Poppyseed got Mail!

Thursday wasn’t a BAD day.  It just wasn’t the best day. 

I drove the 70 miles home from work on Thursday feeling pretty darn tired.  I’d driven to College Station that morning at 6am to be there for a 7:30am breakfast meeting.  I’d planned on working until 5pm and then going to Cross Fit, but by the time I was finished with work, I knew there was just no way I was going to make it to the gym.  A huge wave of exhaustion had hit, and I drove home sort of squirmish because my lower back started to hurt a little bit. 

I don’t know why, but by the time I pulled into my driveway, I was beat and even a little moody.  I didn’t feel like doing much, especially cooking dinner.  All I wanted was a bath and my bed.

But, isn’t it funny how your mood can suddenly life when something unexpected happens or arrives?  For me, it was this package.

It clearly said, “Attn: Poppyseed” on the label!  I was immediately feeling more energetic, and of course very curious, within moments of seeing it.

And then I saw the card, recognized the handwriting, and I knew!  I smiled at the word “skank”…. that could only be one person.

It was from my wonderful friend, Jordan.

So… before I show you what was in the box… here is the background on me and Jordan.

Jordan and I became friends in 2002 (yes, 10 years ago!  Holy cow!).  I was a freshman at A&M, had just tried out for a club called Diamond Darlings, and was sitting at a board room table with a dozen other girls my age waiting on our first meeting to start.  I was wearing sweats, nike running shoes, and a pony tail. Everyone else was wearing skirts, dresses, or at the very least cute jeans and tank tops, and I was wondering why all these girls got so dressed up for a sports club.  In walked Jordan…. pretty, peppy, blonde, smiley Jordan… and she sat down right next to me. 

I’m pretty sure she thought we’d met before.  Or at least that’s how she talked to me.  From that very moment, she addressed me as if I was her best friend.  I was pretty much convinced that she was delusional, but in a fun way at least, so I decided she wasn’t that bad.  A little pretty and girly for my taste, but I could tolerate her. 

Over the next 4 years we became great friends.  She wasn’t just “pretty” and “girly,” she was a darn good person.  Smart, kind, funny, and a truly loyal friend.  We went through tryouts, baseball games, classes, exams, relationships, double dates, being dumped (yes, I know, at one point boys broke up with us!  the nerve!), being single, getting jobs, graduation, etc.  My favorite memories of being a Diamond Darling at A&M are actually sitting next to the dugout, right next to Jordan.  We would be giggling and gossiping while the umpire tried to get our attention because there was indeed a bat needing to be picked up, but we were too busy talking to each other to notice.  (It was also after working a game with Jordan that I left the field one day, in uniform, to have another student ask me if the Aggies won.  I froze.  I realized had just sat on the actual baseball field for 9 consecutive innings, and I had absolutely no clue whether or not the Aggies won.   Conversations with Jordan can be THAT good, people.)

This is Jordan and I about a year after we graduated from college.

And this was at Jordan’s wedding… (also with a friend, Vanessa, on the right).

This was J and I at an Aggie tailgate in 2008, actually taken just a few weeks before I met Oatmeal.

Anyway, so back to the box.  I couldn’t wait to see what was inside!  What had Aunty Jordan bought for Poppyseed??

I pulled out this little guy first.  I’m a first time mom, I had no idea what it was!  But it was soft, and adorable, and I loved it.

A lovey for Poppyseed!  Precious!

And then… this!  Eek. 

How cute is this?

It is hard to really explain how tiny this little onesie is.  I mean, it’s itty bitty.  I can’t believe how tiny our baby will be when he/she is born!  It’s so hard to imagine Poppyseed at all, much less in this precious little outfit. 

NB!  NB for newborn!  How freaking cute!  (How many times can I say “cute” in one blog post?)

Now, I had to confess, I really didn’t know what this thing was.  It looked like a big, green, checkered tarp.  I was like, “Oh, I guess this is to wrap around my body when I’m nursing my baby in the rain??”  Ha. 

Yes, I had no clue.  Well luckily for this naive mama, Jordan explained in her card that it was a “splat mat.”  Useful for putting under a high chair to catch spills… for the baby to sit on during play time… for picnics on the grass… etc. 

So, after digging through the box and then reading her precious card, Lola’s mood had completely lifted.  Aren’t we all so lucky to have our friends?  I can only hope that Poppyseed one day has friends as great as Lola’s.

Thank you, J, I love you dearly.  🙂

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