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Happy Spring Break, everyone!  For those of you in a stage of life that actually get to enjoy it, at least.  😉

This week has been a totally normal week for my family.  Oatmeal is working his tail off, and Poppyseed and I are just doing the usual.  Running errands, going to playgrounds and parks, and I worked a little bit.  I was really excited to get home today, however, and find this little box waiting on my door step.


Have y’all heard of Stitch Fix?  I saw something about it on Facebook last month and got curious.  Readers, this is the BEST idea, especially for someone like me.  I have just about zero fashion sense.  Pair that with the fact that I now shop with a toddler, and you know what I’m saying… shopping is not a fun activity like it was pre-baby.  Last time I took Poppyseed to a clothing boutique with me, she ran out of my dressing room and into my neighbor’s.  This didn’t go over so well with anyone.  Thirty seconds later she grabbed the curtain (which was acting as a privacy shield) and wrapped herself into it like a burrito.  Let me tell you, it is not awesome to be standing in your underwear while you unwrap your kid.  Especially when you live in a college town and most shops are full of girls who happen to be a decade younger.

So…. when I learned about Stitch Fix I decided to give it a try.  Basically it is an online boutique where you are styled by a professional.  You fill out a survey.  You choose outfits you like, outfits you don’t like, and describe the patterns and colors that you feel most comfortable in.  So if you have more of a Bohemian style you can indicate that, if you are more glamorous and dressy then you choose those styles, or if you just want to be able to walk around with your kid and run random errands around town, you choose a more classic/casual look.  There are tons of different brands and “looks” that they work with.

There is a section where you can select a price range for what you typically spend on an article of clothing.  You select the sizes that you commonly wear and also get to make special notes about your body’s shape and curves.  So for example, you can add that you have a longer than normal torso, that you don’t like to show your upper thighs in any clothing, and that you love paisley but hate polka dots.  You can be as specific as you need.  At the very end of the questionnaire there is even a section where you can write anything you want that you feel the stylist should know.

I actually had fun filling out the questionnaire!  At the very end I wrote that I was pregnant.  I said that I’d like some tops that would work for my body as my belly grew.  (I noted that I was fully aware that they were not a maternity boutique, but wondered if they had some good options.)  I said that while I really like to wear solid black, I already have so much of it and wondered if they could send me some brighter pieces and maybe a few patterns.  I think I basically typed something like, “Normally I’d be more adventurous, but since I’m going to be gaining and losing 30 pounds within the next 6-9 months, I’d like to keep a more basic and flexible look.”  Finally, I decided to go ahead and sign up.  There was a $20 sign up fee, which covers shipping.

So the way it works is they review your profile and send you 5 items in the mail.  You have 3 days to try them on, decide what to keep, and send the articles that don’t agree with you back to Stitch Fix.  Then you get back online and tell them what you liked and why, and what you sent back and why.  Should you order from them again, your stylist reviews your accepted and returned items and understands more about what you’re looking for.  You can order just one time, or you can sign up for monthly deliveries.  As long as you return the items within the three day window, you’re not obligated to actually purchase anything.

So…. I was a little worried that it was going to be a waste of 20 bucks.  But….

I cannot tell you how impressed I was with my first shipment!

First of all, I really liked the personalized note that I received from my “stylist.”  She gave great recommendations and explained why she chose each piece.


I also loved the little card that showed each item, because it made great recommendations about how to wear and pair it.  It helped a lot to see each shirt shown with a scarf, jewelry, and pair of pants.  I found myself rooting through my closet for clothes and accessories that I haven’t worn for a long time because the “cheat sheet” gave me ideas and inspiration.



And last, having the ability to try the clothes on in the comfort of my own home was just plain awesome.  See, here I am “shopping” with a toddler.  She thought that all of the colorful tissue paper in the box was great fun.  😉


So the really cool thing is that they absolutely stuck to my budget.   I basically chose the least expensive price point for each category, and they pretty much nailed it.  The $20 sign up fee applies to my first purchase, so if I actually buy something then it’s going to be like I didn’t pay a sign up fee at all.  But the really really cool thing is that I currently have a credit.  Evidently if you refer someone to Stitch Fix and they sign up, too, you get a credit to your account!   Yippee!  So if you decide to sign up, I highly recommend you share the link on your Facebook page or something like that when you are finished and you may get a credit, too.


So as you can see here, my “fix” was a dark green shirt, a navy cardigan, a chevron tunic, a blue wrap dress, and a necklace.  Frankly, I like all five items, so it’s a good thing I have three days to make my decision.

Has anyone else tried Stitch Fix?  Does my experience sound like yours?  Do the clothes hold up after a few wears?  Would you use them again?  I have to tell you, as of now I am totally sold on this website and am stoked to have a few options to add to my closet without having to actually go shopping.

If anyone is interested, please use my referral link!

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  1. those are awesome! I would not return any of it! I love the tunic!

  2. Tori Brister says:

    I got my first fix last week. I liked 3/5 items but got charged for an item that I returned. I sent an email to them and they credited my card 3 days later. I will use them again but I hope I don’t get overcharged again :/

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