Lola and her Homemade Bath Oils

I’m going to share something with you that may change your life.

First of all, do you like taking baths?  If you like to take a bath, then this WILL change your life.  If you are a shower kind of person, there is still a 50/50 chance. 

For the record, I take a bath almost every single night, and I plan to continue this tradition for the rest of my life.

Yes, even when I have kids.  That’s why I have a husband.  To entertain the kid(s) while I get my 10 minute bath.  We all have our vices, you know, and mine just goes along with hygiene.  It’s multitasking at its best.

I came up with this idea when trying to figure out how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.  I was buying all of these different lotions, but honestly I’ve just never been a lotion person.  Sure, I put it on my legs when wearing a skirt, but rubbing my entire body down with lotion is just not something I’ve ever done.  Feels like a chore.  I dunno.

Then, I talked to a few of my more “natural” friends, who warned me of all the parabens, chemicals, and petroleum in some of those lotions.  I wouldn’t normally care.  (I mean I already eat Primal… I can’t tap into my beauty products now or WHERE WOULD IT END!?)  But, ever since I saw the live ultrasound of Poppyseed swallowing… I now imagine Poppyseed swallowing… well…. yucky chemicals every time I put on my Palmer’s lotion.

(This is the part where all of you moms say to yourselves, “OMG that girl has too much time on her hands if that’s what she’s worried about.  I ate McDonalds for every meal with all of my pregnancies, smoked cigarettes, drank vodka, and slathered motor oil all over my skin and my 8 kids are still all in the 100th percentile for growth and development.”)

You don’t have to say that to me.  I know I’m cray-zee.  And, I have my big sister to say things like that to me, so that you all don’t have to. 

But, like I said, all of this paranoia led me to this idea, and I am now addicted!  So here is how to make Peppermint Bath Oil that will make your skin feel like HEAVEN.


Buy some coconut oil.  My second favorite is almond oil.  Sunflower oil, avocado oil, or olive oil would work great, too.  But coconuts are already rumored to be nature’s perfect therapy for the skin, so I’d start there if you can find it.  (It’s at my local HEB… right next to the olive oils.) 

Coconut oil contains antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antifungal properties… and it’s sooooo soothing to the skin.  There’s a reason why it’s included in just about every anti-aging, anti-stretch mark product out there.

(I’ve noticed that some brands are labeled as “Refined” coconut oil, and some are labeled as “Unrefined.”  The refined stuff does NOT smell like coconuts.  The unrefined stuff smells mildly of coconuts.  The one that I have pictured actually is not labeled as either, and it’s still sealed because I haven’t run out of my old bottle yet, so the jury is out on this one.)


Buy some essential oils.  Since we just celebrated Christmastime, I have been using a lot of peppermint oil.  I have also have lavender, rosemary, and tea tree.  These tiny bottles of oil usually cost between $6-$12.  They last a REALLY long time.  I would have vanilla, too, but for some reason the vanilla is more like $22.  I can’t justify $22 until I run out of something I already have.

Don’t accidentally buy peppermint extract.  My friend Anna did that.  Fail.  Extract is for baking, not bath time.


Fill up your bathtub with water.  Use a spoon to scrape the coconut oil out of the jar (because it is solid at room temperature and you can’t actually pour it out).  I am pretty liberal and probably use several tablespoons per bath.  Go easy at first, just so that you don’t make yourself unpleasantly greasy.

Finally, put a few drops of your essential oil of choice into the bath water.  Inhale deeply, close your eyes, and pretend you are in a day spa.

  • Tea Tree – VERY STRONG SMELL, use 1 drop at first and see how you like it.  Tea Tree is supposedly awesome for dry, flaky skin problems such as excema or psoriasis.
  • Lavender – I don’t know why it’s great, I just know it is great.  I keep reading it is also great for pregos.
  • Peppermint – SO FESTIVE!  It gives me the same amount of joy as a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, minus the calories.  I also keep reading it’s great for pregos.  AND…. you know how Vick’s Vapor Rub clears your congestion if you have a cold?  This stuff does the exact same thing… in a more pleasant, natural way.  Only… 2 drops maximum for your first bath.  Like the tea tree, it’s STRONG.  It will make your skin tingle.  You don’t want your skin to tingle TOO much.
  • Rosemary – I literally imagine I am on the east coast surrounded by beautifully colored trees and wineries when I use this one.  I dunno, maybe I’m just a freak.

Now, this is the most important detail to remember.  After your bath, BE CAREFUL STANDING UP.  You just put oil in your bath water.  When you stand up it absolutely will be slippery.  You may consider warning your spouse of this hazard before he/she takes a shower next.

And… because coconut oil is SOLID at room temperature, make sure you drain your tub well!  Every week I throw a little bit of bleach down the drain just to be sure I don’t cause a plumbing issue.  Then of course I rinse the tub very well, as soaking in a tub with bleach remnants would completely negate the whole natural thing I’m going for.

Go try it.  Enjoy soaking in natural oils that smell unbelievable and are completely safe.  You’ll love the way you feel when you are finished because your entire body will feel nice and moist and soft.

And… if you like giving homemade gifts, go buy some of those cute $2 jars from Hobby Lobby and make your own sets!  You can always put sugar in there as well, so that it can be used as a scrub instead of a bath oil.  My SIL did that for me last year and it was awesome.

Happy soaking.

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