26 weeks and counting

26 weeks!  I’m closing in on the 3rd trimester.  I’m guessing I have 15 weeks of this left.  Let’s recap, shall we?

26.5 weeks!

26.5 weeks!

Baby is the size of a: Scallion.  Really, Babycenter?  That’s all you could come up with?

How I’m feeling:  All in all, this is still a good pregnancy!  I’m enjoying seeing my belly grow, and I love to feel all of the kicks and movement.  My energy stays pretty steady, which I feel grateful for because I always heard that the second and subsequent pregnancies continue to get more and more exhausting.

I’m still concerned about my left leg and the bruising/veins.  I read today online that “pregnancy and varicose veins go hand in hand” but I still find myself feeling a little perplexed that my entire left leg is so sore!  I tried a new chiropractor who recommended regular adjustments and a leg massage.  Go figure, when I showed up to my scheduled leg massage, the therapist informed me that massages are contraindicated in patients with veins.  It could have caused more harm than good, so I skipped it.   I am thinking about going to the vein center here in town so that I can talk to a doctor who really knows a lot about this stuff.  It would be more to gain knowledge than to really do any type of treatment, since I am sure that there’s little I can do in the first place while I’m pregnant, but I think it would put my mind at ease.  My midwife said that she has a former patient who had a really good experience with the vein center because they examined her and confirmed that she had no clotting issues.  It made her feel much more relaxed, and I think that is what I need right now!  I mean sure, I wish my legs were nice and smooth and weren’t bruised, so some of this is purely a vanity issue.  But truthfully it does sort of sit in the back of my mind and concern me that something could be wrong.  I’d love to get that little nagging thought out of my head for good!

So, this is just not awesome.

Here is a portion of the bruising.  It travels all the way up the back of my leg, too.  It’s not too bad in this picture because I’ve had my leg propped up on a pillow for over an hour.  It’s pretty gnarly in the middle of the day.

Activity: I’ve been trying to get in some good exercise while also letting myself rest and take naps when I can.  I scaled back my Crossfit workouts from three times weekly to twice weekly, and I’m only walking once or twice a week as opposed to daily.  I miss being able to exercise more, but I feel like I need to listen to my body on this one.

Yay Crossfit moms!

Yay Crossfit moms!

Cravings: Um, okay.  Paleo baking is going to be the death of me.  Or the death of my scale.

Weight: I had gained another 4lbs at my appointment last week.  I think that means I’ve gained a total of 22lbs so far.

Gender Predictions:  Lately I’ve been thinking about how this baby seems to be so much lower than Poppyseed.  That makes me think it’s a boy.  Who knows!?!

Getting Ready for Middle:  Poppyseed has officially moved into her big girl room!  Once she was settled into her new digs, I began reorganizing the nursery so that it would look gender neutral again.  Getting it (almost) set up made me realize that this is really going to happen, and soon.


Another thing that happened this week was the reappearance of the Moses basket.  This was one of my very favorite things that we received as a gift when we were pregnant with Poppyseed.


Oatmeal’s mom bought us this basket, and Poppyseed slept in it until she was literally too small to fit in there.  At that point, Oatmeal’s sister Jamie had a baby and we loaned it to her.  Well, Jamie drove up to the birthday bash last weekend and returned the basket when she did.  I can’t wait to see Middle all snuggled up in there.

Flashback!  Poppyseed snoozing in the Moses basket.

Flashback! Poppyseed snoozing in the Moses basket.

Well, before I manage to pass two more hours looking through old pictures of Poppyseed, I had better cut this short!  Have a great evening and a happy week.

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  1. Have you tried compression stockings (hose)? They help a ton with the achy, heavy, sore feeling. It just helps the veins return blood more efficiently without pooling and “stretching” the veins (bruising). I’m expecting my 4th baby (almost 16 weeks now), and with each pregnancy my veins (also in my left leg – mostly calf and shin area) show up earlier and earlier. They have always been “spider vein” level, not varicose…yet. They seem like they may get more “relaxed” aka bulgy this time though 🙁 Since the left leg is the main issue I opt to wear a thigh-high compression hose on just that leg (when I remember). You have to put them on first thing in the morning, but oh, so worth it! I like the version that has open toes…esp with summer, so you can still wear flip flops 😉 Amazon is a good place to start. Good luck!

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