18 Weeks!

18 weeks!

Would you believe that BOTH of my husband’s parents are basically professional photographers?  And this is the best I get.

Crooked?  Boobs blocking the chalkboard?  Blurry?  Check, check, and check.




And here is a flashback to my 18 week picture with Poppyseed a mere 2ish years ago…

18 Weeks with Violet

Baby is the size of a: Sweet Potato!

How I’m feeling:  It’s official, I feel twice as pregnant as I actually am.  I feel like my belly is huge and heavy.  I’m pretty sure I’m legitimately showing WAY earlier than I ever did with Poppyseed.

Activity:  Still Crossfitting.  Still trying to stretch out my lower back.  Still attempting yoga on my carpet while my toddler jumps all over me and says, “Ride horse mommy!”

Cravings:  I just love food.  But I have been trying to make healthy choices lately… mainly because…

Weight: When I weighed on Wednesday, I had gained 8lbs since my last appointment a month ago!  Whew!  Luckily I looked up my old updates from my Poppyseed, and guess what?  The exact same thing happened at this stage of the game when I was pregnant with her.  I guess this is just what my body does during the second trimester.

Gender Predictions:  Well, according to the Chinese Gender Prediction test, we’re having another girl.  Supposedly they claim a 93% accuracy rate.  Our 20 week ultrasound is a week from Friday, but we will still not be finding out the gender.  I’m so excited to see the little baby on the screen anyway!

Names: Last night, on a double date with some of Oatmeal’s coworkers, he tried to put into words the difficulty of naming a firstborn son.  I think it went something like, “I just keep thinking of how important it is for a boy to have a strong name.  And any name I come up with, I can’t help but think of someone who I’ve met growing up who had that name.  And is that guy worthy of being my son?  No.”  Oh honey.  Maybe I hope that we do have a girl.

Purchases:  I just began working on Middle’s baby book.  I have to add a link to the Etsy shop that I’ve used for both of my baby’s baby books.  I just love them!  There are so many adorable options and patterns.  You can order all kinds of pages such as monthly pregnancy updates, monthly baby updates, family details, and more.  If you’re looking for something to give to a friend or yourself during a pregnancy, this book is fantastic.

That’s all I have the energy for tonight!  Have a great week friends.  🙂

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