Living for the Weekends

I don’t normally feel as if I live for the weekends, because I have a pretty sweet little gig over here with Poppyseed and Oatmeal.  But this week, whew, for some reason it was just a little bitty bit of a doozy.

The husband travels for work quite a bit.  It works out to be about 50% of the month.  It’s not always like this, but he’s in a particularly busy season, so the past few weeks have just involved a lot of travel for him.  On the day that he leaves I usually cook a monstrosity of food.  Since he is gluten free and egg free, that makes it pretty much impossible for him to eat “on the go” and so I try to prepare some foods that he can keep in his ice chest or hotel fridge.

Living for the Weekend

So a typical traveling stash for Oatmeal involves ground beef and roasted veggies.  We’ve learned through trial and error that roasted veggies actually taste pretty good chilled or at room temperature, and they actually keep for several days as long as they are refrigerated.  (To roast veggies I simply wash, peel if necessary, toss them around in oil and salt, and put on a baking sheet.  I pop them in the oven on 400 degrees until the edges turn brown.)  So above, you’ll see three containers that all contain 2-3 grassfed hamburger patties, roasted broccoli, roasted carrots, roasted sweet potatoes, and a few slices of kerrygold cheese in a baggie.  There are also two containers of “emergency protein” which in our house just means ground meat cooked with some veggies thrown in… usually onion and asparagus or whatnot.  I also threw in two salads with mixed greens, goat cheese (in a separate baggie), and a whole avocado on the side.  I also shake up some salad dressing in a little jar and put that in the cooler for him so that he doesn’t have to eat dry salad.  (This is simply equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a squeeze of dijon mustard and pepper.)  Obviously the key to packing salad is to keep the wet and dry ingredients separate… so things like cheese and such have to be bagged on their own.  And of course you can’t beat convenience foods like Larabars and Applegate lunch meat!  He usually uses this stash for his breakfast and lunch, and then he is able to go to dinner with coworkers and order a steak and veggies at night.  I know you’re all thinking, “WHAT!?  Why not just get a bagel or breakfast taco!”

Peeps, this is why autoimmune diseases suck… and believe me, if your loved one reacted to certain foods the way he can, you’d be packing up a Yeti, too!

He tends to leave on Mondays, and Mondays are work days for me.  I try to drop off Poppyseed by 9am so that I can make as many calls as possible.  I go buy fresh groceries on my lunch break and then go back to work.  At 3pm I rush home, prep as much food as I have time for, pick up P from daycare, come back home and cook all of his travel food as well as a real meal that we eat for supper.  (Usually seafood since he will be eating a LOT of meat in the next 4-5 days or so!)  He comes home from work early, we eat, we pack his ice chest, and he hits the road for North Texas.  He drives halfway there, gets a hotel room, and arrives at his job site the next morning.

I honestly don’t know which one of us is more tired on Monday nights!

So this week was one of those weeks, and instead of him returning on Thursday as he normally does, he was there until Friday.  I have no idea why that one extra day made such a big difference to us, but it seemed like that extra 24 hours was eternity.  Thursday was a rough day for me altogether.  I woke up and just did not feel right.  Something was off.  I went to the gym and struggled through the warm up.  When we started lifting, I began to feel worse.  I went to the restroom, and yep, I peed straight blood.  I’m not talking a small amount of blood, I am saying there was no mistaking it because the toilet looked like someone dumped their Koolaid in there.  (Sorry that is so gross, I won’t expand anymore!  Yuck!)

Some of you may remember that this happened when I was pregnant with Poppyseed, too.  I went straight to the doctor for an exam and tests, but it all turned up negative.  We never really knew what happened, but it just naturally resolved itself within a day.

This time I was considerably more relaxed. I texted my midwife, Toni, and asked her what she thought.  We decided that since this had happened to me before, we would wait 24 hours before doing a urine culture unless something else happened.

So I went home, parked Poppyseed in front of the computer with Frozen on repeat, and handed her snacks all day long.  I did actually cook a normal dinner, but I think that was probably the only time I was up and walking around for more than a few minutes at a time.  I just laid in bed next to her and cat napped, and of course got up 1000 times to pee.  During the day it seemed like I saw more and more bright red blood, but by late that night it turned dark brown.  I took that as a good sign that the bleeding was slowing down, and sure enough, by midnight it was clear again!


