Dear Baby Middle, You’re 9 Weeks Old

Howdy son,

It’s your mommy.  You’re 9 weeks old this week.  I wanted to write you this little letter to let you know how things are going and how much we love you.

Your dad and I agree that you are beginning to fill out.   Your face, arms, belly, and thighs are all plumping up.  At this rate, I think we will have another chunky monkey on our hands in no time.  You’re wearing 3-6 month clothes already.  In fact, right now you have on a set of pajamas in a size 6 month.  I couldn’t believe it when you fit into it so well at only 9 weeks!


You have adapted to our little routine pretty well.  Each morning you nurse and nurse and nurse for what seems like forever.  We will snuggle in bed for at least an hour while you eat.  For the rest of the day, we follow a Eat/Awake/Sleep routine.  You nurse every 2.5-3 hours in the morning and early afternoon, and every 2 hours in the evening.  After you eat I set you down somewhere safe so that you can wiggle.  We just began doing a lot more tummy time, too.  The 20-30 minutes following your meals are always my favorite times.  I know that you recognize me now, which makes a mama feel good.  You give us the biggest smiles, and you will follow us around with your eyes.  Sometimes your sister discovers that you are lying on the couch and will basically attack you with affectionate hugs and kisses.  Poor Poppyseed, I am constantly telling her, “Be gentle, don’t get so close to his face, get away from his face, back up, don’t touch his eyes, just kiss the top of his head – not his mouth, okay that’s enough that’s enough – GENTLE!!  STOP!!!”  She means well, I promise.  🙂

Your dad figured out that if he holds you and says “meow! meow!” you will smile SO big.  Don’t ask me, son.  He’s kind of strange.  😉  But needless to say, there is a lot of meow-ing when he is home!  He is always giving you kisses and carrying you around under his arm.  It looks incredibly uncomfortable, but you don’t seem to mind.  Frankly, I think your dad is a little bit too confident when he handles you.  He tends to sling you around quite a bit.  I have to bite my tongue and remind myself that this isn’t his first rodeo.  Surely if you weren’t happy you would just spit up all over him or something in order to get your point across.

I am reading a book called “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer,” and I took a quiz to figure out what personality type you have.  After answering 20 questions, this was our result.  I have to say, I think it’s pretty spot on.  (I highlighted the parts that really apply to you.)

The Spirited Baby

This is a baby who seems to emerge from the womb knowing what he does and doesn’t like, and he won’t hesitate to let you know it.  He is very vocal and even aggressive at times.  He often screams for Mom or Dad when he gets up in the morningHe hates lying in her own pee or poop, and says “Change me!” by loudly vocalizing her discomfort.  He babbles a lot and loudly.  He often needs swaddling to get to sleep because of his flailing arms and legs keeping him up and overstimulated.  If he starts crying and the cycle is not interrupted, it’s like a point of no return, and his crying leads to more crying until he’s reached a fever pitch of rage.  A spirited baby is likely to grab for his bottle at an early age.  He’ll also notice other babies before they notice him, and as soon as he’s old enough to develop a good, firm, grasp, he’ll grab their toys as well.

That is such a good description of you, especially the part about the “rage cry.”  Son, you only have one volume and it’s LOUD.  I’ve had multiple comments that you must be colicky, or that “it sounded like you were hurting your baby when you were changing him,” etc.  Sometimes I really do begin to sweat when you cry, because you get so upset so quickly!

You also absolutely refuse to sit in a wet or dirty diaper.  This is just like your sister!  If you fall asleep and then pee a few minutes later, you’ll wake up and scream bloody murder until we change you.  We’ve tried a time or two to get you to sleep through it, but forget it.  You want to be dry and you won’t settle until you are.

Sleeping has been a huge hurdle for us.  When you were a month old, I moved you from our bed to your crib.  You slept swaddled on your back, and sometimes we would position you on your side with a rolled up blanket behind you.  Despite our best efforts to make sure you were comfortable, it was very difficult to get you to sleep.  You only slept about 2-2.5 hours at a time. I’m not going to lie – it was killing me – and I think it made you extra grouchy, too.

In effort to improve our sleep, I became pretty strict about your bedtime routine.  At 5:45pm we began getting ready for your last feeding before bed.  I nurse you for as long as possible – usually a half hour, and then let you wiggle around for a few minutes. (Trying to allow you plenty of time to pee before bed!)  Then it’s a bath and a quick little baby massage.  You LOVE your massage.  I rub your feet and back with some oil called “Gentle Baby” and you always relax and coo.  Finally, I swaddle you and put you down for the night.  Until this week you slept in your crib, but as I said before, it felt like fighting a losing battle.  Sometimes it was so difficult to get you to go to sleep that I wondered if you were in pain.  Could it be gas?  Or reflux?  We decided to move your swing into your room and see how that went.  So three nights ago I put you to sleep in there, without even turning it on, so that you would be at an incline.  You slept from 7pm until 10pm, took a “dream feed” at 10pm, and then slept like a rock until 3am!  That was basically a 5 hour stretch!  (8 hour stretch if you don’t count the dream feed – since you don’t even wake up for that anyway.)  Hooray!  You have now done that for 3 nights in a row, and we each feel so much better!  The first two nights that we tried this, you slept until 6am.  This morning you slept until 7!  SEVEN IN THE MORNING!  Your sister has yet to sleep that late!


Relaxing before his evening massage. What a life.

Well, you’re stirring from your nap, so I better wrap this up.  We love you so much little Middle.  Maybe you’ll truly be our “middle child” or maybe I should have nicknamed you “Last Baby” but I am so glad you are here.



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  1. Oh my gosh! I have a spirited child that only has one LOUD volume level! When she cries/screams in public, I just make a joke(the truth) and tell the people that are staring to imagine being woken up by *that* noise in the middle of the night! They laugh and it makes me feel less uncomfortable, but it really is frightening to be awoken by such loud screaming!!!! I’m so glad to hear that the swing is helping. Welcome back to some sort of normalcy!

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