26 weeks and counting…

Today I’m 26 weeks pregnant.  Here are the updates… and tomorrow I’ll have Oatmeal take a picture. 

  • Discomforts?  Sometime in the past couple of weeks I started to get headaches.  They are persistent and I can’t seem to kick them with either water or caffeine.  I read on one of my baby apps that it’s one of the most common pregnancy discomforts and could be due to increased blood in my body, dehydration, lack of sleep, low blood sugar, etc.  So I’m sleeping, staying hydrated, snacking often, etc.  Still haven’t caved and taken any medicine yet. 
  • Baby movements?  I felt Poppyseed move around early in my second trimester, but at that time it felt like bubbles popping in my belly.  Now I feel stronger kicks and thumps…. constantly!  These movements are my absolute favorite thing about being pregnant so far.  Sometimes I feel weird pressure (again, not painful pressure, just a strange feeling) in certain parts of my belly, which always makes me wonder if Poppyseed is flipping over or something.  
  • Sleep?  It’s still fairly easy to sleep at night, but I do wake up an average of twice a night to use the restroom.  Sometimes I toss and turn trying to get comfortable for a while.  Everyone says I need to sleep on my left side in order to increase circulation, but honestly I am finding I’m most comfortable on my right. 
  • Speaking of circulation… I wake up on my back a lot.  Lots of people have warned me about sleeping on my back, as this can supposedly cut off circulation to the placenta.  If that’s true, my poor baby is in bad shape at night, because I wake up on my back all the time!  I felt better when I asked my sister about this whole back-sleeping concept and she said that she didn’t remember ever worrying about that when she was pregnant and all 3 of her kids are fine.  My doctor also mentioned that by the time it’s truly detrimental to the baby, I won’t be able to sleep like that anyway because it will be so uncomfortable.  So…. sounds like something I need to stop worrying about.  At the end of the day, the body is a pretty amazing thing.
  • Showing?  I am without a doubt “showing” now.  I mean, I’m not huge, so I’m sure some people still think I am just getting heavy.  But, I think for the most part it’s pretty apparent that there is a bun in the oven.
  • Cravings?  What cravings?  I really do think that this whole craving concept is just made up.  The only thing I want on a consistent basis is pizza, and I never cave to that craving because I know it’ll just make me feel like a cow!
  • Names?  Oatmeal and I are still settled on the baby names that we agreed on a few months ago, which is the longest we’ve liked a boy and girl name without changing our minds.  Perhaps we’ve actually come to our final conclusion?  We are still not going to tell anyone, mainly because we know there is always a chance we’ll still have a change of heart!  But, now I can talk to Poppyseed and practice using the boy or girls name.  Sometimes I talk to Poppyseed as a girl and sometimes as a boy.  It’s fun and it makes me so excited to think of both possibilities!
  • Pregnancy hormones?  Okay, I am just going to be blunt about this one.  Oatmeal loves for me to be positive, but if I weren’t honest on this blog, then writing anything down wouldn’t be worth the time.  So here goes… sometimes I find myself getting really upset/sad for no reason.  I mean really, there can no reason or trigger at all and I’ll suddenly burst into tears.  Yesterday is a great example. I am on a vacation for God’s sake, having a great time with friends and family, but suddenly due to absolutely nothing I got really stressed, uptight, and sad.  I decided to go sit down privately for a few minutes, and before I knew it I was sobbing!  In the middle of the day… for no reason whatsoever!  The entire time I was thinking that I was being ridiculous and I needed to get a grip.  Nothing is wrong.  But, you know what always makes it better?  Feeling the baby move around.  If the baby starts to move when I’m upset, I am immediately fascinated and I will just stare at my belly bounce around and feel so peaceful again.  So, there, I’m an emotional train wreck and I just admitted it on the internet.  Sue me!
  • Braxton Hicks.  I started feeling these last weekend.  I was on a walk and after about 2 miles I started feeling really intense tightness on the bottom of my belly.  Supposedly these are the lovely Braxton Hicks.  I felt them again a few nights later when I was bending down cleaning the floor.  If I stop and lie down, they go away.  The only thing that’s sort of odd is that they are painful, but everyone says that they usually aren’t supposed to be.  Every day they start to become a little more common.  I’ll probably mention this to my OB next time I run into him, just to make sure we are still A-okay over here.

    Welp… to bed I go.

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