pocket.  I went back to the Starbucks kiosk and stood in line.  Every few minutes I would pull the end of the test out of my pocket as discretely as I could and look at the results.  It continued to blink for a long time.   When it was almost my turn to order, I looked down at it one more time.

“Yes. +”

You know what’s funny?  I’ve since talked to two other women who have found out they were pregnant in the same Kroger.  You’d think that would be some kind of anomaly, but I guess not.  🙂

I actually waited about 24 hours to tell Oatmeal, and when I did it was just sort of in a casual way.  I gave the test to Poppyseed and told her to hand it to Daddy.  He looked at me sort of funny and I think I said, “I’m pregnant again.  Don’t get excited and don’t tell anyone… let’s just wait.”  But within days I couldn’t ignore all of the inevitable signs.  I was dog tired even after a good night’s sleep.  Coffee sounded completely  unappetizing.  It was hard to fall asleep at night.  Within a week I was 99% sure I was good to go.  I got a sonogram done on December 23rd so that we could tell our families over Christmas, and then today I went to meet with our midwife and got to hear the heartbeat with a doppler.  So exciting!

Here is the video I posted to make the announcement.  I’m absolutely suffering from first trimester exhaustion (ha) so I’ll post more later.  But we’re happy happy happy!


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  1. Christina says:

    Congratulations, I have been following your blog for over a year now and I’m so happy to read this great news! Blessings to your family of four!

  2. Smiling the whole time I read this!! SO glad it’s official!!!! Congrats, congrats! One question- what is “middle baby?” Like… are you already pregnant with a third or something? Getting a new pet?

    • Well since we called V Poppyseed the whole time we were pregnant with her, we needed a nickname for this baby. Since we’ve always hoped for 3-4 kids I just sort of imagined this baby as being the middle kid. Oatmeal and I are both middle kids and I just sort of started referring to it as Middle Baby. 🙂

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