Oh, 2015.  Here you are.  I can’t believe it.

One thing that I just love are New Year’s Resolutions.  I have actually made and kept many resolutions, though not in recent years.  One year I decided I was not going to purchase a single magazine for the entire year, mainly because at the time I was damn near broke and all of the gorgeous cover models were giving me a complex.  I think that was back in ’06 or ’07, and I haven’t bought one since.  You may wonder why that was even a resolution, but at the time I was subscribing to every women’s magazine in existence.  In addition to having a mailbox full, I literally could not check out of a grocery store without swiping something and adding it to my cart.  I probably saved $500 that year.

Another time my resolution was to let go of any and all  grudges.  I don’t know what made me realize that I was long overdue for something like this, but it just entered my mind one day that I was either irritated/offended/mad at people in my life for things that were trivial or just plain old news.  So I literally wrote out a list of people or scenarios that had ticked me off and then crumpled it up and tossed it.  Some were small like, “The guy at starbucks who told me I was blindingly pale” and others were more complex family issues that had been snowballing in severity since I was a kid.   In one scenario this even led to my planning a dinner date with someone I hadn’t spoken to in over a year and rekindling a great friendship.  So, that was one of my favorite resolutions.  Ever since then (I think it was 2008ish) I will reflect on the year gone by and see if I am still carrying any emotional baggage.

This year I would LOVE to make a resolution.  And I still may, even though it’s already January 2nd.  But the truth of the matter is that I am tired.  I mean t-i-r-e-d.  Ever since Baby Middle decided that he was only going to sleep in 2 hour stretches (3 on a good night and 30 minutes on a bad night) I just feel like getting through the day is enough.  I know that sounds dramatic, and it’s really not that bad, but it just makes my attention span nonexistent.

The most adorable insomniac.

The most adorable insomniac.

If I were getting some sleep, I would want to do something like this…

  • Work out 3 times a week.  Even if it’s just doing a 10 minute yoga video in the living room with the kids crawling around, do something.
  • Choose one area of my new house to improve each month.  It could be something as simple as cleaning out and organizing a closet, or maybe it could be totally updating a room.
  • Blog all the time.  Twice a week, four times a week, something.
  • Read a book each month.  I don’t mean “buy a book and read the main chapters and then retire it to the shelf.”  I mean really read it, from page 1-246 or whatnot.  I don’t remember the last time I really just inhaled an entire book.
  • Find a new activity to do with the kids once a month.  Maybe this is something easy such as just driving to a brand new park instead of sticking to the ones nearby.  Maybe it’s finding a one-time toddler art class.  Or going to a kids museum in Houston.

I recently drove to Louisiana to see my mom, and while Baby Middle slept in the back seat I had time to listen to a podcast called “Inspired to Action.”   I really enjoyed it!  Each podcast is pretty short, maybe 20-30 minutes or so, and they are geared toward moms.  It made me feel sort of rejuvenated, if that makes sense.

The one that I stumbled upon was called “Don’t Give Up On the Girl Inside.”  It was an interview with the author of a best selling book “Atlas Girl.”  The author, a woman in her late 30s or early 40s from what it sounded like, managed to write the book while her children were very young.  I think she was even homeschooling them, and maybe even had a foster child added to her own brood.  And yet she managed to write down 200+ pages of something that an actual book – and a good one.  As I drove through east Texas and listened to her explain that time in her life, I was just amazed.  I wondered, “How does she have time?!  Does she just not sleep?  Does she write at 4am?”

“Maybe she was popping pills.” Ha.

She kept using the phrase, “Don’t give up on the girl inside.”  That really struck me, and her entire point was that while we may be in a season of life where we are just chasing babies and often just surviving from one day to the next, we can’t forget who we are.  For example, I am a really social person.  I definitely “recharge” by getting OUT of the house and talking to people my age.  I also love to write, even if it is only in this silly blog.  I’m going to try to find little slivers of time here and there to do things that make me feel like me and less like the crazy, sleep deprived, breastfeeding housewife that seems to have taken over in recent months.

So, while that may not be an actual resolution, it’s something!

Happy new year, friends and readers.  If you have a resolution I wish you luck!

Poppyseed (2.5) and Middle (almost 5 months)

Poppyseed (2.5) and Middle (almost 5 months)

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