This is the truth and I’m sticking to it… I haven’t slept in 8 weeks.

Mamas, I’m struggling.

I like to be positive and look for the good in each season, but lately, ummmm…. yeah.  No.  Just no.

I just put on headphones because I can’t hear any more crying.  I need a 5 minute break from being frustrated that I  My Pandora station is set to the Civil Wars Station and the song that came on was called “Down” by Jason Walker.

I’ll spare you the lyrics, but let’s just say they were spot on.

I don’t remember if it was this hard when Poppyseed was a baby.  Maybe it was and I just blocked it out.  Maybe it wasn’t, and Baby Middle really IS just more challenging..  I thought she was a challenge, frankly, but at least she slept in 5-6 hour blocks.  A 5 hour block of sleep from Middle would be welcomed, but he doesn’t seem to be up for that.

Maybe this is hard because I don’t ever get a break.  By this time when Poppyseed was a baby, I was back at work 2 times a week.  I may have been dripping with guilt over leaving my baby with someone else, but I now see that a full day of being able to hear myself think without a baby crying every few minutes was probably a pretty big luxury that I didn’t know to appreciate at the time.

Sleep deprivation makes me crazy.  That’s really all I can say.

My 2.5 year old just woke up.  She wants to watch Frozen on the computer I’m typing on.

I think I’ll watch it with her.

Don't be deceived.  He does this in 10 minute increments only.

Don’t be deceived. He does this in 10 minute increments only.


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  1. carolyn craig says:

    This is your moms cousin,Carolyn.I worked with babies for 20 years. Try getting John to fall asleep in an upright position and see if that helps.Warm regards Carolyn

  2. Oh Laura, I promise you I can relate. I have no advice to offer, but you’re not alone and hopefully this is just a season for all of us who are here. I wish you were close by. We could go for a long walk and drink some coffee (slash tea) and commiserate.

  3. Oh Laura, I’ve been there. My first was extremely high needs (Google Dr. Sears and high needs babies…my daughter fit that to a tee). She had reflux, so cried alll the time and always had to be held upright….and she never slept! I was a walking zombie for the first 8 months, when she finally started sleeping through the night….I tried everything, but she pretty much only slept upright and in my arms, which made it difficult for me to sleep!!! Oh man, you are right, sleep deprivation makes you crazy. I had a hard time even forming coherent sentences because my brain was so foggy from lack of sleep. I told my husband I was going insane and something had to change because I couldn’t take one more sleep deprived night. I honestly have no idea how I even lasted 8 months, looking back…but there was nothing we could do, it was just like it sucked really bad, until it didn’t suck anymore…hard to describe, but she just grew out of whatever it was and started sleeping, nothing we did really made a difference in the long run. And I tried everything every book or blogger mentioned 🙂 She did really like her Fisher Price Rock n Play (It sits at an incline, so it’s really comfy for babies with reflux…my current newborn likes it too, although he doesn’t have the same issues). It’s relatively cheap, like $50 new and plenty are available used…may be worth trying for a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, my daughter was a chunk and grew out of it at 4 months…so it was a shortlived respite for us. She still never took naps during the day until she was 18 months. Babies are like adults…some need a lot of sleep, and some don’t need very much sleep at all. Doesn’t help us caretakers who need a break! Ugh. I really hope little John starts sleeping soon, because I wouldn’t wish sleep deprivation on my worst enemy. Hugs from a mama who’s been there! PS- someone is looking down on me, because my 2 week old is a total DREAM baby. He sleeps all the time, hardly fusses, so sweet and good natured so far…and basically lets me focus all my attention on his big sister (who just turned 2 and wants ALL the attention on her!). I guess all our prayers were answered…even though i was prepared for the worst..but if I hadn’t gone through hell with my oldest, I wouldn’t be nearly as appreciative of my son as I am!!!

  4. Have you read ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block’ by Dr. Harvey Karp? I am reading it now in preparation for my first daughter, so I can’t vouch for it personally, but it has been recommended to me as the key to getting fussy babies to sleep from other parents. When nothing else works, I am sure you’re up for trying anything. Good luck!

  5. I’m so sorry. I am not one to give advice bc every baby is different but I second the rock n play suggestion. Both of my babies slept so well in it. Admittedly, I think it made the transition to the crib more difficult later, but Lila is 3 months today and is sleeping 8-9 hours in the rock n play (she just started doing that at 12 weeks but was sleeping 5-6 at 8 weeks). I am back to work so I will just deal with the crib transition later. I hope things get better for you.

  6. Try his infant carrier or tilt the swing upright? We used the rock and play with #2 and she seemed to like it as much as the others have mentioned. If nothing else, bring him over after dropping Poppyseed off at school and go home for a much needed and well deserved nap! It’s always loud over here, so what if Middle screams? Maybe the others will quiet down if they have some healthy competition! 😉

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