15 Weeks!

Here we are at 15 weeks…

15 weeks with Middle

Baby is the size of an: Apple!

How I’m feeling:  I’m a lot less tired now… hooray!  I still sneak in a nap if I have the chance, probably twice a week or so.

Although, it may have something to do with my ordering a small iced Americano almost daily.  But hey, at least it’s not a grande caramel macchiato, which was my drink of choice during my last pregnancy.

My lips are chapped in a bad, bad, painful way.  I forgot about that happening last time, too.  I’ve spent at least 10 bucks trying to find a chapstick that will help.

Bladder control isn’t awesome.  Not awesome at all.

It’s sometimes so hard to fall asleep at night, and then hard to fall back asleep after I wake up once or twice a night to pee.  Ugh.

Activity:  Now that my energy is up, I’m back at Crossfit 3 times a week.  Soooo happy about that!   I’m so glad I’m in a women’s only Crossfit class.  I’m able to modify all of the workouts so that I can safely do everything.  I never feel pushed to do anything that’s too hard or dangerous.  But I still get in a great workout.  For example, on Friday our workout was supposed 7 rounds of long jumps and sprints.  Well jumping at this stage is just not comfortable (mainly because of the whole peeing thing) so I was able to do walking lunges in place of jumping, and then I’d do the sprint.  (I still feel fine when I run.)  Well the way it worked out, we had to do 140 lunges.  That is a LOT of lunges, y’all!

On the days where I don’t go to Crossfit, I try to walk a mile or more with either Poppyseed or the dogs.  And now once a week I’m taking a prenatal yoga class.

Cravings:  My appetite is all over.  One minute I’m starving but the next minute I’m really full.  Today I basically ate a huge lunch and wasn’t hungry again until 8:30pm.  Totally unpredictable.  No difference in my cravings… and meat still isn’t at the top of my list.

Weight: I’d gained 2.5lbs at my last appointment, but I swear I’ve already doubled that.  It’s all in my boobs and sides.  I’m still in my regular pants but I doubt I will be in another month.

Gender Predictions:  ????

Names:  Hasn’t come up in a few weeks.

Purchases:  I bought a cute pair of maternity pants for the warmer months last week.  I’m pretty excited to wear them once I have enough belly to justify it.

Midwife Appointment: I had an appointment last week, and it was great.  I took my MIL along for the visit because I wanted her to feel comfortable with the whole “midwife” thing.  Luckily my SIL has plenty of friends who haves used midwives and doulas, so Oatmeal’s side of the family isn’t really blindsided by our decision to go that route.   My labwork had come back perfectly.  I loved hearing the heartbeat.  We told our midwife that we have decided to have a home birth instead of having the baby at her birth center.  I am so excited about that, yet I hesitate to really get fixated on it because of course there are many things that could happen that would make a home birth impossible.  I don’t want to count on having an easy and uncomplicated birth just because that’s what happened with Poppyseed.  But, that is our hope and what we will pray for!

So…. overall, I feel so good!  I want to write a lot more about why we have decided on a homebirth, but that is for another evening when I have more time to get my thoughts together.  As of now, I’m just excited to be in the second trimester of this pregnancy with our sweet Middle.  🙂

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