The Start of the Third Trimester!

Monday, January 23, was the beginning of the 28th week.

Meaning, I’m 7 months prego.  It’s the beginning of the end!  The third trimester!  I have looked forward to the third trimester for months, yet I am in disbelief that it is actually here.  I have (roughly) only 12 more weeks of pregnancy left, which is a crazy thought.

I was thinking today that it will NEVER be as easy to be a parent as it is right now.  I am a young, healthy woman enjoying a healthy pregnancy.  I have no other children.  I am only responsible for myself, my unborn child, and my husband.  If I’m healthy, the baby is (likely) healthy.  If I am eating right, the baby is eating right.  If I’m rested, the baby is rested.  If I’m not taking medication, the baby is free of medication.  If I’m getting exercise, the baby is benefiting.  Overall, being a parent at this moment is the easiest job in the world.  That will change…. and soon…. 🙂

Anyway… here are some updates.

  • Nursery:  The nursery planning has begun!  I literally made myself wait until now to really begin.  The nursery is the FUN part and so I knew if I started planning it at 8 weeks prego, it would be out of control by now.  This weekend Oatmeal and I purchased a large Expedit bookshelf from IKEA along with several baskets that will soon house blankets, diapers, toys, etc.  I also found a really awesome dresser that I can’t wait to see in person this weekend.  We are planning to pick it up on Saturday.  As for the crib, we have finally chosen one and plan to order it from Amazon soon.   My SIL, Bree, is giving me her glider.  It’s in perfect condition, but I’m thinking about having it recovered in some kind of pretty fabric that makes it feel like it’s always been mine.  We’ll see.
  • Measurements/Weight: Today I went to the doctor for my glucose test.  Yick.  I also had to have that Rh shot because I have a negative blood type.  Also, I have actually lost 1lb since my check up last month.  I suspect this has something to do with my baby feeding on all the Thanksgiving and Christmas food that I allowed myself to indulge in during my holiday hiatus from paleo.  I bet I’ve lost the holiday bloat now, thus the loss of one pound. 🙂  My weight gain really sped up between weeks 16-24 (um can we say Thanksgiving turkey??), but it looks like I’ve plateaued a bit.  So my net gain as of now is 19lbs.  Healthy range for a 5’8” female.  I’m also measuring right on schedule.  I hope this continues!
  • Cravings:  I still don’t really having any cravings.  I do always think that pizza sounds good.  I may try to make a healthy pizza alternative this week sometime, possibly with an almond meal crust and some veggie toppings.  We’ll see.  And bagels.  Gosh, bagels always sound good, but I avoid them.  Too much sugar, gluten, empty calories.  Life goes on without pizza and bagels, I suppose.  I will reward myself with a pizza before I deliver this baby, though.  One pepperoni and jalapeno pizza will not harm my baby. 
  • Mood:  Overall I am really happy and really excited.  I do tend to feel worried and overwhelmed at moments.  Once a week or so, I do find myself getting irrationally upset at something that really doesn’t matter.  It’s hard to feel that way and know that it’s not justified.  It also makes me feel guilty because at times I feel myself wanting to take it out on poor Oatmeal.  I have been making a special effort to not be a pill, and I hope that if you were to ask him he would say I’m still a pleasant wife.  🙂
  • Showing:  Last week a COMPLETE STRANGER asked me “Is that bump I see?”  That is absolutely the first time someone has commented on my bump out of the blue!  It was pretty exciting.  Then today the lady who painted my fingernails asked me how far along I was.  So that is two in a week!  People can tell now!  Finally, at 7 months!  I love my bump, it is fun to show it off now that it actually looks like a baby and not just pudge.  After 6.5+ months of just feeling awkward, these comments from strangers are oh so welcome.
  • Energy: I’ve been waking up at 5am for work and going to sleep at 10pm.  I feel tired during the week and try to catch up on the weekends.  Oatmeal has been teasing me because my Sunday naps are becoming frequent.  🙂
  • Reading: I have now gotten to the point where I have read so many books on nursing, sleeping, mothering, etc. that the books have started to disagree with one another.  I guess this is why everyone tells you to do the best thing for your baby and to just follow your instinct.  Here is an example: One book tells me that cosleeping will increase chances of successful breastfeeding, encourage bonding between baby and parents, and is perfectly safe…. yet a different book tells me that cosleeping is reckless and dangerous, will lead to a failed marriage due to the husband leaving the bedroom to get some sleep, and leads to an unhealthy dependency on the child to “snack feed” therefore overly fatiguing the mother and leading to breastfeeding failure.  Both  have scientific studies to support their reasoning, and both are written by respected medical professionals.  What’s a new mom to do?  Pray she has good instincts, I tell ya!  But I am glad that I am reading both sides to all of these stories.  It will help to have different ideas and theories to try if one isn’t working.
  • Discomforts:  Still no swelling, no more headaches, no heartburn, no bad back pain, etc.  I did get sort of sick last month.  I had a full blown sinus infection.  Chronic headache, runny nose, burning throat, coughing, congestion, etc.  It was 9 days from the onset of symptoms before I felt like myself again, and the sickest I can remember feeling since middle school.  NINE DAYS.  UGH.  Despite going through several boxes of kleenex and taking as many as three steamy showers a day, I did not dip into any OTC medicines and I did not cave and call my dad or doctor for antibiotics.  (I did suck on menthol drops for relief, but they had no other added ingredients other than the menthol.)  So, mom and baby are still antibiotic and medication free.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  😉
  • Husband Update:  I have to give my husband props, he has been a real ray of sunshine lately.  I will never be “that girl” who pretends her marriage is perfect and flawless every second of the day.  I will admit that over the course of this pregnancy, Oatmeal and I have not seen eye to eye at times.  However, being pregnant and making decisions together has really strengthened us and forced us to practice the art of compromise.  I know that this new skill will be reinforced over and over and over again as we become new parents and raise a family.  It’s interesting, because when we dated we literally never had a disagreement.  I just fell flat on my face in love with him and wanted to marry him, period.  Our first year of marriage has been wonderful. Yet, this year we did have to learn to get through things, especially as I adjusted from living in my own apartment in downtown Houston to living in the country (10+ miles from so much as a gas station)!  To say we are perfect and never disagree is a lie.  But lately, I’ve started to see how much closer and stronger we have become since we learned of Poppyseed.  We’ve begun to discuss plans and make decisions that we did not face before.  This child is already teaching us things and challenging us in ways that help us grow as a couple, without even being born!  Oatmeal is not a sensitive person, really, but lately he has just been so kind, warm, loving, and supportive.  I never imagined he would read a book about babies or childbirth, but he actually did agree to read 1 book and is even taking interest in it.  It’s so fun to discuss ideas with him.  So, even though I have joked before that “marriage isn’t always rainbows and butterflies,” I have to say that lately I have seen my share of the rainbows and butterflies.  I feel very, very lucky.
  • Movements: I only thought my baby was strong and active before!  There is so much movement going on in there that at this point, it’s more strange to NOT feel movement than it is to feel movement.  

Oof.  Enough updating.  That’s all for now.

28 week belly….

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