Nursery Musings…. Poppyseed’s New Dresser

Last night, as Lola and Oatmeal laid in bed reading and surfing around on the computer, Lola came across the perfect dresser for Poppyseed’s room.

It was on Etsy, and it was perfect.  We’ve decided on a grey crib, and we just bought a white Expedit shelf from IKEA yesterday.  So this grey vintage dresser is perfect, without being too matchy-matchy if you get my drift.  (Lola is definitely one to walk into a store, look at a mannequin, and buy everything that the mannequin has on, down to the accessories.  I’ve just never had an eye for things that “could” look good together without having guidance.  So this is the first time in my life I am purposely trying to NOT buy everything as a set.  Fingers crossed!)

My hope is that our modern crib and modern bookshelf will be a bit offset by this solid wood, vintage, refinished and slightly imperfect dresser.  Do you like it?

Here is my favorite thing about the dresser…. wait for it… wait for it…

It’s lined with dogs!  Ha!  Classic!

Welp, it’s a done deal.  Lola slept on it and then bought it using Paypal this morning.  I’m a little nervous – having never bought a piece of furniture before without seeing it in person or having the possibility of returning it!  But I loved it the minute I saw it, and I was shocked at the price – I expected it to be twice as much and consider this a steal.  I guess Oatmeal and I will now have a reason to drive into Austin next weekend to pick it up. 

Have a great Sunday…

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