25 week update…. and some nursery musings.

Today I went to my 24 week OB appointment.  I’m actually 25 weeks pregnant today, but due to the holidays and such, it got pushed back a week.  It went really well.  My weight is within the normal range (actually on the high side of normal, which isn’t surprising since we just wrapped up the holidays!), my belly is measuring within the normal range, Poppyseed’s heartbeat is still very strong.  My doctor and I had a great chat.  I even got permission to ski (very unaggressively) in Steamboat this weekend! 

The whole ski topic has been sort of a hot one.  I am really not an aggressive, diehard skier at all, but I also can’t imagine traveling to Colorado and not at least running down the mountain once or twice.  So many friends and family have acted horrified that I was even considering skiing, so I decided to just ask my doctor what he thought.  When I asked him if I could/should snow ski, he immediately said yes.  Then he hesitated… looked at the calendar, and said that since I am quite close to my 3rd trimester, he’d much prefer for me to stick to the green slopes.  I was pretty happy that he gave me the green light.  I do have several other friends who have skied while pregnant, and they all agree that it’s fun to take a few runs and then just settle in at the lodge with a good book.  That sounds like the perfect plan to me.

As soon as we get back from Steamboat, I am planning on starting “Project Nursery.”  If you read the last few posts, you know that I definitely do not claim to be a designer.  I am by no means a stylish person, but I have found a few things that tweak my fancy.

Beginning with…. this crib.  Which I love.  It almost strikes me as a little feminine, but I think if I have a boy I can just toss a pale blue blanket in there and “man it up” some.

And…. if I do decide to take the “matchy-matchy” route and get a changing table that matches the crib exactly…. I love this.  This piece is a dresser which doubles as a changing table if you purchase a tray that fits on top.  Gorgeous, imperfect, and rustic.  Love.

Both pieces above are from RHbabyandchild.com.

If I decide to go down a more eclectic road… I may scratch the matching dresser and get something like this… but I’d have to find just the right piece.

I found the above dresser on Pinterest, and it was in the nursery shown below.  I love the big wooden headboard.  I would love to find something like that, but it will probably fall to the wayside since it isn’t actually a necessity.  But it’s inspiring nonetheless!

OR….. I could get really eclectic and old-fashioned with a chest of drawers like this.  I saw this at the Nutcracker Market last month, and it was actually made in Monroe, Louisiana.

I know I need a rocker/glider, and luckily my sister-in-law, Bree, is giving me hers.  She used the same one for all three of her babies and swears it is the most comfortable.  After I get a crib, dresser/table, and glider in the nursery, I’m pretty much going to be out of room.  So… everything else will just be for fun.

Like these picture frames for the walls….found at World Market.

Or this really random, old looking mirror…also found at World Market.

And I will definitely be grabbing these.  Definitely.  Thank you, Etsy.com.

And my favorite…

Thank the Lord for Etsy and all of the people who make their living there.  I’m happy to support you.

I also like to support my hometown.  There is a little shop in Ruston called the Townsend House, where I found these guys.

The jury is still out on the owls.  I told Oatmeal that I wanted to get these for Poppyseed’s room, but Oatmeal immediately said, “I think those will scare Poppyseed.”  Guess we’ll see.  But I also loved these things…

But, my favorite idea is something that I’m going to do myself, using the absolutely giant magnolia tree that is growing in our front yard.  I’m going to cut a branch (or two) and make Poppyseed a mobile…

or…. a clothes hanger. 

I love magnolia tree branches… it’s the Louisiana girl in me.

Welp, that’s about all the nursery brainstorming I have in me for now.  Happy Monday everyone.

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