Lola and Oatmeal are in Steamboat!

Oatmeal really isn’t one to want to travel the world, but there is ONE trip a year that I know I can get him excited about without much arm twisting….

Steamboat Music Fest! 

This is the third year we have come to Colorado for the music festival.  Oatmeal’s sister, Jamie, is in a band called the Trishas, and they play up here each year.  Oatmeal and I come to enjoy four days of skiing, various concerts, and good company. 

So far we have caught concerts by the Turnpike Troubadours, Micky and the Motorcars, Corb Lund, and Chris Knight.  Tonight we get to see the Trishas play. 

Lola spent the first day in ski school.  I have skiied for years, but a few years ago I stopped getting better and just sort of plateaued.  I can ski blue-blacks and blacks, but I am never really skilled or consistent in getting down them.  Since I’m prego and cautious, I thought that this year would be a perfect time to sit out hitting the slopes with our crowd and instead take things a little slow in ski school.  It was nice to be with an expert who helped me focus on breaking bad habits and took me back to the basics.  Plus, since I was with an instructor all day who knew of the safer runs on the mountain, I didn’t have to worry about little Poppyseed getting hurt. 

The next day was a different story!  I didn’t go back to lessons and instead went out with our friends and family.  One or two runs into our day, I realized that I wasn’t even having fun.  It was so icy that even the “easy runs” weren’t easy.  I was so paranoid about falling that anytime I felt a lack of confidence, I’d sort of squat and sit.  Plus, I felt like every other skiier around me was aiming for my belly.  What if one of them blasted into my back when I wasn’t looking?  It didn’t take long for Lola to decide that it just wasn’t worth it!  I am really happy that I went to ski school for the day, and also happy that I got to hit a few slopes with Oatmeal and the rest of our group, but after that I didn’t seem to have any more reasons to be out there. So, Poppyseed and I caught the gondola down the mountain. 

I’m already out of time tonight, but here is a picture of Oatmeal and I before we hit the slopes the first day.  (You should have seen it with the jacket open… my belly is getting so big that I couldn’t even button my pants!)

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