Dear Poppyseed, You’re Two.

Dear Poppyseed,

We are already 6 weeks past your 2nd birthday, and I’m just now sitting down to write to you on this milestone.

I’m going to blame you for that.  You keep me pretty busy, you know.


Poppyseed, you are a little ball of energy.  Literally.  When people see you for the first time, they say one of two things.

“She is so cute!”


“She is so strong!”

And it’s true.   You are a strong little tot.  I don’t know where you get it, because I was a frail little thing at your age.  Your dad was a preemie, and I think he was still making up for lost time.

But you… you are a force.  You can run as fast, jump as high, and swing as hard as any other kid your age.

You make your dad and me so proud.  I mean it, little one, we think that everything you do is amazing.  It’s funny, but oh so true.



Your favorite place to be in the whole wide world is at “Gommy’s House.”  Every single day you ask, “Can we go Gommy’s house, Mommy?  Gommy’s house, please?”  Your dad and I have always spent a fair share of our time at his parents’ place in Sealy, but now we are there a lot more often.  It’s your happy place.  I don’t know if it’s the tire swing, porch swing, horses, or swimming pool.  But whatever it is, you are happiest when you are there.




This is your Gommy.  She is pretty much the only person that your daddy and I will leave you with for long periods of time.  If it weren’t for her, there would probably not be any babymoons or vacations or extended date nights.  You love your Gommy, and she would take a bullet for you.  I love seeing the connection that you two share, and I know that it makes your daddy’s heart soar.


Despite how happy and peaceful you appear in these pictures, you are not like that 100% of the time.  Yep, believe it or not, you can be… how should I say this?

Challenging.  😉


You are known to throw yourself on floor and W-A-I-L.  The word “dramatic” doesn’t seem to really do you justice.  Despite your love for your friends and cousins, it’s not unusual for you to slap or push.   And when you cry, you cry some BIG TEARS.

We haven’t quite figured out how to best teach you not to do these things.  We talk to you first.  Sometimes we use “time outs” and sometimes we resort to “spanking your hiney.”  Usually you will shape up after you are warned that the end is near, but sometimes we have to follow through with our threats.  (Which we hate to do!)

When you have been punished or corrected, you will run to us and give us a huge hug and sob “I’m sorry Mommy, I’m sorry Daddy.”  No matter how much trouble you are in, we never turn away when you run to us.  We always scoop you up, tell you that you are forgiven, and tell you how much we love you.

And you love us.  In different ways of course, but you love us each equally.  We hear of other children that prefer one parent over another at different ages or stages, but not you.  You love your mommy and your daddy.

It is worth mentioning that you have a very special place in your heart for Oatmeal’s daddy.  You call him Granddaddy.  It’s been said that of all eight of his granddaughters, you were the first to lean toward him over anyone else.  Most of the babies reach for Gommy, but you save your biggest and best hugs for him.  You two have a special bond.


Like Granddaddy, Oatmeal has a deep, deep love for his children.  I’ve never seen a daddy love his little girl the way Oatmeal loves you.  You are so much like him.  For example, you each share the same passion.


DSC_8282He took you on your first ride when you were only 3 days old.  (I had to look away.)  Since then, you’ve probably ridden 100 times.  You love every ride, and you are at home in the saddle.  You trust your daddy very much, and he takes very good care of you when you are near those big beasts.  DSC_8280


Little girl, do you have any idea that the animal you so confidently lead weighs at least 1,000 pounds?

Just so you know, you only weigh 32 pounds.




Are you afraid of anything?  I honestly can’t think of much.



In addition to horses, you love all dogs and cats.  You also are a lover of other kids.  Babies are your absolute favorite, but you really love children of any age.

Little girl, you are my best friend.  We spend so much time together, and I hope that you somehow remember these early days.



You begin each morning at 6am by waking up and calling my name until I walk into your new “Big Girl Room.”  You are perched in your bed, and no matter how tired I am I greet you with an enthusiastic “Good morning!  You’re awake!  Did you sleep well?”

You are always so happy, and I hope you never meet anyone who claims to “not be a morning person.”  I don’t want anyone to steal your joy!

After gathering up your paci, a cup of milk, and a baggie of blueberries, you snuggle up in our bed and watch a Disney movie.  (This month it is The Little Mermaid, last month it was Frozen.)  I snooze next to you, often opening my eyes long enough to kiss your chunky arms, give you a hug, or make sure your pillow and blankets are just right.  It is my favorite time of our day.



You eat a massive breakfast.  It is truly astounding.  Eggs, sausage, fruit, yogurt, avocado… if it’s available, I will serve it to you for breakfast and you eat it.

We are almost always out the door by 9am, but we have a different destination nearly every day of the week.  Sometimes we go to the gym, sometimes we go to gymnastics, sometimes we go to daycare.  It just depends on what we have planned.  Our schedule is almost always subject to change, and I try to keep it that way.


Currently you are enrolled in weekly activities including gymnastics and Crossfit Kids.  I like signing you up for art classes on a whim.  You’ve even been to a yoga series!  You’ll begin swim lessons at the end of this month, and I am currently waiting on the local toddler soccer league to return my phone call.  I used to think it was silly to sign little kids up for so many activities, but I am starting to get it now.

It’s fun having you to keep up with.  Really, truly, fun.  Even more fun is being right there – within arm’s reach – when you do something new.  That time is now.  At two years old, it is completely acceptable for me to be standing nearby at every practice, activity, and party.  I want to be here for all that I can.  I am already learning that you grow so fast.  I have to soak you up while I can!


Your daddy loves how fast you grow.  It’s a little harder for me.  Especially since I am going to give you a sibling soon.  You won’t be quite as much of my baby once that happens!




One thing that changes daily is your vocabulary.  Every day you say something new.

“Mommy, I see a yellow bus over there.”  (The first time you spoke in a full sentence… I called Daddy right away to tell him that you strung 8 words together after months and months of only saying 1 or 2 words at a time!  You were probably 22 months or so when you said that.)

Avocado is “cadi.”

If it’s cloudy or overcast, you’ll look at the sky and thoughtfully observe, “Maybe rain today.  Maybe.”

Everything is “over there.”

I ride horse, Mommy, ride horse pleaseOr go to park?

“I want sack!  Sack!  Sack Mommy sack!”  (Snack.)

“Time to go to ‘nastics?”  (Gymnastics.)

You use the word “ever” quite a bit lately.  “I no brush my teeth EVER!  I no smile EVER!”

Honestly if I were to sit here all night and try to remember all of the things you say, I’d type the dictionary.  You say a LOT.  In full sentences.  Rarely do you have difficulty getting your point across! DSC_8451

DSC_8466Another thing about you, little Poppyseed, is that you are not a people pleaser.  Nope, you do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

“Can you give Mommy a kiss?”

“No!  No kiss!”

“Poppyseed, come over here and put on your panties.”

“No!  No wear panties EVER!”

“Look at me and say CHEESE, baby!  Look at the camera!”

You will look away while covering her face and closing your eyes.

Nope, you aren’t out to impress anyone, that’s for sure.  You do what you want!  It’s equal parts encouraging and frustrating for your parents.  😉



Overall, I cannot express how much we love you.  I’ve loved being a mother more than I ever thought I could.  You’ve brought out qualities in your daddy that I would have never seen had you not been born.  He is the biggest blessing in my life, and you are the greatest gift I have ever received.



DSC_8502There is nothing I won’t do for you, little girl.  And it’s just the beginning.  Dream big.  Mommy is proud of you, and I’m always right here.




Thanks so very much to Arlina for these gorgeous pictures.  It will take me hours to decide which to print!

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