Poppyseed would tell you that it was a really fun day, because she never gets to watch so much TV!  Ha!

Anyway, by the time Friday morning rolled around, we were SO ready to see Oatmeal!  We met him at Willie’s Icehouse for supper that night.  I wish I had taken a video of the moment that Poppyseed spotted him walking up to our table, because she jumped up in her high chair and yelled “DADDY!” with the biggest smile on her face.  I know that made him feel so loved.  🙂

Today was just a wonderful Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day.  We slept until Poppyseed woke up and then all just sort of cuddled in bed together.  (Those are my favorite moments!  We are raising such a happy little morning person, and she loves to snuggle and play in bed!)  I eventually threw on some sweats and left Oatmeal and Poppyseed to fend for themselves all morning.  He cooked her a sausage scramble and then they went to the park.  I went to run a few little errands and had breakfast all by myself at a little cafe in Bryan.  (That was totally unplanned, but I was supposed to meet someone at 10 and it ended up being pushed back an hour, and I was starving!)  By the time I got home, Poppyseed was yawning.  I put her down for a nap and then took  one too.

I came downstairs after naptime to find Oatmeal hard at work in the garage.  Those of you who know me probably remember that I am not a crafty, creative type.  I don’t enjoy do it yourself projects, I don’t like creating things, it’s just not me.  I will cook but I will not craft!

Well I recently attempted to paint a bed for Poppyseed.  We had a bed custom made for her by a carpenter in town, and when he gave it to us it was just unfinished wood.  I figured it would be easy enough to just paint it on my own.  Right?


I suck at painting.  It looked horrific.  I was so mad after I saw how poorly it had dried that I just left it in the garage for weeks.  Oatmeal eventually had mercy on me and decided to do it himself.  He sanded it completely down and went over it with fresh paint this afternoon.

God love him.


While he worked on that, Poppyseed and I went to a little local market to just check out some vendors and shops that traveled in from out of town.

About to do some perusing at the Premiere Market in Bryan.

About to do some perusing at the Premiere Market in Bryan.

I didn’t really see anything at the market that we needed or couldn’t live without, but on my way out I passed a booth with olive oil and vinegar.  The merchant was from the Texas hill country and she offered a tasting of dozens of her olive oils.  We eat so many salads each week, and I make all of our dressings from scratch, so of course I had to stop for that.  I have never had a really good olive oil, and I was shocked at how different some of the varieties were!  It’s just like wine, ha!  It definitely blew the store bought brand out of the water.  The same went for the vinegars. I tried several balsamic vinegars and several white ones until I found one I really loved.  That was a great little treat.

We got home from that little excursion to see that Oatmeal had put together Poppyseed’s 2nd birthday present…. two weeks early!


My First Trampoline, purchased at Sam’s Club. It’s about 80 inches wide, can be used indoors or outdoors, and was surprisingly affordable. I looked for a used one for about a month before just paying full price for this one.

I didn’t expect Oatmeal to put this gift together before her big day, but I’m so glad that he did.  Maybe he was just as excited about giving it to her as she was to receive it!  This should be a hit at her upcoming birthday party.

"Bounce bounce bounce!  I bounce high, Mommy!"

“Bounce bounce bounce! I bounce high, Mommy!”

"Mommy bounce, too?  Mommy bounce, too!"

“Mommy bounce, too? Mommy bounce, too!”

I was so grateful to my hubby for spending his entire day watching the wee one, painting her bed, and then building her toy that I cooked him a feast tonight.

Pork chops from Yonder Way Farm, baked sweet potatoes, sauteed cabbage, and a kale/spinach/blackberry salad with goat cheese.  Yum.

Pork chops from Yonder Way Farm, baked sweet potatoes, sauteed cabbage, and a kale/spinach/blackberry salad with goat cheese. Yum.  My new olive oil and vinegar really set it off!

So, all in all this week was sort of busy and tiring, but today has completely made up for it.  I’m staying up waiting on Oatmeal to get home from a roping and just looking forward to some more family time in the morning.  I’m feeling so happy and content these days.  🙂

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