17 Weeks Prego

I am practically 18 weeks and just now posting the update from 17 weeks.  Which I actually did write last week.  It just took me this long to upload the picture.

Anyhoo, here we go.

17 Weeks with Middle

Baby is the size of a: Turnip!  Baby is approximately 5 inches long from head to rump.

How I’m feeling:  This week we had a new development – I can feel very distinct movements and kicks!  Even as I sit here I’m able to feel lots of movement.  It’s my favorite part of pregnancy.

Activity:  I tweaked my lower back a bit, so I’ve taken it easy at Crossfit this week.  Otherwise just living the life of a toddler mom… you know, lying around, taking 4 hour naps, watching daytime television, eating lunch and reading magazines for an hour every day.  (Catching the sarcasm?)  No really though, I noticed this week that I get out of breath really easily.  Last night I woke up to use the restroom and heard my dog whining to go outside.  I went downstairs to let him out, and climbing back up those stairs left me winded!  What’s happening to me??

Cravings:  I’m pretty much a fan of all things food.  Frankly I could eat two of anything.  I am grazing ALL THE TIME.  And then eating full meals and wishing for more.

Weight: I’m a little afraid to get my weight this week at my midwife appointment.  Eek.

Gender Predictions:  It occurred to me this week that I know so very little about little baby boys.  I’ve been around my fair share of babies in recent years, but they are mostly girls.  I’d actually be a little intimidated if this baby comes out male!

Names: Remember last week when I said that we wanted a traditional, gender obvious name?  Well Oatmeal is now reading a book that has a lot of pretty untraditional character names.  I may eat my words on that one.

Let’s be serious though, this baby isn’t getting a name until we’ve seen him or her in person.  We’ll probably have a bank of about 2 or 3 names for each gender and just decide when we’ve had time to soak him or her in.

P.S. Someone told me today that she “could never wait to find out the gender because she is just such a planner.”  Yep, it’s just as annoying to hear that with this pregnancy as it was with the last one.

Purchases:  When you’re having your second gender neutral baby, there just isn’t a lot that you need.  I should probably start making monthly payments to my midwife though.  🙂

Some pregnancy weirdness:  The dreams!  Oh the dreams.  I have had some really strange cameos of old friends and even old flames in my dreams lately.  It’s SUPER creepy.

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