16 Weeks Along with Middle

Hi!  On Thursday I hit 16 weeks… time is really starting to move pretty quickly now that I’m in the beautiful heaven that is the second trimester.

On my to-do list for the week: teach Oatmeal to focus the camera before taking the picture.

On my to-do list for the week: teach Oatmeal to focus the camera before taking the picture.

Note to self: I think I need to wear vertical stripes more often, because I’m pretty sure that the picture above does NOT do my gut and love handles justice at this stage of the game.  Yes, I said love handles.  We’re in full blown muffin top mode at this point.  Ugh.  Why can’t I be one of those girls who pops OUT?

Baby is the size of an: Avocado!  Lola’s favorite food!

How I’m feeling:  Now that I’m somewhat showing, I feel a little bit more like this pregnancy is really happening.  I am getting a lot more excited.

Activity:  I learned with my first pregnancy that I feel SO MUCH BETTER overall when I stay active.  This week I went to Crossfit three times.  All of the workouts were really easy to modify so that I could get in a good workout.  I am always trying to get in a LOT of squats.  There is so much to be said for having strong glutes when you’re expecting.  For one thing, it supports your pelvic floor and helps you to hold your bladder.  And also, strong legs = strong pushing.  I am always happy when I get to the gym and see that squats are on the board.  In addition to Crossfit, I went to yoga on Saturday and then did some jogging and sprinting at the track on Sunday.  Nothing crazy or intense, just trying to find ways to move a little bit every day.

On top of that, having a toddler and working a few times a week makes for a busy life!

Cravings:  No doubt about it, my appetite is through the roof.  I feel like I’m always eating.  Because we cook so much, there is always something to put into my mouth.  I’ll graze on ingredients while making dinner and then still sit down and eat a full meal.  I find that I’m snacking constantly.  No food is safe in my presence.  I just ate a huge bowl of chili before typing this, for example.  It’s 10:30am.

Weight: See above.  I expect that I will have gained 10lbs by my next midwife appointment!

Gender Predictions:  I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they are just certain I’m having a boy.  Not so sure about that.  I feel like I’m carrying exactly the way I did with Poppyseed.

Names:  So as you know, Oatmeal gets to name this baby.  He pitched a girls name on Saturday night as we climbed into bed.  I told him that on a scale of 1-10, I ranked it a 5 or below.  I said it sounded like a great name for a dog.  I was surprised at how offended he got.  I mean, now that I reread the sentences I just typed, I guess what I said was pretty offensive.  But just imagine that your husband suggested naming your unborn child “Spot” or something.  (No, it wasn’t Spot, but it was about on that level…)  I guess I’m going to have to work on my constructive criticism.    But in my defense, I tossed out about 1000 boy names for Poppyseed before she was born and he sometimes completely mocked them.

Friends and family keep suggesting names.  I’m not saying that we wouldn’t take a suggestion if it was just that awesome, but I will be honest and say that I think part of the fun of naming a baby is letting it be your own idea.  For example, I really think it would be cool if Oatmeal were reading a book and said, “Hey here’s an idea.  I really like this character in this novel… what do you think about ___ as a name?”  That is a much better story than, “Well someone suggested ___ and we liked it.”

It may take the entire pregnancy and beyond to find the perfect name.  We have some pretty specific preferences.  First of all, it cannot be gender neutral.  This is not my rule, it’s Oatmeal’s.  For some reason he says that he would be appalled if anyone were ever to have to ask the gender of our child even after being told the child’s name.  So even though I really like names like Finley, Flynn, or Jordan, those are evidently completely off the table.

Also, we want the average person to be able to spell our kids’ name on the first (or second) try.  I’m not pointing any fingers but sometimes I think people are taking creativity a little too far.  I just mean I don’t want my kid to have to exchange his college diploma because of a typo.  (Now that will definitely happen even if we name our child something as basic as John.)

I guess what I’m saying is that it would just about put Oatmeal over the edge if he ever had to have the following conversation:

“What’s your baby’s name?”

“It’s  ____.”

“What?  Sorry I didn’t catch that.  Can you repeat it?”

“Sure, I said it is  _____.”

“Oh wow, that’s beautiful!  So how do you spell that exactly?  And forgive me for asking, but is that a boy’s name or a girl’s?”

Ha.  So… Angelou, Calliope, Elia, Thisbe and Zadie are all out.  (Can you tell I just googled “creative baby names” and picked the first five that jumped out at me?)  I guess we just like more traditional names.  I mean if you think about our real names, it’s not like anyone has ever really asked us how to pronounce them or had to ask if we are a boy or girl.

Purchases:  None.

The one disappointment that I have is that I still have not felt a distinct kick.  On one hand, I’ve felt a lot of things that are probably the baby.  Even as I sit and type I can feel little tiny things in my lower belly, but none of them are so strong that I can say, “Okay, that was DEFINITELY the baby.”  I remember driving to Huntsville when I was 17 weeks along with Poppyseed and feeling the first kick.  It was undeniable.  I just can’t wait until that moment with this kid!

That’s about it for this 16th week of pregnancy.  I get to go see our midwife on Wednesday, which is always something that I really look forward to.  And on that note, I just wanted to say that I got so many cool comments and Facebook messages after I published my last post on how we decided to use a midwife.  Thanks so much for saying something supportive.  I expected that, but in all reality I also wondered if someone would feel compelled to post a horror story or something negative.  (For the record I’ve already googled the phrase, “homebirths gone wrong” and read just about every scary story that there is.)  I feel really excited to be working with such a knowledgeable and professional midwife, and I will pray every day that God gets this baby out of me safely in one way or another.

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  1. You look SO pretty!!! So, so, so, so pretty!! And I kept meaning to come back and comment but I never did- I loved your last post about the midwife too. I think you are doing a smart thing and it sounds like the perfect situation for you guys! I will definitely be sending good thoughts it goes as you are hoping. I can’t wait to hear about your experience!! You HAVE to blog all about it! Unfortunately, I think we can ALL say there are so many things we wish we had known/done differently with baby #1.

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