30 Weeks Pregnant with Middle

Now that I’m in the 30’s, this pregnancy has started to become very real to me.  Here’s my 30 week bump shot…


And as a comparison, this was me at 30 weeks pregnant with Poppyseed.

30 Weeks with Poppyseed Flashback

It’s safe to say that a switch has flipped in my head.  A few weeks ago I didn’t think too much about getting ready for this baby.  Now, I spend quite a bit of time thinking, visualizing, and praying about my labor.  Even though the jury is still out on my low lying placenta and there is always a possibility of a hospital birth, I’m still just keeping my focus on my (hopefully) natural labor at home.  Each night I get in bed and hand Oatmeal one of several books that relate to pregnancy and birth.  He chooses one of them and reads aloud to me while I lie on my side, close my eyes, and relax.  On one hand, I feel much more confident about this birth because I’ve been there once before.  On the other hand, I still remember the tough parts.  It’s hard to keep my nerves at bay when I think back to the more difficult hours in the delivery room.

My preferred reading material as of late!

My preferred reading material as of late!

I am really trying to use prayer and relaxation practices to prepare.  I did the same thing with Poppyseed, but I remember having a lot of difficulty when I neared 7cm.  I’d done so well up until that point, but there just came a time where I could no longer relax and breathe through the contractions.  I’d tighten my abdomen and literally fight my body for the whole minute of pain (which ultimately led to more pain) and then when it would end I would dread the next one.  In hindsight, I think a lot of it was just a lack of confidence and a whole lot of fear.  I’d never felt anything like that before, I was in a hospital room with no one but Oatmeal and occasionally an unfamiliar nurse, and I just felt really, really timid about all of it.   My hope is that by being in my own home and under the care of a midwife, I will feel a lot more focused and able to concentrate more on each contraction.  I’ll be able to try different positions, maybe try a shower or a bath, but more than anything, I won’t feel like a deer in headlights.

So anyway, it really helps when Oatmeal reads to me.  Sometimes he only reads a few pages before we both realize we are drifting off to sleep, but it makes for a very calming and peaceful way to end the day.  Another thing I’ve changed is naptime.  I used to use Poppyseed’s naptime for cleaning or cooking, but now I go into my room and take a nap myself.  I’ll lie in bed, read a few pages of my books, and then turn on my “Childbirth in the Glory” music.  That is an album I found on iTunes that is basically a woman saying a lot of prayers about her labor and baby.  At first I thought it was really bizarre and a little too out there for me, but after reading the book “Supernatural Childbirth” and beginning to pray daily for my baby and birth, I’ve really found it to be so calming and reassuring.  It leads me through a series of prayers that covers everything from my labor to the baby’s well-being, and it has actually really eased my mind.  I know for a fact that I prayed quite a bit when I was pregnant with Poppyseed, but this pregnancy is completely different.  I feel a lot more connected when I pray this time around, and my faith has grown a bit as a result.  I am so, so very thankful for that, because while I’ve always had a strong faith, I haven’t been very good about praying and when I did it sort of felt like casting thoughts up into space.

Wow, I’m getting all deep and heavy here, aren’t I?

So as for the normal pregnancy stuff goes, I still feel good.  I was at the grocery store yesterday and the manager made a comment that I needed to pay for that watermelon.  You guessed it, he was poking fun at my belly, accusing me of hiding a watermelon under my shirt.  Ha – ha – ha.  I can’t lie, it did make me laugh!

I’ve started going to yoga twice a week, and oh my goodness, I have really loved it.  I love Crossfit and my walks, but there is just something about yoga when you’re pregnant.  Highly recommend!

My appetite is sort of hard to pin down.  This baby is larger than my last, and sometimes I am actually confused about whether or not I’m hungry.  I find that lately I will eat a smaller dinner and feel very stuffed, but then I wake up really hungry at 4am.  I’ll lie there for hours trying to go back to sleep and wondering why I didn’t put a snack on my bedside table.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I can’t tell if I’m hungry, satisfied, or just plain full of baby!

Oatmeal is still trying to pin down names, and I’m exercising self control by trying not to veto all of his suggestions.  I still stand by my claim that we probably won’t have a name until we have met the little thing!

Oh, and no purchases as of late, but I did snatch these compression leggings off of Zulily tonight!  I am so, so hopeful that they give me some relief!  My legs have been hurting, and no amount of rest, yoga, walking, or anything else have helped.  The ONLY thing I’ve figured out is that if I wear my Wonder Under Lululemon pants (which are not maternity at all) I do not have nearly as much pain.  They are so tight that they basically act as compression pants, which is great for my legs but really uncomfortable for my belly.   I’ve considered taking a pair of scissors and simply cutting each side of the waistband, but they are $90 pants for crying out loud.  I don’t want to ruin them.



Hopefully these guys feel good and look halfway decent!


Welp, that’s it for this update.  Have a great week.  🙂

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