11 Weeks!

A quick update on our little bun in the oven…

On Friday I was 11 weeks pregnant, give or take.  We still don’t have a set-in-stone due date, but I think it’s roughly August 8.  After going a week overdue with Poppyseed, the term “due date” is fairly meaningless to me anyway…

Baby is the size of a: Lime!

How I’m feeling:  I feel really good overall.  I had some major sickness/nausea around weeks 7-9, but then it faded.  I’ve had a couple weeks of feeling really good, with the exception of just feeling really tired all the time.  I need a nap at about 1pm each day, and no matter how long I sleep, I still wake up feeling exhausted.  But that is just normal pregnancy stuff, so I hate to complain!  I’m just glad that I actually feel pregnant this time because I know that is a good sign that the baby is doing well and growing.  I already wake up twice a night to use the restroom, just like before, and I already can’t sleep on my back anymore without feeling short of breath.  Go figure.

Cravings: I’m not very different than all of the other pregos in that I’m definitely wanting a lot of carbs.  And the thought or smell of warm animal protein is unappetizing (disgusting) 80% of the time.  Even though I want to eat a bowl of pasta for every meal, I decided to try to do a Whole30 while pregnant.  Today is the end of Day 8, and I hope to make time to write a post all about it.  It’s taken a TON of willpower, and I’ve definitely wanted to throw in the towel on several occasions.  I make no promises as to whether I will make it to Day 30, but I’m really really glad that I decided to try.  Every day that I focus on well sourced animal protein, lots of veggies, good fruits, nuts and seeds is a day of good nutrition for this growing kid.  It’s super tempting to just let it all go and eat whatever I want just because that’s kind of the American way.   But on the flip side, it feels really good to plug all of my food into a nutrient tracker at the end of the day and see that I’ve eaten so many great vitamins and nutrients that it’s honestly sort of pointless for me to be popping a prenatal vitamin.  That’s a great feeling for a mama!

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want pizza.  All.  The.  Time.

Weight: So… the funny thing about getting pregnant right before the holidays is that, well, it’s pretty hard to track your weight!  I’m a person who sort of lets paleo go to the wayside around Thanksgiving and it’s usually not until January that I rein myself back in.  I just love the holidays, the traditional family food that I only get to eat a few times a year, etc.  So it’s pretty standard for me to gain 5-8lbs or so each December.  So actually, I weigh about 5lbs less now than I did 3 weeks ago.  When my midwife asked me what my pre-pregnancy weight was, I sort of felt like a deer in headlights.  135?  140?  130?  On New Year’s Eve I was 140, the stomach flu got me down to 136, and now I’m at 134.  So yeah… one too many treats over the holiday season.

Gender Predictions:  We waited until Poppyseed’s birth to find out her gender, and we plan to do the same with this baby!  With Poppsyseed, I told Oatmeal that we were pregnant and he immediately said, “It’s going to be a girl.”  I looked at him with amazement and said, “I know, right?”  Well, with this kiddo he said, “It’s another girl.”  I sort of question that… I am feeling boy this time.  But we won’t know for about 31 weeks, so there’s lots of time for us to change our minds.  I just loved the surprise of waiting until her birth.  So many people tell me things like, “I just couldn’t wait for that, I have to plan.”  And if you read my blog last time, you know that really gets on my nerves!  I planned just as much.  If anything it takes a little extra planning if you don’t know your baby’s gender.  But I loved our gender neutral nursery, I loved that we got sooooo many awesome USEFUL gifts at our baby showers, and the kicker was that when she was born, all of our close friends and family showed up with pink stuff.  So we really didn’t lack in any pink/monogrammed/personalized gifts at all.  It was the best of both worlds!

Names:  Since I named Poppyseed (Violet Jane, both family names), I am giving Oatmeal free reins to name this baby.  Of course I have veto power if he chooses something horrendous.  He’s tossed out about 6 ideas so far and I can get on board with all of them.  To be honest, he hasn’t come up with a girl name that I really love, but I am going to stick to my guns and let him be the decision maker.  I remember thinking that he didn’t love the name that I chose for Poppyseed when I was pregnant.  But, he was so sweet and considerate, and now he just loves her name and we both think it’s just the most fitting name in the world for her.  I am sure that even if his name of choice wouldn’t have been in my top 10, it will be fitting of the baby and just perfect.  And in all reality, he will probably not have names for either gender really narrowed down until the baby is born anyway.

Purchases:  Since I already have a gender neutral nursery, infant carseat, and all of the other baby basics in neutral colors, I honestly don’t need much for this baby.  I am probably going to buy some new cloth diapers, but that’s about it.  But I do have a new addition to our bedroom….

The snoogie!  Or is it a snoogle?  I'm not sure, but a girlfriend of mine is lending me her pregnancy pillow.  It's AWESOME.  A total gamechanger.

The snoogie! Or is it a snoogle? I’m not sure, but a girlfriend of mine is lending me her pregnancy pillow. It’s AWESOME. A total gamechanger. P.S. Oatmeal doesn’t seem to have a problem with the Snake.

Birth plans:  You may have caught that I used to word “midwife” above.  Yep, we are planning to use a midwife for this birth.  I hesitate to even say that, because of course that is just Plan A.  Plan A is a completely healthy, uneventful, low risk pregnancy in which case I will give birth naturally at a birth center a few miles away from the hospital.  Our pregnancy and birth with Poppyseed was textbook.  I went into labor on my own (7 days late and with a few doses of castor oil), labored without any drugs, and pushed her out with no problems.  There wasn’t a single concern or complication along the way. OF COURSE we pray that this baby’s birth will be the exact same way.  But a lot can happen in 30 weeks, and of course those plans may change if something unusual occurs.   If something should show up in any of my routine blood tests or on the 20 week ultrasound, of course we will reexamine the best course of action.  But I’m so excited to be planning this natural, supportive birth in a birth center with a health professional who actually specializes in natural births!  I’ll post some of my thoughts later so that you can see some of my reasons why we opted for a birth center over a hospital this time, but that’s for another day altogether.

So here are a few pictures of how I looked on Friday, which was the day I was 11 weeks on the dot.

So this is how I looked on Friday morning, pre-breakfast.  Not much to speak of.

So this is how I looked on Friday morning, pre-breakfast. Not much to speak of.

But, fast forward to 7pm, after a hearty breakfast and lunch with several snacks... and we have a bump.  Baby, or food baby!?

But, fast forward to 7pm, after a hearty breakfast and lunch with several snacks… and we have a bump. Baby, or food baby!?

I’m really excited to move into the second trimester.  I think that the thing I look forward to the very most is feeling the baby move and kick for the first time!  I felt Poppyseed at 17 weeks, so we’ll see how this one goes.  🙂

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