No Signs of Labor

I went to the doctor yesterday, and the conversation went about like this:

Dr: “Hey Lola!  So just a few days past 39 weeks… How are you feeling?”

Me: “Hi there.  I’m still feeling pregnant.  No news.”

Dr: (As he measures my belly) “So are you feeling any contractions?  Feeling like the baby is dropping lower than before?  Seeing any increase in fluid, any blood?”

Me: “No. No. No.  I wish I were.  But I feel great.”

Dr: (As he sticks the doppler on my belly and listens to the heartbeat) “Do you want me to check your cervix today to see if you are dilated or effaced?”

Remember, I haven’t had him do this exam since 36 weeks, and when he did check I was 0cm and not effaced at all.

Me: “I’m indifferent today.  You can check if you want to.  But, if I’m 0cm again, I’ll probably cry.”

Dr: “Well you are probably not a 0 at this point.”

Me: “Can you guarantee me I won’t be a 0?  Because if you can promise me I’ll be a 1 or higher, then I’d like you to check me.”

Dr: “I can’t guarantee you that you won’t be a 0.  You could still be a 0 because it’s your first baby and you aren’t having any contractions, or seeing any fluid or your plug or anything.  It’s unlikely you’re a 0 but there is a chance.  I’ll check next week instead.”

Me: (Sighing.) “Okay.”

Dr: “Lola, why would you cry if you were a 0?”

Me: “Because if I’m still a 0 then I may still be pregnant this time two weeks from now, and I know that then you’d have to induce me, and I just really don’t want to have to be induced.  I just want to go into labor the old fashioned way.”

Dr: “Why are you so afraid of being induced?  Aren’t you a doctor’s kid?”

Me: “I don’t know.  I just want the baby to come all on its own I guess.  I know I’m being ridiculous.  Yes, I’m a doctor’s kid.  A surgeon’s kid for that matter.  I grew up watching him saw off legs and replace knees, and yet I don’t want an little ole IV of pitocin.  I know I’m nuts.  Actually he is the only doctor who has ever cared for me before, other than you, and he wouldn’t put up with all this wishy washy emotional crap.  I’m sorry you have to!”

Dr(Giving me a hug, a funny thing from a 6 foot 8 inch male, but nice of him): “Well you never know, you can always go into labor naturally, and you probably will.  You still have a couple of weeks.  Don’t get discouraged.  This won’t be a big baby, and you have an adequate pelvis, your labor will be fine.  And honestly Lola, you just want to leave with a healthy baby.”

Me: “Well thanks.  I know it will be fine. You’re right.  I have 11 nieces and nephews, and they were all delivered in a variety of ways and they are all perfect.  It doesn’t matter one bit how they came out.  So I know that no matter what happens, all I want is Poppyseed to come out of me.  Sorry for being a weirdo.”

So I came home, walked 5 miles in an effort to thin out that darn cervix, and had tears squirting out of both eyes within seconds of Oatmeal getting home.  Sweet Oatmeal, he took it completely in stride (as he does with pretty much all things) and told me that I didn’t need to cry, that we should both be so happy that we have a sweet little baby on the way and it will come at the perfect moment.  Geezus I love my husband.  3 minutes of confiding in him and I felt like my normal self again, totally calm and patient and confident that everything is as it should be.

I guess the pregnancy hormones, plus too much time on my hands, are just making me a little nuts.


To be continued….

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  1. Aunt Fran says:

    Sweet Laura….the fact that your hormones are raging and affecting your emotions is a good sign. I don’t think you’ll be long. Besides which you’ve got 2-3 weeks before your dr will probably even think about induction. Delivery usually falls between 38 and 42 weeks if my memory is correct. He can do ultrasounds in the office to see if it’s okay to wait at that point. God I wish I was there with you and could help you! Meanwhile, my bet is that you will have the delivery you want. Hang in there!

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