Lola and Oatmeal Soak Up a Weekend at Home, and Lola tries to spoil the horses.

Last week was a blast (we went to Steamboat!) but man oh man, were we happy to spend this past weekend at home!  We had zero plans and no obligations.

It was just plain delightful.

We kicked the weekend off by going to dinner on Friday night.  That morning while working I got a text from Oatmeal asking if I wanted to go to dinner to celebrate a bonus.  Of course that sounded like a great idea to me (Lola loves eating out!) and so I asked him where he wanted to go.  He informed me that he had been fasting since the night before (seriously?) and he really wanted a steak.  So, we decided on Taste of Texas. 

[Side note: Do any other guys out there just decide to “fast” for a day?  I’m pretty sure only my husband does this.  I did cook the night before (see picture below), but I must admit I did not prepare breakfast or lunch for the following day.  So, Oatmeal just chose to use that opportunity to do a little bit of intermittent fasting.  I have read a lot about the health benefits of doing this, having finally rejected all of the crap I learned in nutrition classes about how we MUST eat 3 meals a day or our metabolism suffers, but still.  Lola doesn’t have the willpower to go 24 entire hours without food.]

Anyway, here is proof that I cook for my husband at least once daily.  And it’s healthy, too!  And… that is my portion.  His plate had a MUCH larger portion.

So, after we devoured steaks at Taste of Texas (with the wonderful company of my friend Caylin, who was visiting from Dallas), we came home and managed to get into bed at a decent hour.  I slept very late the next morning, which was WONDERFUL.

Later on Saturday morning, Oatmeal and I decided to drive into Houston to watch Caylin’s dad, Craig James, give a speech at the Houston Straw Poll at Minute Maid Park.   Mr. James (you may know him from ESPN…. of course I don’t, I just know him as Caylin’s dad) recently decided to run for US Senate.  If you are the politically-curious type you can check out his website here. I have known Caylin’s family for 8-9 years now, and it’s really exciting to see her parents (who are definitely not seasoned politicians!) on this new adventure. 

So, it was a lot of fun to go into town for the afternoon, but we were both ready to come home and just spend some down time together.  Oatmeal had just transferred our 2 favorite horses back to our house, and I decided to see if either of them wanted one of my apples.  (Oatmeal swears his horses don’t like apples and carrots, so Lola is always making it her mission to change their mind.)

Hey Black, want an apple?  No?

What about you, Bay?  Would you like an apple? 

C’mon.  It’s organic.  Just try it.

Sometimes, if you can just shove it into Black’s teeth, he will sort of lick it….

And then he seems to say, “Ohhhh yeah, I remember I like these things now….”

So then Oatmeal has to see if his horse, Bay, will give it a try.

But, Bay is still pretty sure he’s not interested.

C’mon buddy.  Just try it.

Try it, dangit, try the freakin’ apple!


Eh, the 1000 pound animals usually get their way.  We gave up.

Speaking of playing with animals, last week (before we went to Steamboat) Lola got really worried about Tough and Goose spending the entire week outside in the pen.  It’s a really big pen, with a covered area, and plenty of room to play and run around.  Our neighbors come over to feed them a few times a day and let them run around, so really it’s not a bad deal for the pups when we go out of town.  However, this time Lola was fretting about Tough Puppy having so little body hair and the weather being chilly.

So, naturally, I went to Pet Smart…

…and bought him a sweater.

This is the picture that I sent to Oatmeal of Tough Puppy in the sweater.

Before I knew it, I got a phone call.  It went a little bit like this….

“If I get home and my dog is in that sweater, he is not my dog anymore.  I’ll never look at him again.  You may as well chop off his huevos because he will be nothing but a girl dog to me ever again.”

Woah, strong words!  Needless to say I took the sweater off of the dog immediately. I didn’t want poor Tough Puppy to wonder why Oatmeal wasn’t speaking to him when he came home. 

Because, you know, Oatmeal NEVER spoils Tough Puppy.  I’m the ONLY ONE… I PROMISE….


I wonder how long it will take Oatmeal to find this picture…. if ever….

Shhhhh.  Don’t tell him.  🙂 

Anyway.  Our weekend was stupendous.  Full of friends, eating well, naps, and animals.  Hope yours was just as wonderful!

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  1. Thank you for making me laugh hysterically. Horses are such funny creatures. You should get them an Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin Balls. I wonder if they would love those? I know my horse wasn’t very interested in apples and carrots but that ball he would literally attack me when I would bring a new one into his stall.

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