20 Weeks

Friday was a big day.  We had our 20 week ultrasound!  Oatmeal had come home the night before from a 4 day trip to Midland, so we all got to sleep in (meaning 6am) together and be at the appointment at 8am.  Rather than using the sonographer that our midwife hires to come into town once a month, we decided to just use the same sonographer that we used for Poppyseed.  She works at my OB/Gyn’s office, which will be covered by insurance, so I had our midwife fax an order to my OB so that I could have mine done there.  It was a lot of fun seeing our old sonographer, Kristen, and my OB’s nurse, Crystal, again for this baby.

We were the first patients of the day, and I got up on the table with a nervous ball in my throat.  I always get like that before prenatal appointments of any kind.  I just can’t wait to hear the heartbeat/see the baby/hear a professional say, “It all looks great!!”  So of course I was relieved to hear that everything looked the way it should.  We got to see the whole top half of the baby… Middle’s face, brain, chest, heart, belly, and even the little arm that kept reaching toward its mouth.  (Thumb sucking, maybe?  I thought that was so very sweet.)  Kristen said that as far as she could tell, Middle is growing and functioning just as he or she should!

Oh, hi Middle baby!  Can't wait to meet you!

Oh, hi Middle baby! Can’t wait to meet you!

Poppyseed 20 Week Ultrasound

This was Poppyseed at her 20 Week Ultrasound. Think they look similar? I don’t…

The only concerning thing (and this isn’t really a huge concern, yet) was that my placenta hasn’t moved upward the way it should.  Kristen said that our midwife will probably have me go back for another ultrasound in 4-8 weeks, just to make sure it’s moved up.  She told me that it’s still pretty early and that if she were me, she wouldn’t be worried.  I looked online and read that about 30% of women have this happen at a 20 week ultrasound… the placenta hasn’t moved up just yet.  29% of them naturally resolve.  The unlucky 1% are diagnosed with placenta previa, which means that the placenta is either partially or fully blocking the cervix.  If that were the case, the safest thing for mom and baby is to schedule a cesarean before the mother’s labor begins in order to avoid a dangerous amount of bleeding.  Ironically enough, my sister had placenta previa with her 2nd baby, and the neonatal specialist who treated her told her at that time that it was the most severe case of previa he had ever seen.  There was pretty much no chance of hers moving, as it was smack in the middle of her cervix.  She had a cesarean and everything went smoothly.  Her third child was delivered via a VBAC.  So, I feel an odd reassurance knowing that she has already crossed that bridge and her children are all safe and sound, and now no one would ever know there was a bump in the road.

So, hopefully mine moves on its own.  I also just found out about a chiropractor/acupuncturist that is known for helping with these types of things… so, I see an appointment in my near future!!  😉

So, are you wondering if we found out the gender?  We actually still do not know if we are having a boy or a girl, I promise!  I will admit, it was tough.  I think this time it was actually easier for me and more difficult for Oatmeal.  Kristen told us that she was going to check the lower part of the baby and that we should look away if we didn’t want to know.  So we each looked away, and she checked Middle’s lower area quickly and said that everything looked good.  Just like our 20 week sonogram with Poppyseed, Kristen’s poker face was solid.  She didn’t make a single remark that could have given away what she had seen.  Oatmeal told me as we left the appointment that he almost caved and asked her to show us.  But honestly, I’m glad that we didn’t.  It was so, so cool to meet Poppyseed and see that she was a girl in person.  It’s the kind of surprise that you just can’t describe in words.

As I drove home my phone beeped.  I looked down to see a text that said, “I know what you’re having!!”

I immediately cracked up.  I had told Kristen that if she wanted to tell Crystal, that was fine with me as long as they could each keep tight lips.  It’s funny to know that there are two people out there in the world who know more than I do, but it’s fun.

Otherwise…. some 20 week updates…

Baby is the size of a: Banana!

How I’m feeling:  Excited to be almost halfway finished.  I love the second trimester.  

Activity:  I walked/ran a mile every day this week except for one day.  I haven’t done any yoga, which I really should do.  I did make it to Crossfit three times.

Cravings:  I had a bad craving for my old obsession, the caramel macchiato from Starbucks, so I went ahead and had one.  I don’t know why, but it made my throat feel scratchy after I drank it.  It wasn’t as great as I remembered.  So it’s back to my iced Americano.  I’m glad I got that craving out of my system!  P.S. I order half-caff.  I know it’s not as good as drinking decaf, or just skipping the coffee altogether, but gosh I am just a coffee person in the morning.  I’m surprised I made it all the way to 15 weeks before I drank any.  Hopefully a serving of half-caff coffee a day isn’t the end of the world.

Weight: I’d be lying if I said I was totally comfortable in my skin right now.  I think I felt the same way with my first pregnancy, but I really just feel pretty heavy.  I feel like everything is gaining weight… my face, arms, sides/hips, legs… you name it, it’s growing.  I think I’m actually bigger than I was with Poppyseed, which isn’t an awesome feeling.  Even though these conversations don’t usually go well when I bring them up with Oatmeal, I went ahead and admitted that I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable.  Naturally he just said the predictable, “Honey, you need to gain weight.  You’re growing a human baby.”  For what it’s worth, hearing him say that he thinks I’m doing good is reassuring.  I guess this is just part of it and I need to just keep eating as healthy as I can and keep exercising.  You can’t grow a baby and not gain some weight!

Gender Predictions:  My very first gut feeling with this pregnancy was that we are having a boy.  But gosh, at this point, I’m feeling allllll girl.  Oatmeal agrees.

Names: Oatmeal has come up with three girl names that we each like.  One of them is definitely his favorite.  I can get on board with any of them.  We have very few ideas for a boy.  (This is exactly what happened with Poppyseed!)

Purchases:  Nada.  All purchases lately have been for Poppyseed’s big girl room.  Poor Middle gets to be the second gender neutral baby, meaning that everything we bought for Poppyseed will be used for this baby, too.  But something tells me it won’t be long after the birth before we’ll have a whole room full of new, special, personalized baby gear.

Overall we are still enjoying this pregnancy, feeling great and are very excited to meet our baby.  August can’t come soon enough.

20 Weeks

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