Goodbye, house…

Tonight is our very last night in our College Station home.  It doesn’t even feel real to me.

We moved into our home when Poppyseed was only 4.5 months old.  We have SO many memories here.

I remember when I saw this house for the first time.  I loved it.  I thought it was the prettiest house on the street, and I was so hopeful that Oatmeal would like it, too.

We only looked at three houses before we made an offer on this one.  We moved here over Labor Day weekend of 2012.  I loved that it was in a culdesac.  It was safe and quiet, and we loved to play in the front yard.

Front of Housephoto-185


I have wonderful memories in every single nook and crany of this house.  I probably cooked over a thousand meals in this kitchen.  Poppyseed sat on the counter countless times, first in her bouncer and then on her chubby little legs.  “Can I be your helper, Mommy?”  She cracked eggs, stirred ground meat, and drank bottle after bottle while sitting on those counter tops.

Kitchen 2

Smoothies are a great way to get her a dose of probiotics.  And she has only had green smoothies, so she thinks that they are supposed to be green!

helping me make pancakes

I figure at this rate, she will be scrambling eggs by herself at age 3.


One day I came home from a baby shower when Poppyseed was 14 months old.  She had been flirting with the idea of walking for months.  Months!  Oatmeal set her down in the kitchen pictures below and said, “Okay baby, show Mommy how you can walk.”  She took about 10 steps, and I cried.

KitchenWe ate every single meal at this table.  This built in booth was one of the coolest things!  Before Poppyseed was eating solids, we set her bouncer on the table so she could watch us eat and babble.  Then she moved to a high chair on the end and we loved watching her eat everything from blueberries to kale to salmon to sauerkraut.  We have marveled at her appetite so many times at this very spot!
We also have memories of eating and drinking with friends at this table.



She eats eggs for breakfast 5 out of 7 days of the week on average.

I sat in the brown recliner in our living room for literally hours.  I’ve nursed babies and rocked babies and read books to babies in this room.  I’ve sat on the floor and done puzzles.  Or I just relaxed and watched Oatmeal read books to Poppyseed before bedtime, or listened to him snore on the couch after the kids went down.

Living RoomLiving Room 2DSC_0027




I potty trained Poppyseed in this bathroom.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but we did it!  I did the most ridiculous dance the first time she let a few drops hit the toilet water.

Downstairs bathroomphoto-379


Anytime she got messy or had a blow out diaper, I’d put her in the sink in our laundry room.   She thought it was special to play in there while I did laundry nearby.  I’d give her cups and measuring spoons to keep her entertained and fold heaps and heaps of clean clothes.Laundry Room

This room may look like a dining room, but in all honesty it was a play room.  When we listed our home and took these pictures, we made it look formal for the moment. In reality there is a teepee, art easel, and various other toddler toys in this room at any given time.  This area was a constant reminder that I used to say things like, “Oh, I’ll never let my kid’s toys take over my house.”  Yeah right.  😉  This room was also where we put our Christmas tree.Dining Room


I loved our master bedroom.  It is so spacious.  Poppyseed did hours and hours of tummy time on the floor near our window.  We have cuddled and snoozed for hours and hours.   I remember the first time I laid her down on the carpet and walked away for a few moments and she rolled all by herself.  I found her underneath the bed!  Yep, there’s been lots of sleeping, baby making and baby birthing here.  😉Bedroom

Just me, my tent shirt and my stretchy pants.


Yep, I said baby birthing!  I literally had a child right there!  That alone makes me wish we never had to leave!


Bedroom 2

I wrote many a blog post and sipped quite a bit of wine while relaxing in this bathtub.  And when Poppyseed was old enough to sit up on her own, she enjoyed her nightly bubble baths here, too.

One night in October I spent an entire night curled up on the bathroom floor, sobbing from the pain and heartache of a miscarriage.  Just a few weeks later I took another pregnancy test in this room.   I was shocked… it was positive!  The following August I leaned against the shower wall for what seemed like eternity as I labored with my soon to be born baby boy.

Master Bathphoto-230


We had lots and lots of friends and family come to visit us while we lived here.  This room was our guest room, and it doubled as a play room, too.  Before we furnished it I used to lie on the floor with Poppyseed while she learned to crawl.

Guest Room


This was Poppyseed’s “Big Girl Room” that she moved into only a few months ago.  A few days after she turned 2, we put her in her “big girl bed” for the very first time.  I tucked her into bed and then sat on our stairs and cried.  I couldn’t believe she was big enough for her own bed!

Violet's Room

How I found my husband about an hour after he said he was going to put Poppyseed to bed.  I guess all that backyard pacing and opossum killing wore him out.

That transition went beautifully, and it opened up the nursery for Baby Middle’s arrival.  The nursery is by far my favorite room in this house, for reasons that are obvious to any mother.  How many hours have I spent nursing/rocking/loving my babies in this room?  Geez, it makes my eyes water just to think of it!  I was, and still am, so proud of this nursery.  I worked so hard to make it gender neutral and yet still so sweet.  It was perfect.


And then there is the back yard.  Y’all.  This back yard is just awesome.  We had so much fun back here.  Grilling.  Parties.  Baby pools.  Running through the sprinklers.  Giving dozens and dozens of dog treats to the puppies.  There was LOTS of fun in this back yard.Back YardPoppyseed’s first and second birthday parties were here.  So fun.

Back Yard 3IMG_2113


Lots of strong girls.

Poppyseed tolerated it as long as Carrie was holding her.

Back yard fun!

We've hosted a lot of kids back here!


So…. farewell house.  This was so much more than a house… we truly lived here.


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