Dear Middle – A Note from Oatmeal

39 weeks, 6 days!  Still here…

I asked Oatmeal to write in Middle’s baby book, and after reading it I decided to share it here.

Hi Baby,

We are only a couple of days from your due date.  We are all very excited!  We can’t wait to play with you.  Poppyseed and I have been playing a lot of hide and seek, and I can’t wait for you to join in.  We get to go ride horses every two weeks and we know that you’ll love riding as much as we do.  Poppyseed has already been riding by herself, but Gommy wasn’t very happy about that.  You’ll love Gommy’s house and all of your cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Once you are here, you’ll never have to worry about getting enough love and affection.  We love babies!  Poppyseed can’t wait to hold you and neither can I.  We have such a wonderful life and can’t wait for you to join us.  See you in a couple of days.




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