12 weeks pregnant and 21 months old

We had such a fun, relaxing weekend.  On Friday I met Oatmeal down at his parent’s house in Sealy.  They were out of town for the week, so they needed someone to come and feed their horses.  We decided to just stay the night, which was kind of funny because it was probably the coldest night of the year, and his parents live in a very old house – with no central AC or heat!  I had all 6 space heaters cranked, and turned the oven to 350 and left it wiiiiiide open for about 3 hours.  I love imagining Oatmeal growing up like that- he said they used to all wake up and run over to the heaters in their underwear and socks and push each other back and forth along the way.  It was definitely cozy and fun.

We got up early (correction – Poppyseed woke up at 5:40am and therefore we had to join) and watched cartoons until the sun came up.  As soon as light came through the windows, she was ready to feed and ride.




She got to be Oatmeal’s little helper and then got to ride, too.

That afternoon we drove back home to College Station, I whipped up some meatballs for a potluck dinner that my gym was hosting, and off we went.  It was actually a going away party for one of our trainers, Megan, and it was so much fun.  I’ve only been a member of this gym for about 6 months, but already I feel like an old timer.  The girls there are so real, so inspiring, and so drama free.  I love them all.


And let’s be serious – everyone has some seriously cute kids.


You just cannot beat a party that starts at 5pm, welcomes children of all ages, and serves 100% paleo food.  Seriously, when was the last time you went to a potluck and had four helpings of salad and it was the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted??    These girls make healthy eating taste awesome.

Other than that, things have been pretty standard over here at Casa de Griffin.  On Friday I hit 12 weeks!  So here are a few updates on that…

Baby is the size of a: Plum!

How I’m feeling:  I still feel great.  A few small things that aren’t great are that I am very, very tired pretty much every day.  I can usually sneak in a short nap every other day or so, but even then I feel like I wake up exhausted.  I am going to have to stop jumping rope at Crossfit because, well, I keep peeing when I jump.

And when I sneeze, but I can’t figure out how to avoid sneezing for the next 28 weeks.

But, I digress.

Overall I feel really happy.  I’m excited about this baby.  I am looking forward to all of our prenatal checkups, excited to put together Poppyseed’s new big girl room so that we can organize the nursery for a newborn again, and honestly just so happy to be pregnant.  It’s a fun and very special time in life for sure.

Cravings:  Today is Day 14 of my Whole30, and it’s gotten much easier!  I can now handle protein in the mornings, and the smell of meat doesn’t cause any nausea.  I definitely eat a lot.  I eat eggs almost every morning for breakfast, snack throughout the morning, eat leftovers or a big salad for lunch, and cook a big meal at night.  There is definitely no calorie restriction going on.  I still think about pizza every single day.  I know it will be my first celebratory meal when Day 31 finally rolls around.

Weight: I’ll weigh myself again at my next prenatal appointment.  My scale here at home is about 15 years old, so it’s telling me I’ve gained weight one minute and lost the next.

Gender Predictions:  Last night I had a dream that I went to see my midwife and she had run some routine bloodwork.  She asked me if I wanted a copy of all of the results for my records, and I said sure.  She handed me the paperwork, and in the top corner I saw the words:  Gender – Male.  I pretty much flipped out because on one hand, I was really excited.  But more so than excited I was panicked.  Oatmeal and I still plan to wait to find out the gender of this baby when it is born, and to be honesty it would be horrible to find out on accident!  In the dream I was so stressed about whether or not I should just go home and tell Oatmeal what I had learned or just keep it to myself for 28 weeks.  So… for what that’s worth… I’m dreaming that we are having a boy.

Names:  Haven’t talked about it.

Purchases:  Nothing for the baby, but we did just buy Poppyseed her big girl bed!  We don’t even plan to use it until she turns 2 in a few months, but I came across a local carpenter who was able to make a solid wood toddler bed to the tune of $150 using some Ana White plans.  It looks just like the one I would have bought from Pottery Barn Kids, just $350 cheaper!  It’s currently unassembled in our garage, waiting for April to roll around.

12 weeks!  Second trimester here we come.

12 weeks! Second trimester here we come.

Another big milestone this week… Poppyseed is now 21 months old.  My how she has changed!

