I’m not ready.

This weekend went by way, way too fast.  On Friday Oatmeal vowed to take a vacation day, which turned into him working “just a few hours in the morning” which turned into “working until lunch” which turned into “I’ll be home at 4:30pm.”  I couldn’t help but be a little bit irked (I know, I know) but regardless, our weekend still began about an hour and a half earlier than most Fridays.  I’ll go ahead and count it as a win.

I wanted to go to Grub Burger Bar for dinner really, really badly but decided instead to just make our usual order at home.  After we grilled two pounds of ground beef, chopped up some sweet potatoes for homemade fries, put a pan of bacon in the oven (delicious), and threw together a salad, we sat down and enjoyed our Friday night feast.  It turned into one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten.  (And for about the same price, I made double the portion sizes we would have received in a restaurant and used almost all locally raised/organic ingredients.  Win!)


I know that a salad sounds like a super boring Friday night meal, but if it includes a fried egg, avocado, two hamburger patties, blue cheese AND bacon?  I mean c’mon.

On Saturday I had the morning to myself.  Oatmeal wanted to take Poppyseed down to Brookshire see some brand new baby horses.  (Naturally this was right up her alley!)  He sent me these pictures of their little outing together.  It goes without saying that they each had a great time.  The man in the pictures with them is Mr. Davis, the owner of the horses.  He has been friends with Oatmeal’s dad for a really long time.  Supposedly he told Oatmeal that “if your wife has a baby boy this summer, I’ll give him a horse.”  My father in law spoke up and said, “Hey now, that little girl you see here has ridden horses just as much as any little boy!”  Supposedly Mr. Davis nodded and replied, “Uh huh.  Well if you have a boy, I’ll give him a horse.  Or a cow.  No, you know what… if you have a baby boy I’ll give you a horse and a cow.

So there you have it, folks.  If we have a boy, he’s set.  If we have a girl, she gets nothin’!



While Oatmeal and Poppyseed were playing with animals and grandparents, I was at the mall getting my makeup done.  I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I went to a cosmetic counter for a makeover (ten years?), but we had scheduled family pictures for Saturday evening, so it seemed like a good time.  I’ve been scraping the bottom of my 3 year old eye shadows and using a Q-tip to dig the last few bits of lipstick out of a tube of Covergirl for weeks, so I decided to go to the MAC counter and have a professional do my makeup and buy a few new goodies.  Wouldn’t you know, Saturday was evidently prom night in College Station.  I was the lone (almost) 30 year old pregnant woman getting my makeup done in the midst of about 15 teenage girls!  If that isn’t a reality check to how many age spots/eye wrinkles/gray hairs/extra pounds I’ve accumulated since I was 15, then I don’t know what is!  Luckily the guy that did my makeup was a riot (and very efficient) and I was literally paying and leaving Macy’s within 26 minutes of my appointment time.




After! Isn’t makeup a wonderful, wonderful thing?

It turned out to be a beautiful day for pictures, but I have to admit it was a bit more challenging than I anticipated.  For one thing it was W-I-N-D-Y.  I was glad I had my makeup done and not my hair, because it would have been ruined the moment I got out of the car.  I had curled my hair myself, but I’m pretty sure it was just stringy and somewhat wavy by the time Arlina (our photographer and fellow Crossfit friend) showed up to the shoot.  To add to the challenges, we were photographing a 2 year old.  My particular two year old is not one of those little toddler girls who will strike adorable poses for the camera.  No way.  Instead she likes to make funny faces, cover her face with her hands, or run in the opposite direction!  Despite all of the constant bribing and begging and chasing, I think we got at least a few good ones.  Surely out of the 200 images or so we will get two or three worth printing.

We had the pictures taken at Joanie and Johnny’s house in Sealy, since they have so many wildflowers and otherwise fun props and back drops (a tire swing, a cool old horse trailer, a droopy yet beautiful tree in the middle of the pasture) and it turned out to be a HUGE help to have them there.  Gommy (Poppyseed’s name for Joanie) stood behind Arlina for the entire shoot, making funny faces and causing Poppyseed to giggle and smile.  So if we do get a few good images, we have her to thank!

Of course it has to be mentioned that my in-laws are wonderful photographers themselves, and Joanie got these two shots with her own camera.  So this is sort of like a preview of what we hope to see from Arlina in the coming weeks!

M&L swinging Violet

michael roping violet DSC_5569

I made a point to request the picture above, and I plan to hang it right next to this one…. flash back to our engagement session in 2010!


We ended up spending the night in Sealy, which meant that we woke up on Sunday morning precisely at 6am because Poppyseed was bouncing all over the pack and play.  But you know the beauty of staying at the grandparents’ house?  You can put that happy little tot in bed with your parents and go right back to sleep…. which is exactly what Oatmeal did at about 6:07am.  Fast forward an hour or two, and we were all enjoying the best bacon and fried eggs around.  After a bit more horseback riding, we drove back home and I cooked up some liver for supper.

No, really, liver.

