13 Weeks

So I’m jumping on the chalkboard wagon… at least 3 years too late.  Silly, yes.  Am I doing it anyway?  Yup.


Next week I’ll be jumping off of the “forgetting to take my cell phone out of my back pocket” bandwagon.

Baby is the size of a: Georgia peach!

How I’m feeling:  I still feel really good, but definitely require a lot of sleep these days.

Cravings:  Still just over here daydreaming about pizza, counting the days until this Whole30 is over and I can indulge.  My appetite is quite high these days.

Weight: I’ll see at my prenatal appointment on Wednesday.

Gender Predictions:  ????

Names:  I actually threw out a girls name the other day and Oatmeal liked it. It was a “two names as the first name” type of name. He has a cousin named Ana Catherine, and no one calls her just Ana.  I could see him looking for two names as a first name if we have a girl.

Purchases:  I found myself almost buying a new 5-pack of BumGenius cloth diapers a few nights ago.  I only stopped because I know that I won’t really need them until the baby weighs about 12lbs, and so I may as well wait until Middle is here.  That way I can choose some cute colors instead of just white.  🙂

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