Poppyseed is 2 years old!

Today our little girl turned 2.  I may or may not have cried about this.  Once.  Twice.  Several times.

Starting with last night, when this happened.

Good night, Mommy.  I'm so big now, right?

Good night, Mommy. I’m so big now, right?

Last night I realized I just needed to pull the trigger and put her to sleep in her big girl bed.  We decided to move her into the guest room so that Middle can have the nursery in August.  Of course I had every intention of painting her furniture, fully decorating the walls, and buying her a little book shelf before ever moving her in there.  But I know myself, and it could be months before I do all of those things.  So on a total whim last night I just told Oatmeal, “Let’s just do it tonight.”  The only thing in her room was her bed, a lamp, and her sound machine.  We still have not replaced the baby monitor that broke over a year ago.  We never even bought her one of those little side rails that keep kids from falling out of bed.  We basically just put her in bed and hoped for the best.

Cuddled up with her baby dolls in her big girl bed.

Cuddled up with her baby dolls in her big girl bed.

I have to say, it was flawless.  Just like every other night of her life, we followed the same routine.  Bath, pajamas, read a few books, and tuck her in with her babies.  After we said our prayers, I simply told her, “Okay, now you are going to go night-night in your big girl bed.  Don’t get out of the bed, and if you need me just call me, okay?”  She nodded her head and that was it – she just plain went to sleep.  No drama, no getting out of bed…. nothing.  I was bewildered.  I sat outside of her bedroom and cried like the hormonal pregnant mother that I am for about 10 minutes before I realized that she had gone to sleep.  I tiptoed in there and looked at her all curled up in a twin sized bed.  I couldn’t decide if she looked so big or so small.  It was just an emotional night!  But it was a sucessful night – she slept really well and didn’t fall out.  We didn’t hear a peep until morning.

The only downside was that she woke up an hour earlier than usual.  4:50am instead of 5:50am!  YIKES.  Even though I was able to get her back to sleep by just telling her it wasn’t daytime yet, I am hoping that tomorrow morning is better!

At the late hour of 6am (ha) she was up for good, so we turned on some cartoons, sipped some coffee and milk, and then finally woke up enough to make some breakfast.  Oatmeal took off work and spent the whole day with us!

Poppyseed's favorites for breakfast!

Poppyseed’s favorites are plantain pancakes, bacon, and berries.

I have always wanted to take Poppyseed to the Brazos Children’s Museum, so today seemed like the perfect day.  Poppyseed loved it.  She thought that all of the different “rooms” were really fun.  I can’t lie, from an adult’s perspective, I thought it left a little to be desired.  But it did keep us busy for an hour and a half, and I was glad that Oatmeal was with us to keep things lively.

All three (and a half) of us at the Children's Museum.

All three (and a half) of us at the Children’s Museum.

Ready to play!

Ready to play!



Thanks to the random scale at the museum, we got to see that she has not gained any weight since she was 18 months.

Thanks to the random scale at the museum, we got to see that she has not gained any weight since she was 18 months.

Reading her favorite book, "One Fish Two Fish" by Dr. Seuss with Oatmeal.

Reading her favorite book, “One Fish Two Fish” by Dr. Seuss with Oatmeal.

It's a very serious book, you know.

It’s a very serious book, you know.

Looking out the window at the "choo choo."

Looking out the window at the “choo choo.”

After the shenanigans at the children’s museum, we decided to walk across the street and grab some Mexican food for lunch.  I have yet to order an entree for this child at a Mexican restaurant.  All she wants is guacamole.  Seriously, I will give her a plate full of meat, rice, and beans, but all she does is beg for more “acadi” until I give in and order her the largest size appetizer of guacamole on the menu.  And she will take a fork or spoon and eat it until it is completely gone. It is totally normal for people at nearby tables to point and laugh when this happens, and today was no exception!  Even our server told us, “I’ve never seen a little kid eat avocado like that!”  It’s par for the course with my tyke, and it never ceases to crack me up!

She ate the whole bowl.  Really.

She ate the whole bowl. Really.

We were all pretty tired after that (remember we woke up at 4:50am) so the afternoon called for a family nap.  We snoozed from about 1:30-3:30, which felt so incredibly decadent!  I personally believe that all Wednesdays should be mini-weekends.  Productivity would skyrocket for those who work outside of the home, and stay at home moms everywhere would be completely rejuvenated if they had their spouse home for just one day in the middle of the week!  I’m telling you, someone needs to start this trend.

After our nap, we whipped up a really simple but tasty supper together.  Oatmeal’s parents wanted to see their 9th grandchild on her birthday, so they drove up from Sealy and we all ate on the back porch.  I made sweet potato fries, a big salad, bison burgers, and – you guessed it – guacamole.  All of Poppyseed’s favorite things!


Gommy and Granddaddy on Poppyseed's 2nd birthday

It was such a fun and relaxing way to spend our little tot’s birthday, and I really hope that one day she looks back at these pictures and sees how much we all love her!

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  1. Looks like Poppyseed had an awesome birthday! Love her cute little outfit. And no wonder you’re having issues with swelling carrying around a 31 lb tot! Holy moly, mine is 27lbs and I thought she was pretty heavy. You are super pregnant mama!hs

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