38 Week Pregnancy Update

It’s the beginning of the end, people.  Or at least that is how I feel.

Oh, and I’m hot.  All the time.  Oatmeal claims he is freezing his tail off at night.  I pretty much told him to accept it and move on.


So here are the standard pregnancy updates…

  • Prenatal appointments – I’m going to see Toni each week now, and they are all pretty easy and straightforward.  Baby Middle continues to have a heart rate in the 120’s.  He/she is still head down.  My blood work and blood pressure are good.
  • Weight gain – 30lbs!  Holy cow.  My belly is definitely bigger than it ever was with Poppyseed, and I have a nice layer of shall we say “plumpness” on my back and sides.  😉
  • How I’m really feeling – I’m not going to sit here and say I feel all wonderful and beautiful, because in all reality, I’m ready to be skinny again.  I just am.  But hey, like I said above, it’s the beginning of the end and I can handle this for a little bit longer!  And I know I just posted all about my craniosacral therapy a few nights ago, but I seriously cannot express how grateful I am to have gotten rid of all of that varicose vein-related pain.   So to sum it all up, while I do feel very pregnant and heavy and awkward, I am really thankful to be healthy and feeling good overall!
  • Cravings – Eh.  Food is food lately.  I just want food that is easy, healthy, and won’t make me feel bigger than I already do.
  • Sleep – Let’s be real here.  I have 30lbs of uterus, extra fluid, placenta, and baby on top of my bladder.  I wake up a LOT to pee.  If that’s not waking me up, Braxton Hicks contractions are waking me up.  I’m just not getting a lot of quality sleep these days, but I know it’s all in preparation for the baby.
  • Holy Leg Cramps! –  Once a week or so I wake up with a seriously intense cramp in my calf!  Guess I should be better about taking my magnesium supplement.
  • Boy or Girl? – Last week I pulled out all of Poppyseed’s newborn clothes and spent a day washing, drying, and even ironing them.  By the time I folded them back up and put them back into a cardboard box, I was certain I should just hang them in the nursery closet.  After hours and hours of handling all of those sweet little girl clothes, I had convinced myself that Poppyseed would have a sister.   Yet a few days later I was convinced, for no apparent reason, that I am without a doubt about to birth a miniature little Oatmeal.  Guys, I just don’t know.
  • Naming this Babe – Last night I had a sort of “come to Jesus” with Oatmeal.  There is definitely still nothing set in stone, but it was probably the most serious and lengthy conversation we have had regarding names.  We came up with some good options, and we completely agreed on all of them!  I look forward to more brainstorming in the coming days and weeks.
  • Exercise – Now that I’m not driving back and forth to Louisiana to see my mom, I’ve gotten back into working out.  I went to Crossfit twice last week and have already been twice this week.  I may try to go to yoga once or twice, but to be honest it’s getting tough to do even basic poses with this belly.  If it weren’t so hot outside, I would walk a lot more, but the only time that I can make myself go outside is after 8pm, and frankly by that time of day I rarely feel like doing anything!

It’s also worth mentioning that my house is technically ready!  I know I could add to my “to-do” list forever and ever, but honestly if the baby were to come tonight we would be completely prepared.

The nursery is clean and organized.  I even had the rug steam cleaned last week.  (Excuse the blurry iPhone pictures.)


All of our “baby essentials” are nicely organized in the good ole IKEA shelves.  Newborn diapers: check.  Wipes: check.  Swaddle blankets: check.


The grey dresser that used to be filled to the brim with Poppyseed’s clothes is now completely empty, with the exception of 3 white onesies.  I even bought a few new picture frames, which are empty right now until we get some good shots of our Middle.


And last but not least, the dresser in our bedroom is stacked with all of the home birth supplies!  (Why yes, that is an unopened bottle of olive oil that you see.)  Maybe after this whole hippie home birth thing is behind us, I’ll post all about the preparations.  I’m afraid to say too much just yet and jinx myself!  I’ve even made a stash of snacks in the bottom drawer so that I have some fuel for labor and late night nursing sessions.


One of my favorite things about preparing for baby Middle has been the keeping of the baby book.  I found this customized book in an Etsy shop called Ruby Love Designs.  I bought one for Poppyseed back in 2012, and have actually done a pretty stellar job of filling it out.  It’s a bit pricey for a photo album, but worth it in my opinion!  It is really fun to be able to look back and remember little things that would otherwise be completely forgotten or blurry.



So, all in all, I think that we are as ready for this baby as we will ever be.  I still feel like I have a few weeks to go, since I am only 38 weeks and Poppyseed was a week late.  Only time will tell if I am right.


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  1. Hi Lola!!

    I am planning a home birth for my first baby, coming very soon! Can you post more info about your home birth supplies please — I want to know if there was anything specific that you loved / hated / needed above and beyond the usual list that midwives provide. Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah! I actually can’t think of a single thing that I really loved having with me during the homebirth. For me it was all about the support/people. I bought a bunch of stuff such as essential oils, healing sprays, etc that I thought I would just love having on hand, but honestly most of it just collected dust. The postpartum essentials for me are always related to breastfeeding – good nursing bras, lanolin is a must have for me, comfortable robe and pajamas/tanks, a boppy AND a “my brest friend,” and those little gel things called soothies that Lansinoh makes. I am someone who always gets off to a rocky start with breastfeeding, so having all of that stuff in my house BEFORE baby comes was a lot easier this time around!

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