In the Trenches

I’m writing a short post just because I know that the next four days are going to be nuts.  Oatmeal is going to be working out of state, so that means I am pretty much going to be on my own here with a newborn and a 2 year old.

A few fun facts about what’s going on here….

  • Yesterday Poppyseed and I went on a date.  We went to get ice cream, checked out an Aggie tent, and then sweated our faces off at a park.  The date ended with a trip through the carwash (her favorite thing).  This gave Oatmeal a chance to hang out with Baby Middle.  Ever since he was born, Oatmeal has pretty much been taking care of Poppyseed.  She accompanies him on every errand and is stuck to him like glue when he is at home.  I’m thankful for that, but at the same time I need him to be comfortable with the baby as well!  So I was glad that I left the boys together for a few hours and it all went well.  The bottle was consumed, several diapers were changed, and everyone was okay when we returned.
Poppyseed loves her "ice keem"

Poppyseed loves her “ice keem”

  • Baby Middle will be 4 weeks old tomorrow!  He was 9lbs, 3oz at my postpartum appointment last week.  He is nursing every 2.5-3 hours on average during the day.  At night we put him to sleep in his swing downstairs at about 10pm, where he sleeps until roughly 2am.  Oatmeal sleeps on the couch and waits on him to wake up, changes his diaper, and then brings him upstairs to me.  He nurses and then falls asleep until around 4am, but then he wakes up to nurse at about 4am, 5am, and 6am.  I tell you – I am DONE by 6am!  I would love to get him out of my bed and into our cosleeper, but we are having some issues with that.  The poor baby is so gassy.  The past week has been rough – he will kick his legs and scream constantly.  It took a few days before we realized it was gas pain.  Oatmeal and I finally feel like we are cracking the code and figuring out how to calm him down when he doesn’t feel good.  To sum it all up, we have to burp him like crazy, make sure his diaper is dry, swaddle him, hold him on his side, and somewhat force him to take the paci.  That is the only way to get him to sleep sometimes, and he will pass gas every few minutes and tend to wake himself up.  If he is lying down by himself somewhere such as his bouncer or cosleeper, the gas will wake him up constantly.  But if he is pressed up against one of us, he tends to sleep through it.  I don’t know what to do except for just wait on this stage to pass.  (Oh, and today I swore off all dairy and soy, just to see if that helps.)  I actually found an old blog post about Poppyseed when she was just 5 weeks old, and she did the EXACT same thing.  It was short lived and we all survived, so I’m hoping for the same outcome with Middle!


  • I’m also in the throes of breastfeeding issues.  (Now I know that most people don’t want to hear about my breastfeeding problems, so if that’s you then skip to the next paragraph.  But I’m going to go ahead and share what’s going on because I feel like most of my readers are women who have gone through similar issues.)  First it was the tongue tie (which we had clipped at 4 days old) and then it was all smooth sailing until his 2 week appointment when we got thrush.  We treated it with gentian violet (an antiseptic that can kill the infection but happens to turn everything purple in the meantime), but yesterday the infection seemed to have returned.  I started to feel pain again, and I noticed another patch in Middle’s mouth.  I repeated our gentian violet treatment, but this morning I woke up in a lot of pain from some cracking/bleeding.  I wasn’t sure why I would be so damaged, but my lactation consultant observed that the area of the damage indicated I may have caused it by pumping.  It made sense to me because I have actually pumped a few times this week and it actually really hurt.  I suspect the flanges were too small and that is why I hurt myself.  Unfortunately the thrush and the open cuts puts me at a high risk for mastitis, and let me assure you that I am really not up for that.   I am being as proactive as I can be at home and plan to put in a call to our doctor tomorrow morning.  Supposedly there is an antifungal/antibiotic/steroid cream that I can use to clear up ALL of the problems.  I’m really not a huge fan of the idea of using that cream, but I’m also afraid to get mastitis, especially during a week when Oatmeal is out of town!  Wish me luck and say a prayer for my girls (ha) because we really need to turn this around.   At this point I’m doing saline rinses, vinegar rinses, gentian violet, polysporin, and just trying to feed Middle as often as he eat and stay on a good schedule so I don’t get engorged.  This in itself is a full time job and keeping up with all of it while Oatmeal is gone is going to be just plain hard!  I am sooooo ready to put all of this behind us and get to the stage where nursing is easy and even relaxing.
Another round of gentian violet, aka another weekend of a purple baby!

Another round of gentian violet, aka another weekend of a purple baby!

  • Finally, I want to take a little time to brag on Poppyseed.  That girl absolutely loves her baby brother.  I keep waiting and waiting for her to show some type of jealousy, but it seems that she has completely accepted his entrance into our family.  She constantly wants to know where he is and what he is doing, loves to hug and kiss him, and is really excited about “helping” me change his diapers, give him his bath, etc.  If anything she is actually a little bit too hands on, as I find myself constantly telling her “back up, give him some space… get out of his face please” and the like.

So, that wasn’t a long post, but it’s all I got for tonight!  Wish us luck this week!

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