Steamed Mussels… Why have I never made you until now?

When Lola and Oatmeal were in Steamboat, we went to an Italian restaurant and ordered steamed mussels. 

They were so good.  And honestly, no matter where we are, they are always good.  Mussels are just awesome.

So, why don’t I make them at home?  Sometimes, on the weekends, rather than go out to eat I prefer to cook a steak dinner for Oatmeal and I.  It’s nice to take my time in the kitchen, spend a little more money on a good cut of meat, and just relax and have a “date night” at home.  Plus, it beats the heck out of driving 45 minutes into town.

And, being married to a true Texas man means that red meat is always welcome at our dinner table.  But as for me, I tend to miss all of the fresh seafood that I ate while growing up in Louisiana.  So, the other night when I was picking up some ribeyes for dinner, I decided I’d just wing it and try some steamed mussels. And holy cow, they are probably the easiest seafood dish to make!

I went to the seafood counter at our grocery store and ordered 1.5lbs of black mussels.  It rang up to about $7.  Not bad for a seafood appetizer if you ask me!  Seven bucks to make you feel fancy, and taste good?  Sounds like a plan.

I went home and poured some olive oil into a pot.  I chopped up 5 cloves of garlic and let it cook on medium for a few minutes.  Then I added 3 chopped up tomatoes to the garlic and a few tablespoons of basil and covered the pot.  When I heard the sound of boiling tomato juices, I dumped my mussels into the pot and then quickly covered the pot again.  Once I heard the sound of boiling again, I waited several minutes and then checked on them.  Most of the mussels had popped open, but there were still several that hadn’t.  I gave it another minute or two with the lid on and then checked again.  All of the mussels were all open.  (Supposedly, if they never open it means they are bad and should be discarded, but all of ours were okay!)

They were delicious!  And so easy!  So tell me, if you have made steamed mussels, how do you do it?  How can I mix this recipe up (without using any type of gluten)?  I’m open to suggestions and ideas.

Yummmm….. Lola’s own version of Surf-n-Turf!  We loved this completely Primal meal of grilled ribeye, spinach and avocado salad, and steamed mussels.

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