Will oil for sleep.

Today I’m trying a little experiment.  Last week my Young Living starter kit arrived in the mail.  I had been sort of debating whether I wanted to spend $150 for this kit for some time.  I finally decided to take the plunge after about 6 months of putting it off.  I was SO excited when it came in because while I had expected a diffuser and 12 different oil SAMPLES, what I got was full bottles of each oil.  That in itself made me kick myself for not buying this kit a long, long time ago (such as pre-flu season, for example).

I am already obsessed with my diffuser.  I love diffusing Peace & Calm at bedtime, and I swear the stuff works.  Ever since I got pregnant I’ve been waking up every few hours, but for 4-5 nights in a row now I have been sleeping more soundly.

So the experiment is that I rubbed a little bit of it on the bottom of Poppyseed’s feet at naptime today.  I put her down for her nap at 12:20, and her normal nap would be 90 minutes on the dot.  I mean seriously, I can practically set a timer and wait outside of her room at 89 minutes and 30 seconds and that kid will pop up and exclaim, “Mommy I’m AWAKE!”  I would love to make it to, say, 100 minutes today?  If so then all the glory will go to Peace and Calm essential oils.

If your child naps for 2.5-3 hours a day and also sleeps for 12 hours at night, just know that I am very very jealous and maybe even a bit angry about that.  😉

I didn’t do a pregnancy update last week, because let’s be honest…19 weeks pregnant isn’t all that different than 18 weeks.  But this week we get to have our 20 week ultrasound on Friday!  I can hardly wait!  Even though we aren’t looking to see if Middle is a boy or a girl, I just can’t wait to see all of those fingers and toes and verify that there are indeed organs and limbs and all of the other parts that make our baby a baby.  I have really enjoyed all of the kicks and moving around, but sometimes seeing is really believing.  I am thankful for modern technology, because I can’t imagine an entire pregnancy without a sneak peak at the wee one.

I’m also really looking forward to it because Oatmeal will be able to come with me.  I think that he is a very visual person when it comes to pregnancy.  It took him actually seeing me dry heaving in the bathroom to believe that, yes, women actually experience morning sickness in early pregnancy.  (He still jokes that it’s an imaginary phenomenon made up by women to get sympathy.  No one laughs when he makes that joke!)  So, as to be expected, it doesn’t really seem to hit him that there is a baby in there until he can see it and feel it for himself.  Last week he was able to see and feel the baby kicking, and boy I wish I could have taken a picture of his face.  He just lit up!  It was so sweet, and I remember the same thing happening with Poppyseed.  I know that seeing the baby on the ultrasound this Friday will get the same reaction.

One other update is that I finally caved and bought some new clothes to accommodate my showing belly.  I already posted about my Stitch Fix shipment (which I loved and purchased all of) but I also made it to Motherhood Maternity last week.  They actually had some really cute jeans and a pair of peach skinnies for less than $35.  You can’t beat that.

I also finally made it to the local mobile boutique?  Have y’all ever seen anything like this?  A girl from my gym just started this business last fall.  She converted a trailer into a boutique, and she schedules several events each week in different locations around town so that women can come and shop.  I follow her on Instagram and Facebook and have been dying to try on some of her inventory.  So on Thursday she parked her shop at Chicks for a few hours and I picked up a couple of tops and a dress.




I’m going to tell you readers that you will probably get sick of seeing me in these outfits, because until August they will pretty much be on a weekly rotation as my belly grows and it gets hotter.




Yay for getting to shop for summer maternity-ish clothes.  I’m actually looking forward to being super pregnant in the summer, because if you ask me it beats pulling thick sweaters and bulky jackets over a huge belly.

As for this week, it’s pretty low key for us.  We have really enjoyed the longer days since the time changed, and I love these 70-75 degree afternoons. I actually got my first sunburn by sitting outside and painting with Poppyseed last week.  $8 at Hobby Lobby and an egg container can make for a pretty solid afternoon of toddler entertainment.  We have been painting quite a bit.  I can’t think of anything that she enjoys more.




I took her to a toddler art class last Saturday, and honestly it was a huge bust.  I woke her up early from a nap, which I never do, but we would have missed the class completely had I let her sleep.  I will not be doing that again, because that is exactly the type of activity that she would normally love, but she whined and clung to me the entire time.   The only good thing was that it gave me a lot of ideas to do at home, and painting with an egg crate was one of them.



Gotta love that look of concentration!  So one funny thing about yours truly is that I am super weird about being the one to teach her certain things.  I have barely taught a dog to sit, and I really have so little experience with kids other than my own.  So when I actually get through to her and teach her something, I am just over the moon about it.  On the flip side, if she comes home from a trip to her grandparents’ house, a play date, or day care and she has learned something new, sometimes it makes me a little bit sad.  I don’t really care about picking up a word here and there, but the big milestones tend to get to me.   I just like to be the one to be there when she “gets” it.

Colors are so that thing for me right now.  I’ve noticed that plenty of other kids much younger than Poppyseed can name all of their colors.  To be quite honest, despite the fact that I feel like I’m always describing colors in our life, she says that everything is blue.  I mean really, I go quite overboard.  “Look, your scrambled eggs are yellow!  YELLOW!  What else is yellow?  The sun!  Bananas!  Okay time to get dressed, look at these pretty pink leggings.  Pink!  PINK!  Do you see your pink leggings??!  Alright let’s go to the gym, can you go get in Mommy’s TAN car?  Here’s your PINK paci…”

Despite all of my colorful (and obnoxious) commentary, every time I ask her to name the color at hand, she responds happily with “BLUE!”  She is so excited to talk about blue that it makes me feel guilty to correct her.  I would be lying if I told you that I hadn’t stressed about this a little bit.


Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I totally just want to download an iPad app or a colorful cartoon on Amazon Prime and just bring her up to speed.  We do let her play on the iPad a bit here and there, and I’m amazed at how quickly she can learn when she has an animated activity to hold her attention.  It is so much easier than holiding up cups in the bathtub and trying to get her to remember that this one is green and that one is red.  But again, I am a super weirdo and textbook first time rookie mom, and darn it, if my kid learns her colors it will be because of  ME!

Well, I will have you know that after our most recent painting project, I was able to ask her “Which one is blue?  Which one is pink?  Which one is brown?” and she actually picked up the correct paint bottles.  When she got three in a row I seriously did a happy dance.


Or at least that’s how I felt in that moment.  Because hey, it’s the small things.




Please tell me that I’m not crazy for thinking that this silly little chub is the cutest thing.

102 minutes later….

I hear my wee one.  “MOMMY!  AWAKE!”  I guess the Young Living Peace and Calm is good for an extra 12 minutes of naptime.  I’ll take it.  🙂

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  1. She’ll learn her colors when she wants. One day I just walked up to my mom asked her what every color in my crayon box was and that was it, I knew them. Then I started testing her. And she is the cutest.

  2. Ok these may be my favorite V pictures to date. I mean SERIOUSLY! Those legs, that hair clip, that proud little face- those poses!! I die. Glad you’re like the P&C! It’s legit!! Sometime you might try just lavender at night too or sometimes I mix up little concoctions like last night was lavender & ylang ylang (which I know isn’t in the kit). LOVE all the clothes you’ve bought recently- you are going to be so stylish and YES I totally agree about being pregnant in the winter- THE WORST trying to squeeze into sweaters and jeans and what not. Excited for your u/s and glad you stole a few extra minutes of nap time!

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