I’ve been trying to incorporate this superfood into my diet a lot lately, but I just haven’t found a way to really enjoy it.  I wish that I had been raised on this, because then maybe the texture wouldn’t be so different to me.  I’ve tried battering and frying it (which isn’t that bad), cutting it into small pieces and taking them just like pills (frozen), and even hiding it in chili.  But this was by far my favorite way to eat liver.  I simply cut up about three chicken livers into small slivers (about the size of my pinky finger) and then wrapped them each in a half of a slice of bacon with one dried and pitted date.  I secured with a toothpick and then put them in the oven on 400 degrees, turning them every 5-10 minutes until the bacon was very crispy on all sides.  It was actually really, really good!


If you wondering why liver is a good food to incorporate into your diet (and even better for pregnant or nursing mamas) then this is a good, quick article to read.

Liver: nature’s most potent superfood

The rest of the afternoon was spent tidying up the house and rearranging furniture upstairs.  The time has come to begin really assembling Poppyseed’s big girl room.  Oatmeal moved the queen size bed out of our guest room and put it into the play room.   The plan is to finish turning the guest room into Poppyseed’s new bedroom so that I can reorganize the nursery and have it ready for the baby.  We plan to move her into her new twin bed in her new room by the end of this month, leaving a good 3-4 months to adjust before Middle is born.  We are hoping that she really loves her new room and new bed, but I cannot lie about being just a little bit nervous.  And if I were being totally honest, all of this moving around makes me really sad.  I cannot believe it’s time to put her in a big kid bed.  While Oatmeal was assembling her twin bed, he was letting her run around and “help” him.  Then once it was all together and the mattress was in place, the two of them got onto the bed and just sort of rolled around and played.  She asked for a pillow and blanket and pretended to go “night night.”  She would lie on her side with her little head on a pillow and close her eyes.  I had to leave the room and blink fast, because the sight of her little bitty body in that big bed (and only a twin!) was just too much to take!  How are we already here!?!

Right now the only item up there is the new twin bed that we had made and painted for her, and her little horse sheets and pink quilt is all made up.  But I still have to decide what color chalk paint to use on my old dresser and nightstand.   Both of these were in my room when I was a little girl.  I used them from the time I was about 3 until I was 18.  I’ve been storing them in my garage and am excited to paint them a fun, bright color.  I just can’t decide which one to use…. should I paint them the same color, or use two different shades?  Decisions, decisions.  Let’s just hope that I’m better at painting with chalk paint than I was with regular paint from the hardware store.

Another big transition aside from the big girl bed and big girl room is the pacifier.  I never imagined that I’d let any of my kids have a pacifier in the first place, but here I am.  Poppyseed is pretty attached to her paci.  She can go to sleep without it, but we seldom ask that of her.  It really does seem to make her sleep longer and deeper, and it definitely is a great thing to have around when she is really fussy.  It is really amazing how much she calms down when I give her a paci!  Well, I’ve always said that when she turns two, the “paci fairy will come to her birthday party and take the paci to a new baby who needs it.”  And hopefully, that will be the end of the paci.  For some reason I really, really just want to be finished with all of that pacifier business before she gets too old.

Yet… knowing that this transition is near is just another thing that is tugging at my heart.  I’ve grown to love that little pacifier.  I love the sound of her sucking on it when I rock her.  I love the way she looks when she wakes up and gets in my bed each morning and just cuddles quietly and sucks on it.  I just love the way her little bubbly cheeks stick out on each side of it. I know that this all sounds ridiculous, but I’ve been looking at that little paci baby for two years now, and I am going to miss it when it’s gone.  Again… how are we already here!?!

The first day we attempted giving her a paci (we could not handle any more crying or nursing at that moment!)

The first day we attempted giving her a paci (we could not handle any more crying or nursing at that moment!)

Still going strong at a year old...

Still going strong at a year old…

Two years old calls for.... two pacis??!

Two years old calls for…. two pacis??!

Well, if anyone has any tips or suggestions for transitioning our almost 2 year old into her big girl bed or away from her paci, please let me know.  It’s going to be a big month and an even bigger summer!

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  1. Our paci was “lost” and we were just never able to find it. AB asked for it a few times and I would attempt to help look for it, but we would conveniently get distracted by something else. It was surprisingly easy! And we were equally attached to ours!

  2. We were addicted to the bottle and at 18 mo I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw them away and when he woke up the next morning and asked for it, I told him they were all gone with a sincere and compassionate face. He stated at me and took a deep breath. He asked for it 3 times the rest of the day and after that it was over. So much easier and less dramatic then I ever imagined! Just get rid of them and she will be over it before you know! Good luck!

    • You know, you’re probably right about just taking it away. She only asks for her bottle when she sees it. If it goes missing or is dirty, she is just fine without it. As for her pacifier, oh geez, I think I’m the one with the attachment to it! I do plan to take that away in the very near future, but I’m still just sort of mentally preparing myself to remove her very last “baby” thing. 🙁

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