Eggsactly nothing.

It’s Saturday night at 7:17pm, and I put my toddler to bed at 6:50pm.

I win.

Well, I may not have won yet.  At 7:15pm, she called out what I hope is her fifth and final “Mommy…” from her crib.  Sometimes when I put her to bed early, she calls for me a few times and I’ve learned that she is just sort of testing me.  If I don’t go in there, she will go to sleep on her own.  So tonight I’m testing that theory.  I’m thinking my chances are good of being done with the whole parenting thing for today.

Until 5:50am tomorrow.  Or maybe 5:56am.  If I’m lucky.

(And no, putting her to bed LATER does not help her sleep later.  Believe me.  I’ve tried.  Asleep at 10pm = awake at 5:50am.  Asleep at 7pm = awake at 5:50am.  Toddlers are weird.)

So today was the second day of our weekend.  Oatmeal got up with the tyke this morning and I woke up naturally at the very late hour of 7:30am.  I went downstairs and he had made a bunch of sausage patties and sweet potatoes, which we gobbled right up.  Then at about 9:30am we hit Starbucks and drove to one of the many parks here in College Station.  I made a point to leave my phone in the car and just BE with my family.  No pictures or texting, no instagram updates or Facebook likes.  Just a day at the park with my homies.

Sometimes I like to use the word homies just to remind myself of how white I am.

We decided to stop by LaBodega for some fish tacos, which are one of Oatmeal’s favorite foods in the entire world.  Pretty much the only way to get him to eat a grain is to give him a fish taco in a corn tortilla.  We sat on the outdoor patio and Poppyseed entertained herself by running around and chasing birds, and we just sat leisurely and ate our lunch.  Again, no cell phone, no pictures, just a simple lunch.

And we came home and took a nap.  All of us.  For two hours.  Followed by about another hour of lounging around in bed and letting Poppyseed order us around, “Wrap up my baby.  Baby is asleep.  Wrap up baby please!”

At some point in the afternoon we ended up doing some painting of furniture (I’m experimenting with chalk paint) and weeding of the yard (Oatmeal’s task) and someone in our family may have picked almost half of the roses off of my rose bushes and shredded them to pieces.


And then Oatmeal decided it would be brilliant if he were to pick our very last cabbage from our winter garden and throw it in the crock pot with a pork roast.  So he did just that, and as he was cutting the cabbage he just kept going on and on about how awesome it was.

Oatmeal: “Man, look at this cabbage.  It’s huge!”

Thirty seconds later.

Oatmeal: “This is one good looking cabbage.”

Thirty seconds later.  I come in from painting and see him slicing it into thin shreds.

Oatmeal: “This cabbage is beautiful.  I mean look at it.”

Lola: “I find it odd that you only use the word beautiful when referring to horses or produce.”

We looked at each other.  He smiled and stroked his precious cabbage with his hands (seriously) before dumping it into the crock pot.

I said something snarky to Poppyseed about how one day, Daddy may tell her that she is beautiful and how she had better appreciate it.

Oatmeal just goes about his business and pretends I’m not talking.

Anyway, the rest of the evening was just that uneventful.  We ate a four ingredient meal: pork shoulder roast, cabbage, salt, pepper.  Poppyseed wanted to eat the broth, so Oatmeal gave her a bowl of it.  I laughed at her slurping down this meat broth until she accidentally dumped it into her lap.  I stopped laughing and put her in the laundry room sink, which is so large and deep it may as well just be a toddler bath tub anyway.  I left her in there long enough to mop the broth off of the kitchen floor but soon I heard screams.  Turns out she’s never had a scrape on her knee before today, and therefore the stinging that occurs when water runs over an open cut was a new feeling for her.

Twenty minutes of screaming.  Lots of Mommy/Lola kissing the injured knee.  Finally I had brushed her teeth, sat her on the toilet, and put her in her pajamas and the screaming subsided.  I told her in so many words what Easter was all about, we sang “Jesus loves me” and I put her in the crib.

Tomorrow night is very, very possibly the last night she will spend in her crib.  I am dying about it.  Really, just dying.  Poppyseed sleeps wonderfully in her crib.  The only reason I feel like we need to move her is that she needs some time to adjust to her new big girl room before Middle is born.  Right now we are about 4 months from Middle’s due date, so I feel like this is a nice golden opportunity to get this thing done.  I don’t want her to think that Middle just swept in and stole not only Mommy’s boosies but also her crib and her entire room.

Yes, Poppyseed is still obsessed with the boosies.  Despite her being weaned for FOUR MONTHS now, she giggles with joy and cops a feel at every chance she gets.  I have been trying to gently and firmly get her to stop, but honestly, that kid was so attached to them for 20 months that even I am somewhat desensitized to the feeling of her little mitts on them when I’m carrying her around on my hip.  Her hand has to be in full blown down-my-shirt-in-my-bra mode before I even notice what’s happening.

So anyway, I’m afraid she may just about flip her lid when she sees Middle nursing, and so I had better at least make sure she thinks of her new room as a safe haven.  Her bed is ready, and she could have slept in there tonight, but the Ugandans are coming to visit tomorrow so we decided to wait.

Yes I said Ugandans.  We are really excited because we somehow got involved with hosting a lady and two children from Uganda.  My understanding is that the children are orphans who are being cared for by an organization that is sponsored/funded by a group of people here.  Of the 1300+ kids, some of them have been visiting the US for the past few weeks and putting on Christian concerts all around Texas.  There happens to be a concert in College Station tomorrow, Easter Sunday, and evidently one of the families that was going to host these three visitors had to back out.  So one thing led to another and now we are hosting them!

I have to admit that I know almost zero about these people, but I know enough to be excited.  But anyway, long story short, we would have put Poppyseed in her twin bed tonight, but since we are having company tomorrow night we decided to just wait.  I can’t wait to see her playing with all of these kiddos tomorrow, and trust me, it will not be a night where I leave my camera in the car!

My apologies for this random post.  If you’re interested in who we are hosting tomorrow evening, the website I’ve been exploring is called Parental Care Ministries.  I will warn you that almost none of the website showed up on my iPhone, which I didn’t even realize until just this very moment when I looked it up on my computer and realized there is WAY more to this website than I realized!  So I’m going to cut this short and spend some time looking at their website, which is here.

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