Chatty:  Her vocabulary continues to expand and she is stringing together longer sentences now.  Anytime she hears a dog park, she will run to the window and yell, “Mama, the puppy bark!  Hush, puppy!”  When Oatmeal kissed her goodbye Thursday morning and said he had to go to work, she started sobbing and said, “Dada, I go to work, too!”  (He’d been gone for three nights in a row and had just gotten home – poor baby.)  She is always announcing her findings.  “Mama, I found the ball!”  “Mama!  I found the baby!  Baby is asleep!”

I’m also really happy that her manners are coming along!  She says please “peese” and thank you “tah coo” without being prompted now.  She knows almost all of the words to a 20 track CD that is pretty much on repeat in my car these days.  She can sing “Roar” by Katy Perry almost word for word.  Ha.

Sleeping:  She goes down around 7:30 and sleeps until close to 6am.  Naturally I needed to go to work at 7am last Thursday and she slept until 6:45am.  WHICH NEVER HAPPENS.  Usually she takes one nap from 12:30-2:30, but on the weekends she seems to do better with two naps.  We’ve always been pretty flexible on the nap front, which is easier for us, but may explain why she’s never been that baby who sleeps 12 straight hours at night and takes a 3 hour nap during the day.

Fun & Behavior:  What can I say, we have ourselves a full blown toddler.  Most of the time she is SO happy.  There are so many things that she loves to do.  She loves to throw and catch balls, and frankly, I think she’s pretty good at it for her age!


She also loves all things crafty.  The easel we bought her for Christmas has been a smashing success.  Most of the time.

Violet Easel

And if it involves being suspended in the air – she is all over it.  She begs to ride horses with Oatmeal.  She loves anything that could be considered a swing.  It’s safe to say she is very strong and not even remotely afraid of heights.


My favorite thing about her has got to be her confidence.  I love that she will run into a crowd of kids of all ages and mix it up.  She’s not afraid to try and earn a turn with a toy or swing that’s being used by big kids.  When we go to our Mommy and Me gymnastics class, she is literally the only child under 2 who will complete the obstacles without me by her side.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to stand by and just let her, well, do things that could end up resulting in a bump on the head.  But for the most part it is just so fun and rewarding.  She is such a confident little thing, and for that I am both so grateful and so proud!  Last week the instructor had all of the toddlers sit in a circle.  Then she called them each by name and told them to run to the center, jump, and then go back to their seat.  Of the six toddlers in the class, my kid was literally the only one who didn’t have to be carried up there by Mama.  As soon as her name was called, off she went!  I like to think that she gets that excitement to try new things and see new people from her mama.  🙂

But there are, of course, typical toddler challenges.  One of the most frustrating things I deal with on a daily basis is the getting dressed routine.  Every morning we follow the same routine, yet when it comes time to take off our pajamas and put on our play clothes, she says “No!” and runs away.  I have tried all sorts of things… just chasing her and pinning her down, trying to persuade her, bribing her, and more.  I just started using a Dr. Dobson technique from his book “Dare to Discipline” where I give her one warning and then pinch the back of her shoulder if she does not listen and obey.  Frankly, this has done a pretty good job of getting her attention!  I don’t have to pinch hard at all, not even enough to leave a red spot on her skin, but she knows that she has been disciplined and…. oh man, you’d think I had beaten her.  Ever since “the pinch” became a part of the equation, she has been much easier to clothe each morning.  Hopefully she gets used to getting dressed soon and there is no more pinching necessary.

(How do you other moms deal with repetitive challenges to your authority by your toddlers?)

And one last mention… another favorite thing is how sweet she is when it’s time to put her to bed.  I used to dread the bedtime routine, but now she will actually let me rock her to sleep.  She has really always been great at falling asleep quickly, but now I can hold her and watch her drift off, and it honestly just makes my heart melt.  I rock her and sing “Twinkle Twinkle” and then recite the Lord’s Prayer.  Then we add in a little personalized prayer where we pray for people we know.  As soon as she hears that, her eyes close and she relaxes.  It is the best part of my day, every day.

Oh… and I swear I will have that paci out of her mouth by her 2nd birthday.  Both of them.  🙂

2 pacis



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  1. My kid is sooo sweet, so I punish her for the one thing she doesn’t enjoy and expect is to make a favorable and lasting effect on our lives!

    Dr. Dobson and his pinch are flawed. You might as well hit her, because she’s afraid of you either way!

    • Wow. I’m not really sure how to respond. I shared something I am trying, and I never said it was the right thing. I’m a first time mom trying different things – I guess your parenting is flawless and I’m just a dimwit over here doing it all wrong.

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